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  1. I think this only happens for me on 2nd and subsequent runs if you stay out in the plains without extracting between plague star bounties.
  2. Fix Plague star boss fight please. Spawn pods stop spawning after first run. And the few infested that do spawn run to the extraction.
  3. Radiation 35%, Hind, Ephemera https://ibb.co/P1b411Q https://ibb.co/ZMpVWKX
  4. Mission timer, at the end of the mission and during the mission, is often showing additional time. Seems to be a flat amount that remains during the rest of mission. For instance +30 minutes. So after 4 minutes it shows 34 minutes. Or +14 minutes. After 50 minutes it shows 64 minutes.
  5. I would like to see the relation between the Split Flights mod and Galvanized Chamber be the same as the current relation between Split Chamber and Split Flights. As in I would like Split Flights to have 400/90 ~= 4.444 times more multishot than Galvanized Chamber. But stop adding more penalties to accuracy. Split Flights already has a huge spread as is. Galvanized is definitly better with the 20s duration vs Split flights 2s duration. 230% multishot is not bad compared to Split flights 400% multishot with -720% accuracy. Effective DPS will definitly be better and a lot more consistent for me with Galvanized chamber now.
  6. Since I started playing I have been wanting to be able to aim melee attacks up and down in addition to the normal left and right aim. So annoying when you try to kill something barely over head height.
  7. I am guessing not, since it has been implemented into the regular world. But I am sure something similar that makes arcanes easily available will arrive. Scarlet Spear or some new type of event. We will just have to wait and see.
  8. The white waypoint for the bonus objective does not disappear on completion of said objective.
  9. I was attacked and killed by boarders(?) during the time where the squad chooses a reward from cracking the relic.
  10. Kompressa My biggest issue with kompressa is that it is way too slow for it to actually deliver the good stats it has. On low and mid level missions other players will clear all the enemies with bramma/zarr/ignis etc before kompressa gets a chance to deal damage. When you are at a point where it is "Kill or be killed" kompressa activates damage way slower than the enemy. By activate I mean for the projectile to reach the enemy and then detonate. Not viable for me as a damage dealer and not viable as a primer. The weapon looks cool, has really nice status chance. But in reality there is no place for it in my arsenal. This is coming from a player who uses bronco, akbronco and kohmak a lot.
  11. Sorry, I still do not quite get it. So I have a rank 9 Forward artillery in my plexus, but if the host does not have that mod equipped at all does that mean I do more damage than the host when using the artillery cannon? I noticed that my Tactical abilities(my plexus) are different from the hosts. Is that the same for Battle abilities?
  12. The intended purpose was for MR30 to have the best reward. Everything else is just a bonus. Not intended to be better. As far as I am concerned people asking for better Legendary rank rewards is the same as me asking for better level 9999 kill rewards.
  13. I have to disagree with OP. There are enough ways to make Granum void doable solo. I am not going to assume everyone has the same amount of gear as I do and call it easy. But definitly doable if you put some time into farming the stuff you need.
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