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  1. Been crashing a lot these recent days. The wukong update was fine. But after one of the updates following wukong update the game just started crashing a lot for me. Seemingly at random. This happen for anyone else? I am suspecting the Quatz update.
  2. As the topic says. Happened twice now today. Restarting the game temporarily fixes it.
  3. I would like thicker bars as well. It helps visually to make it easier to see.
  4. Sorry about the delay. Got a picture up.
  5. I couldn't see what rewards there were. edit (working on picture host)
  6. I want to add that it is more difficult to see what parts you have. The mouse over function was a really bad choice (again, DE did this for the arsenal too). You only have a few seconds to decide what part to get and now it is _both_ harder to see what parts you have and what parts are common/uncommon/Rare. I see no improvement with this UI over the old UI. Maybe the new UI is better for colourblind people?
  7. @SQUAKO I agree that excavation is the most worthwhile. But I do not agree with much else. Firstly, you should speak for yourself. I will never believe you have polled all the arbitration players and have statistics of what "the majority" think. I do not completely disagree with your ideas, but I believe you want too many rewards in one place, too easily. Adding normal rivens to the rewards will just de-value all the rivens people have paid thousands and literally more thousands of plat for. So I see this as a really bad idea. Adding kuva to the rewards (the arbitration store and the reward rotation drops, I bundle them into "rewards") might work, but the main source for kuva should be Kuva survival and kuva siphon. Doing arbitrations for kuva should suck in comparison. I have the same thoughts for Endo farm. Why should arbitrations give more endo than Vodyanoi? I do not see any reason to increase endo rewards to make Arbitrations as good as or better than Vodyanoi. I am divided when it comes to changing the rotation time and setup. But given a choice I would definitly keep the current system over your suggested system. Because you would be getting rewards too quickly. I was pretty content with the old arbitrations. The main reason being the perma death that kept most of the public game Leeching players (who just want to be carried) away. Sorry, I can't do easy to read formatting like you. Having a quote of your post took up too much space with my poor skills. Good job DE!
  8. I enjoy casting in the air if it seems like a logical possibility. But casting in the air is a perk, it makes an ability better. So I think there should exist one or several groundlocked abilities that gets buffed in other parts of the ability.
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