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  1. I died and got stuck kneeling as a warframe. I believe it is due to dying right before the orphix bubble spawned on top of me. And I did not get any loot.
  2. I do not know. I fought him like that rececently. Twice on two different days.
  3. I think it is quite alright having content in the game that is meant for squads. Like Tridolons. If they fix the bugs, my only issue is that I have to spend 30-40 minutes doing old iso vaults to even get a chance to start the sniper bounty. That said, I know there are people who solo the old isolation vaults at a nice time rate. So it is quite possible.
  4. I solo steel path zealoid(the current version) in less than 15 and duo it in 8 or less minutes. But it is a slower fight than Lephantis for instance. Probably faster than one or two other boss fights. Given practice and weapon setup you can make the fight end faster. Note: "Current" zealoid fight is different. Before you carried the lantern to kill him but now I have to drop the lamp to kill him. Was faster to kill him before on steel path.
  5. I think the mutagen mass, fieldron and detonite are quite generous rewards for the time it takes to do the missions on average. This is within the context of comparing it to crafting said resources.
  6. I cannot figure out how to consistently spawn the Acolytes. I kill everything in the mission until there is nothing left to kill. When there has been nothing left to kill acolytes have never spawned for me so far. I have been waiting for about 10 minutes without any acolytes spawning. Just waiting with no enemies to kill.
  7. Rude Zuud kitgun assembly UI does not seem right when I look at Chamber: Vermisplicer (Loader: Thymoid) and switch between primary grips. The fire rate is 8 for all five primary grips. I already wasted time and resources on a kitgun due to the glitched UI and do not want to do it a second time. edit: Is it a beam weapon? That would explain the fire rate I think.
  8. Incorrect I believe. Popular weapons, lower disposition.
  9. Most of the content is as easy as it was when it was introduced. Jackal has been updated and is more difficult. Ash was moved from some boss to manics. Excalibur replaced on pluto and moved somewhere else. Vauban was moved from alerts to nightwave shop. Vor got a make over. There are a few more things I cannot recall. When one adds new content to old content, one generally steps up the game. You either make it harder, slower or different. Because progress. You have already cleared all the easy content and you are geared up. Then you move on to more challenging and/or grindy content. Grind
  10. The game has definitly been getting easier and easier. 99.99% of the farmable things have remained unchanged or are easier to get now than they were in the past. The only thing that I can recall that has become harder to farm is Protea with the increase from 75 kills to 150 for a full squad. If you mean the game is getting more grindy because they add more things to farm, then yes you are correct. Adding new items on both sides of the spectrum is not making the game more grindy. The sides being "really easy to get" and the other "really grindy to get". And they have been covering most par
  11. I would like to be able to use warframe names as a search tag for the helminth search field. If very nice if you haven't memorized the name of all the abilities.
  12. I think DE are too generous with Umbral Formas and formas as is. For a player who can freely farm relics and trade, getting formas through BPs and forma bundles is quite easy. At worst you have to farm for 2 warframe sets which will give you 2 forma bundles's worth of plat. The time to do that differs from player to player but it is still a good way of aquiring formas. I have not found anything I am unable to do without umbral formas. I have yet to use any umbral forma. The things I am unable to do (like going from 4x3 to 6x3) are limited by my skill and not my formas.
  13. Why are you giving me advice about what to play or not to play? It is a bit out of context. I understand you think it is out of place for me to be complaining about this mechanic. Which is fine. But please do stay as much within the topic as possible.
  14. Are you saying because others do it we also have to do it? If you like it the way it is just say so. Don't be so roundabout about it.
  15. The context is the warframe parts that drop from star chart bosses, assaassination missions. Probably applies elsewhere too. I just completed a farm run for my 2nd Saryn. It took me a lot of runs. I believe more than 30 runs. I am unsure of how many spare parts I had from before, but I am convinced it was less than 10 parts. You can see I have 1 completed Saryn, 20 chassies, 16 neuroptics and 1 systems. When I got the systems part I did not go "Yay!" I went "Finally over, hopefully never again." It was like this when I started playing at version 7 too. Based on this information
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