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  1. I really like the improvements to the invasions tab in the Navigation. Thank you.
  2. TYPE: Mission load screen DESCRIPTION: Clicked numina. Get stuck in load screen for 5+ minutes(used alt F4). No owned railjack. VISUAL: https://ibb.co/VHBSb8Y REPRODUCTION: Happened three times in a row. EXPECTED RESULT: Enter the mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Not loading into mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: 3 times, then gave up.
  3. Thank you. I only checked the dry dock. I was being sloppy.
  4. Doesn't work. At least not when I wasn't squad leader.
  5. I have no railjack and no dojo. I can't respec my intrinsics. And there is still no obvious way for me to scrap wreckage before entering a railjack mission. So I get kicked out then randoms join and take my slot. edit: This was the solution for intrinsics. After restarting the game I now have the Railjack option in main menu in orbiter. I am glad I do not have to go to Relay every time now for intrinsics.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I am just going to avoid railjack altogether though. I just asked so I could be of more use when my mates drag me into railjack. No, the relay consoles do not work. You are not able to access them without your own railjack. Everyone thanks for your time.
  7. No. If you read the title it says "No dojo, no railjack." No.
  8. There is supposed to be a panel between syndicate and navigation panels. I do not have it. How do I unlock it without the dojo and railjack? I used to do intrinsics in profile.
  9. I really hate that I have to play railjack for core content. I just want to play and collect warframe things.
  10. Forgot what the context was. Going to assume it is about ranged weapons only. Because "Mr fodder" melee weapon rivens are decently popular and sells for a lot of plat if rolled. Of course I am going to include 5+ forma weapons. They are there and available. Your choice to use or not use them. All content is not meant for everyone. Again, all content is not meant for everyone. People who sit all day and play the game will accomplish more than someone playing 4-5 hours per week. Enjoy what you can do and do not be bitter about the things you can't do. Easier said than done, I can
  11. Frendh

    Status page

    I was doing Lua Apollo. I killed 10 or 11 of 13 demolysts as excalibur. As in I was alone in the area with the demolyst. The other squaddy played wisp. Wisp got the highlight Stat as "13 demolysts killed". Due to wisp buff? I dislike inaccurate stats a lot.
  12. Sometimes when I use Shadows of the Dead, the summoned units does not have the "Shadows of the Dead re-texture" applied. When this happens I can no longer use abilities, go into operator or use melee. The selected ranged weapon worked though. Hopping into an "endless" pit fixes this problem. This is a really old bug.
  13. As a side note, most of the time it is a waste of resources to have your helminth at 100%.
  14. Can you add more nodes for Void Fissures? I have the impression of it just being a handful in the pool for each mission type. For instance I mostly (only?) get Umbriel for neo Interception. And one of the (2?) tilesets for that mission I really dislike. So having more variation would be quite welcome.
  15. For people who do not have a railjack, please add a way to scrap wreckage before joining a mission. I join my buddies, I get kicked because too much wreckage. I then get the option to scrap when I rejoin. By the time I have scrapped enough the slots are filled. Since we often would be 2 if not on public.
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