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  1. I do not see any problem with the current system for ranking up an item several times to get the amount of polarities you want. It is a very basic RPG mechanic. You grind for something to improve the stats of an item, ability or some such. If you could get better abilities/stats with next to no work then the whole game concept would fall apart.
  2. I crashed then when I came back in game and pressed Yes to reconnect to session it did not reconnect me. I got an inbox notification at the same time.
  3. You can read about general information about File Transfer Protocol in wikipedia. You can also google for resources that show you how to code your own file transfer protocol.
  4. Again, please read the context. The HOST EXTRACTED. I do not know the quality of my connection concerning packet loss. But for latency and bandwidth it is top of the line. I have 1000Mbit/1000Mbit connection that is upgradable to 10,000/10,000Mbit. Though I will need a new network card and a new router.
  5. But viewed from a different angle, I believe this is my first post about it. For me it has been going on since version 7, however many years that is. Meaning that people who suffers from it do not always post about it.
  6. No1NParticular31 explained some of it in an earlier post. Packet loss for 60 seconds or whatever is in my opinion not a good reason to deny me my loot. This is a choice made by DE, maybe there are logical reasons behind it. Speculation; loot duping, mission fail avoidance, memory manipulation or something else. For instance in other games you can try and reconnect seemingly indefinitly until the other(waiting) players decide to kick you. And again, it is not always related to internet connection. Because it happens when host extracts thus forcing migration.
  7. There are several reasons for host migration initiating. In above example it was because the host extracted.
  8. Has there ever been any significant improvements to host migration? I cannot remember how often host migration would take my loot in version 7, but I still frequently get frustrated because failed host migrations or some other directly migration related problem takes my stuff. Judging, unfairly, by my fading memory I have not noticed any improvements. I really enjoy doing long runs. But before every long run I have to ask myself, how angry will I get when I lose all the loot? Then decide if I consider it worthwhile or not. I confirmed it just now with a count on my omega isotopes. Failed host migration did not let me keep any.
  9. We were in an excavation and just before the relic pick was supposed to show everyone in the squad got stuck. Then when I tried to abort:
  10. Check your total kuva amount. Might be UI bug.
  11. I do not see the high cost of Hema as a problem. Stat- wise the hema is not a really sought after weapon, unlike amprex, ignis wraith etc. (as in people will not feel forced to get it because it is a really good weapon) I helped a clan, the smallest size, farm 5000 mutagen samples. We, 4 players, did it in an evening. Can't remember how long each run was but we got 500-800 per run (I did not have resource booster). For me and I hope for most other people that this is not a big deal. It is the only research weapon I am aware of that has a "high" cost. But I also see that "Stat- wise the hema is not a really sought after weapon" can be a problem for other people. Once people get the Hema it will feel like a waste of time because the stats do not reflect the effort it took to farm the resources.
  12. I sit a lot in warframe discord. I have had more than 50+ new players come ask for help for differing reasons. But the underlying "fault" seems to be that they are soloing. Not because they want to, because they are unable to find players to play with. And in discord recruit chat I often see players wanting company to unlock star chart because it is boring and/or lonesome doing it alone. When I started playing I did not have this problem. It was more common to find players on any given node than not finding other players.
  13. I only read through the first page. Since DE has said there will be no in game player store, I am not going to argue for or against it. A simple (temporary?) addition to trade chat, for me as a buyer, would be to add sub chats. You have 1 main chat like you have now and several sub chats. Everything posted in subchats will be visible in said subchat and also in the main chat. It will make it easier to find things I am interested. Relics, rivens, non-riven mods, weapon parts, warframe parts and so on get their own subchat. Personally I mainly use the webmarkets because they are superior in many ways. Right now the only thing I can think of that is better with trade chat is that it is easier to find someone who is active and will respond quickly. What the service that the webmarkets provide is something I expect game developers to provide. But then again, it is basically a free game and they need to push out new content to get players to stick around.
  14. I also said I have not built the clan weapons yet. In addition to other unmentioned clan items. Also I believe there is a big difference in dev hours when you compare the "small thing" shawzin and a minor forma. Minor forma you could simply resize and recolour the art and I bet they already have a framework for adding new blueprints. And I assume the shawzin needed a new 3D model, animation work, soundwork. I like this idea.
  15. Takes 24 hours for me to craft a forma. But for me and the players I regularly play with, 10 or so, we always have 10+ formas stacked up and ready. I build 5+ formas per week. So time is hardly an issue for these type of players. How many these type of players are statistically, I have no idea. Personally I have 150+ formas (I haven't built the clan weapons) and I assume I am at the extreme end of the spectrum. It still feels for me like a huge waste putting a forma into a slot you already spent a forma on. And you do not have to do this very often, since 2 formas will give you 10 minor formas which will last a long while for me.
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