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  1. Bump. I can only link to Spectra Vandal Barrel and Spectra Vandal (complete weapon).
  2. Can't link to Spectra Vandal parts. I have a spectra vandal barrel in my inventory, still unable to link it.
  3. I visited 2 dojos and I have not been able to trigger the daily act Just visiting - Visit a Featured dojo.
  4. The new spy missions are much too easy for me. I would be glad if you scaled it with levels. For instance, increasing laser barrier speed with higher levels like in Sorties. The base difficulty should be at least what it was before. Was still easy with the old tileset.
  5. I interpret it as you having 12 scans and that you can buy 25 charges for 10 credits. Seems to me to be in line with other items, having the amount of items in your inventory listed in the upper left corner of the icon? I made a quick check in the nightwave shop and at least there it is the case.
  6. Friendly Fire is listed as Weekly Act and set to 1000 standing reward, is that really correct?
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