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  1. Someone told me I can't use the same frame two times in a row to spawn a larva. If this is true, how often can you use the same frame? For instance Loki, hydroid, Loki.
  2. Frendh


    I assume this is a problem for someone who wants to get to rank 28? I do not have high MR so I am not all that familiar with what it takes to get to each rank.
  3. Frendh


    I do not do any dedicated leveling on Hydron/Sanctuary. I bring weapons along while doing other stuff. For instance since we got this 7 day booster I have maxed weapons 20+ times, mostly polarizing weapons. I did this while working on the Lich, cracking normal relics, doing sorties. If you _have_ to have the weapon/warframe instantly maxed then I am afraid you are stuck with doing Hydron/Sanctuary and the like. My belief is that I save a lot of time in the long run by doing so.
  4. Frendh


    Formas are not hard to come by. Even beginner players can get Lith relics and farm Forma blue prints. The materials for them might be a bit tough for a new player though. The game is constantly being made easier. It doesn't need to be even easier. If you are at a stage where you can't handle the enemies without 5 formas, then you should be veteran enough to have a stockpile of formas.
  5. Shimmering blight and Bleeding Willow is "missing" two combos. And Twirling Spire is missing 1 combo. Is this intentional? The 5 or so other stances I have tested seem to have the [E], [E+Block], [E+ ⬆️] and [E+Block+⬆️] combos.
  6. I crashed on extract(fault on my side) after I had finished fishing in Orb Vallis for Nightwaves. When I logged in again the Act was not complete but all the used Bait was still missing. I would like some consistency here. edit: I don't know if I got to keep the loot or not.
  7. In my case I checked the enemy levels. And I do not have a smeeta.
  8. I did not get a relic from Kuva Flood either. Is it possible for other players' Kuva Liches to steal my stuff? If so, can I get it back? I do not have my own kuva lich farm started yet. So I do not have a personal lich who can steal from me.
  9. Frendh

    Quickening Mod

    My arsenal UI does not show any attack speed increase when I equip the mod. I have no idea if it actually increases attack speed in the mission.
  10. Would be nice if you could have different equipment and arcane setups for the Operator that change along with the Warframe loadouts. For instance for my Eidolon warframe loadout I want a certain type of Operator Arcanes and a shraksun amp, but for other loadouts I use something completely different. If this has already been implemented, then perhaps a simpler UI? Because I have not figured out how to use it yet.
  11. The amount of loadouts you can buy has been the same for as long as I can remember, but the amount of Warframes is regularly increasing. I would like more purchasable loadouts to be available, maybe increase it by 5 or so each year? Before people comment, yes I know you get loadouts for free as you increase MR.
  12. I would like to have a filter to show only vaulted/unvaulted relics and a filter to hide vaulted/unvaulted relics. Also the same thing for Prime parts.
  13. I do not see any problem with the current system for ranking up an item several times to get the amount of polarities you want. It is a very basic RPG mechanic. You grind for something to improve the stats of an item, ability or some such. If you could get better abilities/stats with next to no work then the whole game concept would fall apart.
  14. I crashed then when I came back in game and pressed Yes to reconnect to session it did not reconnect me. I got an inbox notification at the same time.
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