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  1. They need to make the Simulacrum without holes in the floor.
  2. If they would allow up to 16 people in a huge boss battle, that would be great. I loved the PSO2 Emergecy Quest boss battles.
  3. Like Ice Chroma for example. It can stack and up its buff by killing enemies instead of waiting for them to attack him or inflicting self damage.
  4. So your order would be: 1. Detron Crewman- They create Sentient 2. Lancer- Sentients attack and they use Grineer clones to make Grineer soldiers 3. Arid Eviscerator- The Grineer turn on the Orokin, led by Veytok, who takes Bilsa hostage. 4. Guardsman- The moon enters the void and the Old War nears its close. 5. Corrupted Ancient- Tenno betray the Orokin and kills them after pushing back the Sentient and they now focus on the Infested. 6. Anti MOA- The Grineer grow stronger in the absence of the Tenno? What confuses me is the part if the Moas in the Corrupted Ancient lore and the Anti-MOA lore. These look like they might be interchangeable.
  5. Whoa there! Nobody told me that was a thing around here!
  6. It's easy. You just need some thick skin. lol
  7. What if it's designed for frames that benefit from taking damage?
  8. Hello everyone! Today we will be organizing Simaris's Synthesis Imprint Lore in a chronological order related to the time in which the lore takes place. Here's what I have so far: Now I do feel like the events in the Guardsman Synthesis Imprint should be between Anti MOA and Corrupted Ancient or last after Corrupted Ancient, but the arrangement made now is what makes the most sense to me. Any thoughts or changes you think should be made in the chronological order of the lore?
  9. Do you also know if Aerodynamic can grant full damage reduction? I haven't been able to find people with the mod yet to confirm.
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