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  1. ===========there are some drama about warframe story at heart of deimos , make sure you can aceept it or turn page back=========== ... .. . Each Requiem has "close" in story page, only KHRA it become "close it" and same to what the story said. (KHRA at 10:30) Did it mean we have to close something?
  2. Nikana stances are very different at melee 2.9 before . Tranquil Cleave good at range and have one target finisher ,Decisive Judgment full of action and technology that Swift Retribution will make three time hit if you use the rare angle in a jiffy to hit the target and Consent Decree will dizzy target in a smell angle even you can choice finisher target or not ,Blind justice are fast and powerful. But now seems only use blind justice to be a fast and powerful eee troll .it make me very upset in my 4072 hrs and almost 500000 melee kill in nikana play time,now.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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