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  1. Oh dang, i was expecting for thing to keep being worked on behind the scenes as always but i kind of forgot about the pandemic and other issues that might arise. Thanks for the clarification, take all the time needed and stay safe!
  2. Considering the rewards of the upcoming event, will this be another one of those "we are fasing out the event plague star for more up to date content" ? not complaining but i wonder if that's what it'll be I know that snipetron and machete(?) weren't shown but they might be added also, so who knows
  3. DE is a little weird with words that aren't english, i wanted to call my predasite the word black but in spanish... like my black dog in real life is called (i don't have any imagination), but it's a swear in english so f me
  4. The place is very weird, the cave inside, unnatural (whatever that means in this case) colors,the fact that you can hear it breathing. I wouldn't be surprised if its something like the third orb mother, it's there but waiting for the devs to "flip the switch"
  5. Don't remember if it waas last devstream or the tennocon one but steve mentioned not wanting to talk about it unless there's any real progress toward it, so i wouldn't hold my breath
  6. I just want to know more about albrecht, and mom or whatever her name is pff
  7. I don't think those should appear yet, but right now "thermia fractures" is active so there shoud be like 4 in the map, just not on that
  8. Mine is Doraemon because he looks like those things doraemon eats, also don't get the reference
  9. Never because is giving all the idiots in game carte-blanche to abuse it and "do it for the lolz" , DE is, im sure, aware of that
  10. i got the carnis set from enemies, the rest are kinda hard to get from mobs i believe because it appears only "rex" enemies drop them
  11. they are jerks on purpose, while you advance through the entrati syndicate you learn more about them and why skater grandma did that, all so they could settle their differences and talk like a healthy family.
  12. How do you #*!% that up? they even have names so you can remember them easily, or call them "eye thingy" "bellybutton" "other bellybutton" "rombus" "hourglass" whatever, it's really easy
  13. it might just be the reflect and spamming attacks from you and just didn't notice the shield, i have been in front of if shooting me with my khora and it took like 5 seconds for it to down my hp (825) no adaptation or armor. Might also be the grenades. Apparently if you shoot its back weakpoint while it uses the shield you stop the ability but it seems to be a little buggy and sometimes it doesn't break the shield and you just have to wait it out
  14. small note on that map description, now you have to collect bait every time
  15. in pc it isn't apparently, got my first one after the last patch
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