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  1. Isn't one of the points of going madurai in a group to never shoot your amp and just #*!% up the eidolon with your sniper? if it's not, sorry Either way, use recruit chat if you want an effective squad, what i usually find in pubs is people trying to figure out how the whole thing works so please don't be a $&*^ to them (if you are, if you aren't thank you)
  2. I think some guys in my clan invited me after around 2-3 months of playing so i think it must have been around october 2019, and carried/explained to me the fights and mechanics Solo, i might be mr30 (whataver this means really), might have been playing for 2 years and something and my first year so much i kind of threw my life away (absolutely did btw) but to this day it gives me some real anger issues to try it, along with the sensory overload and wanting to break every bone in my hands to feel ok, no, never probably. Even tricap with people, i preffer to play other things because the e
  3. All non sentinel companions seem to be broken in that way, i say sentinels because those don't have the issue of being away from you It has been extremely annoying for farming, and even noticed that in ESO it can just not teleport with you and think it's dead while the hp/shield bar is full
  4. Please fix companions, kavats and the like die all the time by not following anymore and it get annoying around 2 minutes in the game
  5. best way just disruption, excavation or if you get a good squad defense for some speedrunning. That at least until there comes a way to either mass open or just get something in return for those old relics you'll never use
  6. Because of all the status you can output to a group of enemies and the extra combo counter from hitting more enemies, very useful, not mandatory as most weapons have enough range to do well enough Although i do have a kogake prime with a 2.x m riven and primed reach, very funny how it outranges most heavy blades
  7. I had conection issues just as i finished the last mission on uranus and then got 2 messages with what i believe 2 sets of rewards, hard to say about the steel essence but i do have 2 cosmetics that i shouldn't have. Don't know if this counts as a bug but i don't like it and it seems wrong so just in case
  8. Anandil2

    Small moa bug

    Using hildryn's pillage takes all of the moa's shield, only saw on the common moa, and this happened on lua Steel Path. Unless there is a weird interaction i don't know about, if so, sorry
  9. Same here, emissary suit no double on inventory but no cred either
  10. Oh cool, i imagine that they might still be unvaulted at some point for the bundle for those that might want that? or is there any other plan? some clarification down the way would be appreciated Is this perhaps the chance to unvault at least loki prime? i started playing around 3 years ago and it has only become harder to obtain him, right now it's at ridiculous prices for a prime wf along with his weapon/companion.
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