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  1. Spectra vandal, quellor and the fact that is more warframe and keeps me busy for some time
  2. First, finally got one part of the spectra vandal. second, why does the derelict in veil have an hp bar? and why when i kill it it doesn't give me the cache? (assume that's a bug) What is the big reason to make it so it has hp? makes no sense
  3. Overall love the changes and fixes, they sound great. Except for the change to vazarin, it should be scaling maybe? not as hard as it was before but a little higher. Also though it seems it keeps the progress from before i've gotten an error during the update process 4 times, something about "server error"
  4. DE as a whole can't really adress the "tensions" and drama that may or may not happen, that is rebecca's job as community manager, normally in any game, developers don't deal with players in a massive scale like in the devstreams because maybe don't know what to say or maybe they say something slightly out of touch and then it becomes what everyone uses to say "DE is shhhhhhh......" a good example would be scott(maybe him? i don't care so i don't remember) saying that people use the simulacrum too much to showcase weapons and frames. Or just look at the devstreams and how rebb tries to keep the four dev's from acting like kids (although they are very funny) and stay on topic. Now on the actual problems, yes the last few updates have been bad at launch and needed a lot of fixes in part because from DE's part they have been very ambitious in their promises and sadly they couldn't deliver, game development can always have delays even when you are taking them into account so they delayed one thing and then the next one is delayed because of the time the have to use in fixing and making the last one presentable and so on and so on. The issue that arises then is that if they delay things too much it causes discontent in the community and then they rush and release so thing keep calm. Solution, very simple, don't make so many promises and stay realistic (or whatever the word is, i speak spanish). Steve spoke already about this kinda, the last updates needed a lot of extra tinkering to be sort of good and that is why instead of releasing deadlock protocol or the nightwave sooner, at least in the case of the deadlock, it was delayed to may because they want it to come out already just needing slight polishing and not fixes everyday like in SS.
  5. in the infested corpus ship tileset there is one small room (usually a corridor) with a broken glass wall in the form or a circle in there you can see a crewman being transformed(?) and if you wait a second i you can see how the infested mass moves. Another one is that weird line the gustrav have when you are doing the clem mission, "is one of them wearing a scarf!!!????" they don't like it
  6. doesn't matter, the bow is boring after a little while. Sure kills anything but after lvling 5 times for the mastery it never really felt interesting to use
  7. I have spent a whole hour and a half farming this thing and didn't get it so DE made an awful game, where is my mag umbra? In all seriousness, not so long ago DE made a little cleanup of mission rewards that weren't so... rewarding, so my sugestion is clean those goddamned caches, please, after going in and out of missions to get a derelict then getting an archive and then finally getting 200 dirac feels like a slap on the face. I mean, ok, 8. something % to get one part is not that bad, but dirac? really? just put a relic there (from prime vault or axi) or a riven sliver, something at least slightly rewarding so the grind is not as awful and annoying.
  8. Nova prime worst prime look, change my mind. I know frost is just a few gold adornments but nova is just ugly. Nova deluxe, atomica skin is so f ing pretty
  9. you are missing the point where armor values do not scale as fast after lvl 75-78
  10. Thaaank you, kinda guessed it was tomorrow already but it's great to know formally
  11. Have there been discussion on how to make rj more alive in the player base beyond farming for the sake of farming? i know the sole fact of scarlet spear coming soon made it a little more appealing but it needs something else. I think something like void fissures would make it so that everytime you can find at least a crew in any of the sectors, it would be looking at the issue like it's just a map inside the game and not a whole gamemode, much like you did with kuva fortress, an area that was pretty much dead but with requiems and the fissures that came with it in the lich update made it so you can always find someone in it, and at the same time make a more challenging and fun kuva farm for those that like that sort of things
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