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  1. no. Again, I never initiated with suda. I tried to initiate with Hexis to see if I could gain suda standing that way. But for whatever reason I can't do any syndicate mission for hexis. I think my game is permanently bugged.
  2. Hi! I am trying to make Velocitus, but I got the parts from red veil before suda. So I am now in the negative in suda's standing, but that's not the problem I'm having. For whatever reason when I tried to initiate with suda, it said that I already did and that I had to "rank up" but I never initiated with suda, I know this because there are no syndicate missions for cephalon suda on my syndicate missions browser in game. Therefore I literally cannot gain standing and cannot rank up in suda. Is there a way where I can reset my standing thing with the suda syndicate? Or any other syndicate?
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