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  1. In SP, spores can be used to strip off armor, and with Venom Dose and Toxic Lash you got a lot of damage, when her 2 can distract enemies and heals you with augment. I built an umbral saryn just for doing endurance SP runs, with rakta dark dagger I am impossible to die, when I can kill SP grineers easy. However in SP your main damage output is from weapons, while below ESO level you can just afk defense with mirage... Just why do people want to nerf saryn lol
  2. Well they want to make every frames worse than frost in terms of ability dps. And I am waiting for people who calls me salty now
  3. I am going to piss everyone here off I am a huge fan of saryn. Asking for a nerf in a horde-shooter game is really inconsistent because it is other frames being bad at ESO. Yeah saryn can kill people through walls, fix that and nothing else tbh
  4. They will nerf everything useful and then blast will be the best one
  5. MR30 reward is a progression reward. I know that it has a higher value for you or other vets, but MR 30 is just a progression to the game, and the matter is that I could level up my mastery to 29 (or eventually 30 after the MR update) in a couple of weeks. But you devoted 3 years into this game! If it is meant to reward veterans or people who spent years on the game, then a very very very good MR 30 reward just... isn't really a way to fulfill the purpose for me. However, if such a reward is implemented, I won't be saying no because it is free items. And what you mentioned about very new
  6. "now your account looks like paracesis, we happily introduces account forma and when you hit MR 30 or 32 or 34 or 36 or 38 you need to apply an account forma to raise your MR cap by 2" oh wait no Then you think that it would cause backlash because they decided to give you "only" 3 umbra forma and relay blessing (or maybe some other features we don't know yet)? I understand that you want something that makes your time devoted in this game to pay off, and yes they should do something to reward the veterans. But doing so through MR 30 is not right, since they are introducing new mast
  7. 1. Rivens are very RNG-based and I see that 90% or 60-60 elemental mods > rivens when they are 0.5 dispo or smth. Done some testing on my Ignis satiata (with a -damage to grineer negative, but is is quite negligible) and I could deduce that. I believe, instead of balancing rivens, why not balancing the weapons itself? Stug does only 3k damage with a harrow and rhino and a godroll riven. 2. Kuva Liches. They are still VERY grindy compared to other content. 3. Actually all non-melee weapons. They are okay in normal missions but at some point you are doing endurance runs and you can'
  8. Wait why is this suddenly became a thing Serious note, in Simaris's room we could clearly see that MR max is 30, however I do think that it is like hitting maximum level in an RPG - it does nothing. DE introduced more mastery points every year, like what you said, new weapons and warframes, primes, intrinsics, kuva weapons... It is just a matter of time for people to be MR30 if they are continuing to add stuff. So actually it is a big deal out of nothing. Simaris's room maybe shows that MR 30 is the max but hey, you don't get stuff from attaining other MRs as well, why are you e
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