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  1. yes. The best drops in most missions are relics 90% of the time, or those gear parts that you only need to farm once or twice only. And yet there are a lot of ways that could make you get "the best drop" in missions, rendering normal endurance missions in the star chart unnecessary (I mean i do pick up medallions sometimes and open a lot of relic packs when new prime arrives)
  2. Before I talk about my opinions, let's talk about how s**tty the rewards in survival are: https://imgur.com/a/vGxz2d4 as you can see, only relics are rewarded in Mot, which isn't even the worst one as others may give you credits cache or your 29135724th ammo mutation. And it follows the AABC patterns, which means if you want an Axi relic, you have to do 20 mins for a relic that maybe you do not need. If I want relics, why can't I do disruption missions, which needs less effort and way faster? (Note: you could do a rotation in under 3 mins with a well coordinated squad of 3)
  3. they are gonna replicate simaris conduit
  4. yes and I am secretly Adam Smith
  5. I could understand why Zephyr prime was unvaulted, since it received a rework just recently. But Chroma was vaulted less than a year ago, but facts is that volt or saryn or loki or rhino stayed in the vault longer than him. Also I would like to say that Chroma wasn't as popular as before since helminth was out. The way I see it is that DE doesn't want us to farm plat off loki prime.
  6. The problem of Energize is that, its procs has a 15 secs cooldown for all ranks. I mean I don't have a problem for that if such cooldown duration is for rank 5 only, but if it is for all levels, it kind of means that you don't need to have it max ranked. Also actually note that it is a legendary arcane, which means having it high-ranked could be hard, so I do think high economy would be enough. To nerf it, the way that I came up with is that, make the cooldown longer for lower ranks, instead of setting it 15 secs for any rank. No. Just no. It is pretty slow that I prefer energize
  7. Of course yes, and these bosses are "endgame content" defined by everyone here. And, My definition of "actual endgame content" is something that has replayability (something that worth doing for multiple times using different builds, including elements like blast and gas etc etc) Profit Taker kind of qualifies such criteria so that I said "scrap that idea", but the problem of PT is that you still need a lot of damage increasing abilities for fighting it. EDIT: Also the boss fight requires you to deal kinds of damage only, instead of really using them to your advantage (like statu
  8. What is scaling damage? How do you scale damage? I don't believe that you could just scale up your damage without doing stuff, for example you need to proc status for CO or stack melee combo for blood rush and weeping wounds. Yes of course, I won't like it if you could one shot level 9999 enemies with an unmodded regulator. However, think of how weak Chroma's 1 is. It is supposed to deal damage, but it is a joke right now. And take a look at Vauban's flachette orb, it is easy to tell that he got some scaling there, but do someone really bring him into a 4-hr endurance mission? Maybe
  9. mag is very good and she doesnt need a rework (me looking at valkyr and inaros)
  10. Do plague star really make them lose a lot of money from forma bundles though
  11. Is it intentional that I can't put point strike and critical delay together? Since I can before the update
  12. I am from the time where the lore is finished and this isn't ended yet
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