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  1. I have pinged the warframe staff, they did see and like the post but nothing more than that... 👌 The bug is also noted on the warframe wiki in the helminth section under bugs. XD One day it will get fixed and I can get back to seeing ridiculous dmg numbers with my fav frame!
  2. Tested as of Hotfix 30.7.4. Give me an F, give me an I, give me an X, give me an I, give me a T. What does that spell? Fix it...? plz.
  3. Tested as of Hotfix 30.7.1. When playing warfare consists of logging in to test if the bug is still there and alt+f4 immediately after.
  4. Tested as of Update 30.6.0... Can you guess if it's still broken? Hint: YES!
  5. Tested as of Hotfix 30.5.4. Well I watched 28 days later twice... Day 1: Exposure - Day 3: Infection - Day 8: Epidemic - Day 20: Evacuation - Day 28: Devastation - Today: Depression
  6. Tested as of Hotfix 30.5.3. 51 days later... Almost feels like I watched 28 days later twice. Also it's still broken in case you forgot. 🙃
  7. Tested as of Hotfix 30.5.2. The floor is lava and I lost the bug, SEND HELP!
  8. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Trying to build one of the highest dmg Landslide builds for Atlas Prime. Tried the helminth system for the first time and placed Roar over petrify, this broke the Rubble mechanic and stopped petrified enemies from dropping any rubble. VISUAL: Refer to my post from 20th May.... REPRODUCTION: Place any subsumed ability over the ability-Petrify on Atlas Prime (normal atlas should work too), use the augment Path of Statues to petrify enemies (or summon the golems while in close proximity to enemies) and kill them once they are PetrifiedEXPECTED RESULT: The rubble should drop as normal as the enemies have been petrified.OBSERVED RESULT: No rubble dropped from petrified enemiesREPRODUCTION RATE: Will always happen. Tested many times in Simulacrum and star chart nodes. (refer to comments in the post linked above for test cycle)
  9. Tested as of update Sisters of Parvos. Bug is crawling around here somewhere! Sooo I called pest control, you guys gonna send someone to take care of it soon?
  10. Tested as of Hotfix 30.3.5 and thiiiiis thang needs some buuug spray! Do I need to hire pest control?! @[DE]Momaw
  11. Tested as of Hotfix 30.3.4 and bug still needs squashing! I'm going to run out of ways to say this aren't I...
  12. Some love for Punchy Boi? After all a tennogen skin got released for him but he's got game breaking bugs with helminth breaking rubble mechanics.
  13. When doing tests in the simulacron (was also tested in a normal mission) the ability-petrify is NEVER used to petrify enemies and subsequently generate rubble. I am only using Path of Statues augment to petrify enemies and then pick up rubble once they die. If abilities are infused over petrify, enemies still petrify from Path of Statues but no rubble is dropped. The rubble drop mechanic seem to be coded to ONLY work when the ability-petrify is present, even if it is never used itself. This makes no sense if you read carefully into the abilities of atlas and the rubble mechanic (rubble drops from petrified enemies, regardless of how they are petrified). By just replacing the ability-petrify you essentially bug out the entire rubble mechanic and break a large chunk of atlas abilities, augments, and general usability. I made sure to test the same "setup" and made myself invincible to make sure rubble was not just healing me. I hope it was just an oversight and that it gets fixed soon! Here are the two setups for reference: As you can see rubble is building on the OG build below: Below are the results using the Subsume build and there is no rubble dropping (this is with roar infused over petrify): P.S. For those wondering why anyone would infuse over petrify.... Well I built this to be one of the best landslide builds available and petrify is used even less than tectonics and rumblers. *I did more testing with spawning in the rumblers and despawning them -> they still drop rubble with the Subsume build. So far only landslide setup is getting affected by the removal of petrify. **More testing: Enemies that are petrified when summoning rumblers also do not drop rubble when killed with the Subsume build.
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