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  1. Yeah that's the main flaw in that theory. Other than that, I think they need to expand on the lore of Kuva, about it's past and present uses, because in most lore stories it's mostly a plot device that does almost anything.
  2. Actual real world evidence of the oldest vamps suggest that vampires need life essence, which is simply put, blood. However, in warframe, I believe that DE tried to substitute it with temple kuva. This is shown by the Eidolon wanting to get Temple Kuva to regenerate and become more powerful. This is a major piece of Revenant's and the Eidolons lore. It shows that kuva, which is obviously not blood (I hope, that'd be nasty if it was), is a substitute for essence instead, as many have used kuva for things like mind manipulation (Unum and animals), healing (Eidolon), and empowering (Kuva gang (liches)), all which are things blood does not do (regenerating something like a cut does take blood, but there is more to it than just that) meaning we can actually pull from this that kuva is an essence, because of it's supposed magical properties or of it's undiscovered science of it being a super serum. This leads us to conclusion that the Eidolon is in fact based off vampires, because of it's need for kuva which is an essence, which is proven by the evidence I have stated. The real problem with the story of Eidolons is DE hasn't explained it enough. It is a story with no because behind of it, other than that of the creation of Revenant, which is in of itself an ambiguous mystery. I have thought of this for a long time now, if it wasn't evident of the many reworks I post of Revenant.
  3. Aren't 3 and 4 more of Garuda? Blood and spikes is her thing so it'd be weird having a frame that also uses blood spikes. The passive is actually kinda overpowered considering you could heal allies for free unlike frames like Oberon or Trinity who have to use an ability made just for it to heal allies. Not only that but if she's being healed by another Dhamir, it results in an infinite health loop.
  4. Best experience would be getting a new frame. Pull that boi out of the oven fresh. Buy augments. Get skins. Then drop them because you realize you just wasted that crap on them because you love your mains too much then go make another frame and see if they become your main.
  5. I'm talkin' spy missions where everyone gets alarmed when a single person dies. I'm talkin' exterminates with only eximus units and only the epitome of each enemy faction (Juggernaut only infestation, nox only grineer, bursas only corpus). I'm talkin' assassinations with 3 targets who are level 155 (Yes, 3 hyena packs). I'm talkin' survival but only nullifiers (corrupted if not corpus) drop keys to unlock your air capsules + no thingies that give you like 5% that drop off enemies. Now these missions don't have to be this extreme, but you get the point, upgraded missions.
  6. He has electric shield in his 2. Allies and volt get extra electric damage and crit chance added to their attacks, because the shield made Volt really more of a campy kind of frame where you just sit behind the shield and shoot. Speed is in static discharge, the only thing missing is reload and melee speed, but I guess that could just be added to his passive. Another idea I had was for speed to instead turn Volt into a fast moving lightning bolt cause I really want to be a lightning bolt some reason.
  7. I'm not saying he needs one, I'm just saying that this is what I would want an electric frame to have. Passive - Static Discharge - Dealing electrical damage with abilities gives you stored energy that is used by your abilities. Move faster with more energy stored. Made so you should be dealing damage and not running around or blocking damage to get it. Caps at 3000 now. Every 300 increases speed by 10%, just for those who miss the old days of playing Volt, however, another idea was to instead give Volt electric damage to his attacks. 1 - Bolt - Releases a bolt of energy that stuns the enemy, giving you Static energy. The bolt chains to nearby enemies. Just like normal except it doesn't chain damage. Instead it just stuns chained enemies. Chains up to 10m away from the original target. Each enemy hit gives you 200 static energy. Cost 25 energy. 2 - Thunder Coil - Drain static energy and use it to deflect damage. Enemies that hit you are stunned. Adds electric damage to allies around you. Drains static energy at a rate of 100 a second. Taking damage will deal 50% less damage of that to Volt and take away 50 static energy. Enemy attacker will be stunned for 8s. Gains 50% less static energy while this is on. Allies within 15m gain 25% electric damage and 10% crit chance added to their attacks. Duration decreases drain and efficiency decreases drain per hit. Cost 0 energy. 3 - Discharge - Consume Static energy to release a massive electrical discharge that goes further depending on your static energy. Stuns enemies hit. Each enemy hit gives Volt energy. Every 100 static points add on 1m to the range. Each enemy hit is stunned for 10 seconds and gives Volt 10 energy. Cost 75 energy. 4 - Lightning Storm - Volt pulls electricity from all stunned enemies into a massive thunder storm that discharges on enemies near him, as well as all stunned enemies. Volt starts by adding 15% of the health of stunned enemies into the damage of Lightning Storm's bolts. Base damage is 1000. Then he calls down a massive thunder bolt on himself that hits enemies within 8m of him. He also calls down smaller bolts (still frickin powerful) on stunned enemies that hit enemies within 4m of them. This cost 100 energy. So basically, here's the loop: Use 1 for static energy, 2 for protection if you need it, 3 to discharge and stun a ton of enemies, then 4 and releases the biggest lightning storm known to man. This makes Volt really versatile. He has CC, DPS, Support.
  8. Quetzalcoatl (If I spelt that right) also is the god of winds. Maybe he could have something that symbolizes that? I was thinking of him having something to do with that.
  9. At the time I'm writing this, don't get me wrong, but most post I see are negative, or at least they aren't positive. Is this good or bad, cause this could mean good critique or bad game. Please don't say something like "Why does this matter?" I'm posting this just to satisfy my curiosity.
  10. Revenant is in too much of a mess right now. He needs more lore to go off of because of his looks and abilities, and yes, while you can play the game using him, there isn't any actual role for him to play. Want CC? Pick a nuker, which is usually better, or pick a frame with instant, reliable CC. Tank? There's so many to choose from, such as Inaros, who does almost all of Revenant's roles better from 0 -185 (random high number) Damage? Revenant is a B in that category. IMO this is his best category, creative design in his 4 and his 3 can be used to OHK enemies, even if it is unreliable in co-op. It would be better for Revenant if his design had an actual direction. Tbh, his original concept might be better than the one have now, considering his mass sleep 4 and choices for who to enthrall and who to keep as immortals for long lasting CC. His 1 back then I think could be integrated into an on death effect for his 1 now, like when thralls die they just walk around doing nothing while being invulnerable or can take a certain number of hits before dying, because that could be an effective form of long lasting CC, which is a type we don't see much. Putting enemies to sleep however is something you have to make sure you don't mess up, or then he becomes a boring spam button to win frame since sleep is broken.
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