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  1. I just hope it brings diverse and challenging content so you can't just bring your Mesa or Saryn and annihilate everything on the map. Content that will make you feel you were playing warframe for the first time again. Maybe they could do this by weakening a weapon type on a certain mission, or disabling rivens or something.
  2. His 3 augment is terrible. The augment I had in mind would be a toned down reave, except it becomes a channeled ability or drains health to be active. It would transform Revenant into a spectral vomvalyst, like a vampire to a bat, or like a warframe to a mask (as in mask of the eidolons cause vomvalyst are pretty much that: masks). And fine, if DE doesn't want to change it, this could be an augment for his 1 that enthralls the enemies it hits instead. Another 1 augment could be where he can hold the ability to shoot giant orbs from pillars that explode and shoot homing bullets that enthrall. This would be really useful for enthralling.
  3. This IMO is one of the most debated things, and what most "Nerf Nuke Frames," or "Make Stronger Enemies," comes down to; creating balance, and to an extent, difficulty. If all frames are nerfed, people will get really angry because of this huge nerf (no one likes nerfs unless it's godlike S-Tier thing that does anything and everything best getting nerfed). If enemies get super buffed, well, that's exactly it, it isn't balanced. It is really hard for anyone to choose which is better. My idea is to just make enemies more resistant to certain damage types, making most people have to prepare and pick weapons to counter enemies. This could be supported with some diagram with what status beats what kind of enemies in the orbiter, so you don't have to go to simulacrum, and more enemy weak points, similar to headshots and their multipliers. This should encourage hitting headshots and those weak points. There are already some enemies like this, such as the enemies with assault shields and artic eximus' (though not as much), where you have to get around them to shoot them or get close to them to damage them.
  4. It's Simple. Fight a boss, when it's dead, move on to the next level like ESO, each boss kill raises the next boss's level up by 10 or 20. They get a couple goons. I'm not sure how to make an efficiency bar, and not sure if there should even be one, it kinda makes some things irrelevant and favors only damage and kills. Every boss room has 2 corridors after winning, one leading to the next boss room, and the other to an exit room. The rewards could be some of the new universal syndicate medallions, kuva or endo, and some prime parts. Prime parts appear later, get more rare with each boss killed too. Maybe have unveiled riven mods drop every 20 or so kills for near infinite endgame content for those wanting a big collection of rivens and having them not limited to Sorties or buying them with plat. Bosses like Lephantis, Ropalolyst, or Orb Mama and Eidolons can't spawn, because they will require you to take a long time fighting them (around 10m eith normal weapons not made for them for everyone but Lephantis because he can still be killed fairly fast) or require specific gear. Maybe even have Jordas Golem in so you have to be well geared in more than just normal combat walking into this. This actually seems like quite sustainable endgame content, and should give most people who don't like arbitration farming for plat another option.
  5. They're okay, but if you really want more detail, you can just get their prime variant, as their prime variants usually cost about the same price of a skin or less when they come out from the vault.
  6. Only reason most don't play him is cause of that C rotation drop. Heck, I would love to use him, he has a cool priest/ritualist tone to him, and that just seems flat out cool to me.
  7. Can't be traded though, everyone will use mini clems as their currency instead of plat. Other than that... Actually really helps out DE because a fair amount of people would buy it, which means more money, meaning more resources, meaning better updates.
  8. His pillars are sad. There are some stats you can't see such as bullets range, bullets speed (they are SLOOOOOWWW), enthrall chance, to name a few. The pillars deal weak damage, and is only noticeable on low level enemies (0 - around 30 35-ish) and is of all types, impact? That is probably the worst damage type in my book. It only does good against corpus, which not to mention are not good at enthralling either because they don't always have accurate shots. Thralls are really slow in general too, which makes this an even worse pain in the buttocks. Solution? Just make them use 10% or so of thrall max hitpoints (including shields) as damage, maybe have some status damage be based off of damage thrall took, or be able to shoot into them for damage like zephyr tornados. Bullets should move at 30 or 40m a second for faster hits. Maybe add an augment that adds duration to the pillars depending on kills around the pillar.
  9. Still don't got blood rush. Used over 150 ciphers for nothing. I am mildly triggered.
  10. Dread has a 37% drop chance, while Hate and despair have a 5%. Stalker barely uses any projectiles, uses the war more often (has a low drop rate too), and yet, I have 6 dread blueprints, 1 broken war blueprint (still have it), and 2 smoke ephemera. Considering you git attacked 5 times, chances are you should be able to get some stalker goodies. On a side note, can we PLEASE trade blueprints? Weapons are so few and far between for the stalker, they probably would sell on for like 30 - 40 plat. I'd love to sell my 6 unused and always unused dreads for 10p to the people who don't have one and really want it.
  11. Something I find weird is that he was the warden of the the Eidolon, but when you use him against them, he is actually quite weak (compared to others). Maybe it's just me, but I don't get much invincibility to their attacks like the wiki says so. Either he got weaker to the eidolons by the eidolons, or that eidolons were weaker when this guy was cutting them down 50% 24/7
  12. Passive - Wave is 10m, destroys enemy attacks hit. 1 - Enthrall - Personally, I don't like the thralls. For one, they don't do much. They're just enemies ready to be reaved, which makes reave a forced synergy and yadda yadda yadda. Other than this, they're plain weak. Pillars are trash and have stats that you can't even see (pillar bullet range, enthrall chance, and the fact that enthralled enemies by the pillar do not make a pillar). So, either make pillars do some spicy damage through like 10% max health or make them enthrall easier. Also make thralls only die to Revenant and enemies. Allies can still lower their health of course, to 1 health point, which at that point they can count as dead already but do not grant bonuses for when Revenant kills them with a mod that uses killed enemies, to prevent double kills. Thrall cap is increased to 10 now, so you can actually build an army (not sure how this'll play out). Thralls teleport to Revenant when he moves 25m away from them, and thralls stay within 15m of Revenant. This should provide better CC and make them block bullets. 2 - Mesmer Skin - Does not synergize with Reave that well. So, Mesmer Skin will use health with each charge (You still get charges and you get 7). Every hit makes Revenant lose 5% health over time. Probably about over 2 or 3 seconds. If the attack deals less then 5% of Revenant's health, it hits shields. This should make it so one, you can't die instantly, two, you can use reave to get health back, and three, be able to minimize charge uses. This makes the skin good in high levels and low levels. 3 - Reave - Not much to change. Holding fire slows down Reaves movement speed. Thralls killed wither, and will walk to the nearest enemy and explode. This form last for 5 or so seconds before they die. Enemies hit will be enthralled. Extra health gained from Reave accumulates into over shields or constant health regeneration. I'm stuck between the two. 4 - Danse Macabre - Same thing but deals 10% of thrall max health as extra damage and cost 15 energy to channel. Holding fire increases base damage and increases bonus damage to 20%. This is just a base boost to it and encourages more thrall use.
  13. Maybe you could pick a side between Simaris and the other Syndicates in an event, fight execution squads or special sanctuary-specimens in arenas. If you side with Simaris you get Simaris items and standing, and if you side with Syndicates, you get syndicate standing and items. This actually is kinda one-sided though, cause IMO Simaris standing is pretty tedious to get compared to Syndicate standing. But, the idea of it seems pretty cool, kinda like the first invasions.
  14. I think that it's pretty dumb that something like the test of cooperation can spawn in a solo player game. It's only possible solo with specters to my knowledge.
  15. Problem is reworking the speed makes him useless to people who use him mostly for speed (including me). Plus, speed isn't that bad, extra melee speed is nice to have if you use a slow weapon, and if I'm correct, really powerful with the zenistar disc speed. Edit : His 4 could have some thunder cloud effects with it for Volt Prime, be pretty cool. Passive could get a bigger cap depending on power strength.
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