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  1. It's 2019. You can't use poor game guidance as an excuse forever. You have to be on the internet to play the game. In an "extreme" situation you could simply turn the game off and use the PS4 browser. Assuming for some reason a person doesn't have a smart phone. There's no excuse to not be able to google something in our current atmosphere. Are there a bunch of people playing that grew up in the 80s? Then maybe you'd have a point.
  2. Uhm, just because you played other games doesn't mean they have to follow whatever you're used to. You're in the warframe world. The warframe world isn't here for you lol.
  3. This game gives you the freedom to actually play solo if you're skilled enough or have the right mods. They also give you the freedom to mix and match a bunch of different ways with all the possibilities of different frames, weapons, situational mods etc.
  4. It was referring to the post made earlier by another player. It was on the 1st page. Guess you didn't see it.
  5. Give a man a mask and he'll show his true self.
  6. Well there is a need to explain: you're confusing bad limbo players with the actual frame.
  7. I got a prompt warning me that the mission would do this. If you can comprehend a sentence it's not an issue. If this is a new feature I can understand that though.
  8. When you were new did literally no one help you out? If so, congrats on being a one percenter. Sorry us regular people are getting in your way. Also, shouldn't you be vet enough to know how to use recruit chat or run with other leet vets?
  9. Uhm....everything on this planet is real life technically. It was made by living beings and is used by living beings sooo....
  10. How much of a change in stats are we talking with a dispo change?
  11. So is the game too easy and not a challenge, or do you literally need unnerfed rivens to complete content? I'm confused.
  12. I'm not reading the article. But fyi, cosmetic barbie dress up in common in all games now, not just warframe. I personally don't understand it, but people love cool pixel I guess lol.
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