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  1. And don't forget about Magus Elevate and Magus Repair. You dont even have to have a lot of focus unlocked via focus farming or eidolons. Just get one and put it on your operator. Most people nowadays run Magus Lockdown and Repair for higher content because no matter how bad things get, you can always void dash away from a situation to regroup or heal yourself. I've picked up people in arbitrations using operator only. It's so common for casual players to never use all the tools given to them, which results in them calling the game hard and asking for unnecessary nerfs.
  2. No thanks. The last update should have been more than enough for even the worst of players to defeat enemies.
  3. You guys are aware this is something noobs do, right? I never actually see people play like this, not that it matters because that's anecdotal but oh well lol. People only care now because Scarlet Spear brought this to light. I can take my Tekko Prime and complete the test no problem.
  4. America doesn't deserve their great hospitality.
  5. You must be new, because no one that has played for more than 5 months needs resources. I only needed nano spores because I was using a lot of Epads for eidolons. But I remedy that by going to helene instead of Hydron plus just actual gameplay. Accompanied by the random resource boosts from login etc....it shouldn't be an issue after awhile.
  6. Lol yea I agree kinda. Railjack is a huge content island, but I'm just having faith it'll tie together somehow in the future is all. I just got to Veil and it's not hard, I'm just taking my time cause theres no rush. None of us really know what's gonna happen I guess. I'm excited to see what this adult spoiler stuff is about and the next big storyline drops. It'll be fun whether it's good or bad and the ensuing chaos associated with it ha.
  7. I'm gonna laugh so hard when DE comes out with the rest of the expansion and story and blows all the naysayers outta the water. And if I'm wrong, well guess what? I still have a great game to play!
  8. That's fair, I havent been playing as long as most so I haven't been around to recognize the patterns. Although my point still stands that getting upset at the very notion or suggestion of having to gild 1 item is still quite absurd. There's no realm in which it is reasonable at all. I don't catch animals in warframe. When I saw the nightwave challenge I simply brushed it off and continued playing the game.
  9. Its gonna be awhile before plague star again. Newer people need any Avenue available to get forma. I have almost every frame with 2-10 forma and probably 15 weapons with 4-6 forma. It was a tough road, thankfully i got 40 of those from plague star.
  10. Just like the Matrix....theres a few characters in the main fight that have woken up, but also millions of other people in the background that are still in stasis waiting to be awoken.
  11. Good point. These players have been absolutely tortured by this evil corporation and we should be supportive of their plight of gilding one item....
  12. It's really not that serious. I see people whining about the simple act of playing a game. And we all know no ones forced to complete any nightwave so the whole point is moot. People on these forums are unpleasable in many aspects.
  13. I mainly use him to catabomb maps for Ayatan stars.
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