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  1. Most of the stuff I unlock in the game is below 5%. This game is too much for the average person. That's why I like it.
  2. So odd how people acquire frames. I still dont have harrow but I have every other eidolon meta frame.
  3. 1st of rule of MMOs and even life: Never. Trust. Anyone. Every mmo should be about being self sufficient because you really cant rely on people.
  4. Would you even be asking this question without the recent chamber release?
  5. I'm a novice eidolon hunter that is actually reading this for advice. Why does a person always tell the most communicative species to stop talking about something? They're debating. And i need information. Everyone wins.
  6. Wow thanks a lot. I wondered what people meant by Baro being at the Tennocon. This answered a lot of my questions thanks.
  7. I bought a loadout and it never gave it to me. You probably have to be mr28 to get more past the ones given to us by mr.
  8. Don't really know what to say.....100% your fault. I imagine most people's brains go into caution mode when making important transactions. Think about how your bank teller counts your money in front of you. Or a dealer at the casino paying you out. Selling a prime part for 1 plat? Yea I'll space out. Selling an arcane for 100 plat? Yea, that few moments will have my complete and undivided attention.
  9. A lot of us already played multiple First person games. I actually zoomed my camera out more.
  10. It seems obviously people want this....but why? It's easy damage so you want it to come free and easy with no setback? Everything has a pro and con.
  11. Wow a whole day.... You should submit a ticket and call your local government representative.
  12. How many times have you used the word "tanky"? "Tanky" is a term bad players use to make excuses for their bad reflexes and lack of game knowledge. 1 hour per week of game time? Do you have 6 kids? Either way it's not our problem.
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