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  1. Now I wait for the ability to launch from my railjack and guarantee that it'll stay mine while set to public matchmaking like it used to do.
  2. I want to chime in with my two cents and point out that for all the visual noise, none of it gives you the slightest idea where the void sink is other than "nearby." Maybe have it act like incoming damage and be directional? Or literally anything other than what you did, k, thanks.
  3. They've said that's for AI reasons, the mission inside needs constant enemy spawns which uses up AI allocation or something, so they need everyone to be inside. Hasn't stopped numerous bugs where you teleport outside the objective mid-exterminate(or whatever) because you stepped on a roomba or something, but that's what they've claimed.
  4. Going from a railjack mission to a relay breaks so many things. I've had my clan dojo's decorations follow me to a relay and populate it. The clan bar was in the hangar bay. All of it had collision. Some parts were blocking the doors.
  5. Type: UI/In-Game Description: Railjack with Tempestarii skin causes fps drops when approached. This is most notable when standing in a drydock and walking out toward the tip of the railjack's tail, or when trying to re-board your ship in a railjack mission. My graphics are set to the bare minimum. Reproduction: Equip the Tempestarii railjack skin, climb onto your railjack in a Drydock, and walk toward the tail. Turn around to face the front of the ship and feel the FPS tank. Expected Result: The Tempestarii skin has cosmetic value and minimal impact on performance. Obser
  6. I still get lagspikes whenever I'm near a railjack using the tempestarii skin, it's such a shame because I love it but the game punishes me for looking at it
  7. Type: In-game/"mission"(?) Platform: PC Description: Traveling from orbiter to dojo to mission to relay loads the relay with decorations from the dojo somehow, which also lags the game while loading in because of the recent "loading into dojo after a mission" lagspikes. The decorations have hitboxes and can obstruct doors. Visual: Expected Result: Loading into a Relay after a mission launched from my dojo loads me into a relay with its ordinary relay decorations. Observed result: Loading into a relay loads random decorations from my clan's dojo, lagging the game an
  8. This flashing is killing my eyes and fps in equal measure, and the vague way that the vfx are all-encompassing instead of directional like incoming damage is, to put it plainly, horrible game design.
  9. NPCs that get hit with the radial void bubble thing need to have some kind of self-preservation, my pilot died in a mission because he sat there in his seat and ignored it and nobody came to help him.
  10. The lightning ospreys deal such high DPS that they're probably one of the only enemies I've encountered who can kill themselves with reflected damage at higher levels
  11. Railjack shield ospreys are really unforgiving, like, if I'm not out of range the SECOND they announce they're gonna fire their lightning barrage, my sentinel is dead in two hits. The massive hitbox of the Nautilus just exacerbated sentinel survivability issues
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack turret mounts randomly disconnect from their rails, becoming un-interactable (been a bug since Railjack first launched, although the new interior layout means they literally fall off the rails and onto the floor now) but AI makes it even stranger. Commanding an AI to be a gunner will cause it to enter the broken turret normally. Commanding it to switch to another role will cause it to leave the turret, again as expected, after which the turret is aligned and usable again. Of note was that there had been a player manning that turret before leaving the
  13. Yeah, I figured it wasn't just my computer, it even did the delay when I was attempting to open a PM with another player
  14. Just a suggestion, but maybe have them not run around when there's no immediate threat? They talk like they want us to hear what they're saying, but they move like they just farted and constantly want to escape the room they're in.
  15. There's a loading time between claiming items in the forge that's new with the Corpus Railjack update. Is that an inventory security thing, or a bug? Because it's like a split second, but it's definitely gonna add up.
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