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  1. Just had this lock a mission after a long string of skirmishes, and when everyone aborted to leave including me, I came back to find several skirmishes worth of archweapon affinity was gone, and it wasn't just a display bug. I'm actively re-leveling those weapons now. That's a separate issue, but this one is just as bad.
  2. For the past few updates, the melee moa's "head" has been squished down onto the torso. Wasn't originally this way, and the way the "neck tube" is clipping through the "head" gives me the impression that it's not intended.
  3. This just happened to me, but it's also happened to me with my cats and dogs too.
  4. Yo I got a Host Migration bug megathread if you want to vent there, it'll be good to accumulate a bunch of grievances caused by the accursed Host Migrations.
  5. Yep, this has always been the case. Not sure if it's another "display error" or what, but it do be like this.
  6. Host migration also seems to be deactivating other mods as well, such as companion set mods and warframe augments. It's not just the weapons.
  7. Make sure it didn't spawn them in the drydock's railjack. Tell them to fast travel somewhere else in the dojo then try again.
  8. There's been a big fps drop when loading back into dojos from any mission lately, might have something to do with it.
  9. I'm making this because it didn't seem to exist yet. When a host migration happens, you're left to the whims of the spaghetti code. This is a place to list all the mission bugs that currently happen as a result of host migration. You can follow my example on formatting your submissions, or you can make a format that works for you. Off the top of my head: All Iradite formations despawn [Plains of Eidolon] Cryopod gains an aura that kills you [Hydron] Various mods stop working on various equipment (warframe augments, companion set mods, archgun mods) [Everywhere
  10. Yeah, it happens when you return to your dojo from any mission, railjack or otherwise. Not sure what's causing it, but it's a big old dip in performance.
  11. This happened to us too. The cryopod hits the enemies the same as it hits the allies. It's vicious. It's always after a host migration.
  12. It also affects any shadow moas that Nekros has. Just slide down the slope with some shadow moas near you and they'll get stuck trying to go down. Easy replication.
  13. This is on the pulse turbine, right? It's a frequent issue that's been there for a while now.
  14. Yeah, it's apparently got something to do with de-bubbled nullifiers and exalted weapons. Happened to me, he wouldn't take damage from my ironbride despite it clearly being deployed (other enemies were taking damage from it.) He took damage from my archgun when i took it back out, though.
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