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  1. GRENDEL takes the cake for worst warframe of all time 3 of his abilities rely too much on a mechanic of one ability that doing anything with him feels bothersome. Also to note his energy requirements are way above what can sustain his abilities even with 175% efficiency
  2. Saryn, because queen of mass damage Hildryn, because of no energy required and tankiness Loki because disarm + invis = loki master race Equinox because clone make 300% boom Wisp because she plant mighty buffing space cabbages Atlas because punching grineers is a satisfying way of murdering them Mesa because aimbot Nova because she control all the speed and slow
  3. all weapons are at 60% except for the hind, brakk, karak, ogris, still looking for those to valence fusion up. I wouldnt bother with seer or kraken tho ahahhaa
  4. GOTTA CATCHEM ALL!!! for a beginner, definitely a rhino/rhino prime will serve you well, if not that then you can also go for Gara as she as superbly strong and will carry u through lots of the early game
  5. i noticed the same too, almost died a few times cause of that
  6. HOLY MOLY FORMA! with 2 umbral mods!
  7. Im beginning to see a trend in builds where less and less emphasis is put on using all 3 umbral mods, leaving out umbral fibre in favour of any other mod. Did shield gating make excessive armor a little less important now?
  8. ultra hard mode when? that would make playing much more interesting!
  9. this is what happens. when there is a glimpse of challenge, people whine and ask for it to be easier....and we get excited for hard mode? Imagine when hard mode comes then people will whine again and say its too hard. U really cant please everyone
  10. after owning every single frame in the game i can say that yes, hydroid is the worst frame of the bunch. Nyx has her uses and is actually fun when played right. Revenant has good survivability as well. Both of those frames have easy one push skill activation and usable range when modded. Hydroid has 3 abilities that are useless, and one aggravating skill that serves only one purpose, pilfering; and even that is outshone by catlady and bonedaddy
  11. i wonder if there is a netflix tv show about 'the trials and tribulations of a game developer team'. all this content really makes for an engaging tv series!
  12. actually all of us are 'space one-punch mans' where we are ridiculously overpowered to the point where nothing poses a threat anymore. I really really really wish DE would just buff specific enemy types to make us stop and think first "how are we to overcome this adversary", rather than just blast our way through with a bramma. Nullys are not the answer but some enemies (not all) need to be either A. smarter, B. tougher, C. hit us WAYYY harder. What they could do is maybe start with the multitude of bosses they have in the game and make them ACTUAL bosses where we certainly need a squad to kill them. Solo is doable, just needs timing skill and some form of power that must be obtained first
  13. hard mode should also bring those enemy types that are normally not seen in those missions to actually make it harder.
  14. how to maintain efficiency? use saryn. profit
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