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  1. R3d: I think its the first because we must have spend nearly 20 min laying into its right leg only for nothing to happen. Its genuinely frustrating. I've just been avoiding the eidolons for the last few weeks, though I've had plenty to do in game. Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping a dev sees the thread and figures out what's going on. who knows maybe I try again and its fixed itself. Fingers crossed.
  2. I've been trying to take down the Terralist for a while now but every time I try me and my squads only manage to break his over shield. After that the four weak points gain their own over shield and become invincible ruining the fight and making it impossible to advance. Just last night I tried it with two friends but it happened again. It seems to be a problem with me since one of my friends who has done it once as well also commented that this wasn't supposed to happen. Ive only been able to kill it twice thus far and only when its been hosted by someone else. As a result my operator's focus skills feel like their locked away from me and I lack the shards needed to build the Sentient Slayer greatsword who's actual name escapes me at the moment. Please help ):
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