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  1. _DapperDanMan_

    DE support ignoring my tickets ?

    3 months is a long time with No reply at all. max is usually a couple months and that's for small time stuff. You have NO idea why your account was locked? No shady plat purchases? Did you use the Khora exploint in fortuna at all?
  2. _DapperDanMan_

    ​🚩Endgame little rewarding and stimulating.​🚩

    funnily enough, it's usually the ppl I get partied with that are getting steamrolled till 20m. either that or they immediatly start trying to nuke the room for damage. Then they wanna leave. Whether it's MOT Sedna or Pluto. Usually because instead of teaming up they just run from room to room chasing kills and intern getting themselves killed. Endurance play and casual play are 2 different monsters. Casual play: nuke till it doesn't work anymore or can't kill them in 2 shots. Boring Endurance takes team comp, placement, debuffs, communication, elementals and you're understanding of them as well as some good old fashioned restraint.
  3. _DapperDanMan_

    ​🚩Endgame little rewarding and stimulating.​🚩

    Well, fun is relative to your progression/goals. I wouldn't care to go back to 1 hour minimum survivals if It meant I could start getting rivens @ 60minutes or batches of 2k kuva instead of 2k credits.
  4. _DapperDanMan_

    ​🚩Endgame little rewarding and stimulating.​🚩

    Shiit, you're making me wanna jump to the console side 😄. PC is going through a pretty stagnant 20-40m meta and pushing past 20 seems to get rarer and rarer. Even in Kuva runs. it's obnoxious.
  5. _DapperDanMan_

    ​🚩Endgame little rewarding and stimulating.​🚩

    In my experience most that join Wf are within the 16-26 age gap. So between school, work, home and family life a lot of ppl just don't have the time and would start a whine fest about how the new content is gated behind "time walls" and they don't have that time to spend. Even if it wasn't "new content" and just more diverse rewards. That's why most of the game is tailored towards "the new player experience"
  6. _DapperDanMan_

    ​🚩Endgame little rewarding and stimulating.​🚩

    We do that anyways.. ppl act like there's not already an astonishing level of power creep in the game and almost everything added in the last year has been aimed towards the lvl 10-35 evemy level and Arbitrations' are garbage all around and brought so much toxicity out the community. So why not do something to challenge the cheese. You're not getting anymore powerful you're just getting better rewards for more challenging gameplay.
  7. _DapperDanMan_

    ​🚩Endgame little rewarding and stimulating.​🚩

    They all seem relatively fair and could see myself enjoying something like this. The paragon system point values would have to be pretty low, but say 20hp/armor/shield per point taken isn't bad. A potential cap of 200 bonus. the survival thing just wouldn't work. Endurance survivals are about 5% of the games player base so unfortunately you can just toss that one out. Meta 20m will probably never die. Fairly well thought out tho, you get my upvote
  8. _DapperDanMan_

    Negative Platinum Balance

    Good. Did you know when the game finds out about that cheated or "bad" plat and takes it back, it also traces every account it's been traded to and they get hit with the same hammer? A quick and simple google search is littered with dozens of posts from reddit, steam and the warframe forums about bans for this very reason. Ironically, one of the first things to come up is the TOS and EULA for the game. So because of your shady, irresponsible move any decent, rule abiding players who may have had the misfortune of trading with you is more than likely banned right now. In No reputable game is ok to buy premium currency from any third party company as appose to the avenues provided by the game.
  9. _DapperDanMan_

    Riven Mod Pricing

    Have you started Eidolon farming on the plains yet? If no, you might want to hold onto that riven for awhile and use it for yourself. With the right frame combo' it makes killing Eidolons trivial and farming sentient cores for standing a breeze, even solo. If you find it doesn't fit your playstyle then no harm, no foul. The prices won't be dropping anytime soon.
  10. Regardless of XP it's still in everyone's best interest to stay close because of* the spawn and aggro mechanics. If you want an enjoyable game without players bailing at 15mins anyways, imo. The farther away you are the less mobs everyone else has because you end up triggering fixed spawns across various spawn points through various rooms and thinning it out for everyone else. That causes the next player to go "chasing kills" in to other rooms as well because it becomes so stagnant and boring without decent spawn rates. Creating a cycle. Why you would run a public endless mission if you're not trying to maximize you're loot returns or XP is beyond me but god knows there's always one "Rambo Randy" or "Commando Carol". We always find a nice, large room and rotate around it or change rooms every 10-20 minutes if we get "fidgety" teammates. Communication and compromise ensure success is for all party members.
  11. _DapperDanMan_


    So yesterday I posted a couple screen shots after I was trying to name my Kubrow and came across some interesting censorship. replied to a comment last night and as of this afternoon it's been deleted. Which is kind of ironic given the nature of the original post but i'm assuming it was due to the utter lack of context. I bread a new doggo hoping for that magical lotus print pattern and per usual, Birthed a hideous green and yellowish brown Sunika I then attempted to name, "Artisanal Cheese". I guess not. Someone pointed out in the comments that because it contained "anal" in it, it was automatically flagged. That's interesting. There's more than 100 words in the English dictionary that contain just THAT specific arrangement of letters that I could find from a quick google search. Yeah..I Googled it, don't judge me. So they're all just automatically flagged? I'm assuming it's like that with all Slurs as well then and given the vast vocabulary of inappropriate words just in the English language and assuming they all follow the same theory as the above. That seems like a lot of unnecessary censorship. I was also wondering how that affects other countries and their spelling of words that may "potentially" contain some double entendre? Hypothetically assuming the censorship standards are global and not regional because I honestly don't know.
  12. _DapperDanMan_

    Which Vectis Prime Riven?

    The latter.
  13. _DapperDanMan_

    Refund for an accidental platnaium purchase?

    Click on your profile name, go to account settings and you'll see the support desk option. Click that and in the top right corner, select the "submit ticket" option and just follow the steps from there. Be sure to list the time,date and timezone as it may take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Gl out there.
  14. _DapperDanMan_

    Corinth Solstice Skin

    Good eye Tuck! You could try reporting it in the pc bugs section but I'm not sure how much attention it'll get. It may very well be intentional if it hasn't been fixed by now. Gl out there!
  15. _DapperDanMan_

    i will wish exchange tennogen skin

    You can't gift them from in game but you can gift someone* a 5$ or 10$ digital steam gift card https://store.steampowered.com/digitalgiftcards/ Hope this helps!