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  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I figured out your Duviri Paradox plan. Its a real golden opportunity to spoil things so I won't say even a word about what you have going on, I'm merely hoping to bring to your attention the fact that you've been made so to speak. Might be a smart move to hold off on anymore reveals on it, because the leaks are easier to deduce if you are currently spoiler free like I am, the less invested you are in warframes plot the simpler it is to see the centre of your web, and you have a lot of new eyes at present so please be careful with what you tell the audience. Hope I haven't come across rude or anything, and this 110% is not some sort of prank. I love this game and haven't even been a month at it, so I want only to keep everyone's fun intact, that includes the devs, I am sure they are itching to give this away and love how oblivious the core audience is to whats been planned for them, I can't blame them for it....a massive spaceship expansion will do that to ya. All the best to you Keil.
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