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  1. Totally agreed. Figured I'd just throw out one I suspect will be the easy to implement and universally helpful. Maybe Reb could run some of her analytic magic to determine what other unnecessary button presses can be trimmed. I'd absolutely love to see an end of mission option that lets you drop all non-friend party members and replay mission. Just hoping to increase the odds by keeping it clear and actionable for now.
  2. Please, DE. Make "sprint as default" an option. I think it would be a very nice and easy QOL adjustment, especially for people like me who play on 3rd party controllers with crappy L-Stick buttons (I've cooked 3 Steel Series Duo's in less than 2 years). Every single mission for me starts with hitting my (toggle) sprint button. It's also the first thing you have to do after every interaction in a relay, every fall off the map respawn, every time you use some abilities, and probably a few other cases I'm forgetting. At over 8k mission, I have to be somewhere between 10k-20k completely unnece
  3. "Radeon Boost" settings caused it for me. Oddly, it looked like it was disabled at first. Toggled it on and off again then restarting the game fixed it. Found it under the "Gaming" tab in the Radeon software, 4th option down on the left side.
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