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  1. The fact that there are vastly better options is exactly why I think it's a reasonable request. Same for Eidolon bounties, its much fastest to farm Ostron standing by sleeping every critter you see. The point is matchmaking with just enough incentive to use the system.
  2. I would like to see a bounty for SO and ESO to help with match making and reward staying in until at least wave 8. This could go a long way towards fixing the biggest frustrations with these game modes (other than Simaris getting cranky about you using abilities). Same concept as we have for Eidolon hunts. I think it would be thematically appropriate to keep paying out a small sum for every 2 rounds after that, but not necessary to the core idea. Suggested payout: SO: 1000 standing at wave 8. (+50 standing every 2 waves after) ESO: 2000 standing at wave 8. (+100 standing every 2 waves
  3. Nonsense. Extra kuva and potatoes are always worth getting. Not to mention it's a good free path to improving your endgame setup... fashion!
  4. I am able to hear the impact sound of someone else hitting a target with their bow regardless of distance to player or target. I've noticed it in several games when someone else is using the Paris Prime specifically. Not sure if it's all bows or just the Paris Prime, but it seems to be 100% reproducible with Paris Prime at least.
  5. The spines are in some containers, similar to how some Orb Vallis containers work. I was able to quickly gather enough to level (after wasting half a dozen fish...). Hope they fix it soon.
  6. Can confirm. At minimum, energy siphon breaks her overshields consistently.
  7. It's still available as a daily reward. Total RNG, but I got one a few months ago.
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