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  1. Totally agreed. Figured I'd just throw out one I suspect will be the easy to implement and universally helpful. Maybe Reb could run some of her analytic magic to determine what other unnecessary button presses can be trimmed. I'd absolutely love to see an end of mission option that lets you drop all non-friend party members and replay mission. Just hoping to increase the odds by keeping it clear and actionable for now.
  2. Please, DE. Make "sprint as default" an option. I think it would be a very nice and easy QOL adjustment, especially for people like me who play on 3rd party controllers with crappy L-Stick buttons (I've cooked 3 Steel Series Duo's in less than 2 years). Every single mission for me starts with hitting my (toggle) sprint button. It's also the first thing you have to do after every interaction in a relay, every fall off the map respawn, every time you use some abilities, and probably a few other cases I'm forgetting. At over 8k mission, I have to be somewhere between 10k-20k completely unnece
  3. "Radeon Boost" settings caused it for me. Oddly, it looked like it was disabled at first. Toggled it on and off again then restarting the game fixed it. Found it under the "Gaming" tab in the Radeon software, 4th option down on the left side.
  4. Thanks for the neat mini event and cool new cosmetics! I feel like 25 Familial bonds for a color palette is a little steep given how rare they are. Might want to reconsider that one, or at least have Ticker carry them for purchase way more often. Assuming Profit Taker is about 5 min per run, that's 2hrs of grind for that one item. Another 2hrs for the floof and wing decoration. Definitely doable, but not fun in my book.
  5. Ticker still brings medical, advances, and familial bonds. They are pretty rare and expensive though. I seem to remember Ticker having more variety in the past. I want to say sometime about a year ago they became far less common in the shop. They may have shifted their drop rates so people don't see Ticker as a way to avoid the bounty grind. I've bought medical and advances this week prepping for the event, so I know it's still possible. I've heard you can can also set yourself to invite only, start the first profit taker bounty, invite and carry your friend, then repeat for the next 3 boun
  6. I don't spend too much time with them as a dedicated focus. It's more that they're between my Fluctus and the resonators. They are worth points though. I have targeted them when I'm pretty sure I'm too far from the Orphix to get back before the squad pops it. Not sure what my head count is, but I'm guessing 100-200 at least. With a 15% mod drop rate on most of them I think I'm safely out of the possible bad RNG window.
  7. A few hours into the new operation I noticed I haven't seen a single mod or core drop from the sentients. By now I'd expect to have a mountain of Spry Sights and Broad Eye mods ready to become delicious endo. Hoping this is a bug and not an intentional "balancing" move with the result making the time investment for this operation even less rewarding.
  8. Similar happened to me. I swapped back into my frame, ran into a different tile, and respawned the mech somewhere else. Fixed it for me, but might not be the same bug.
  9. Looks like you're right. I edited my initial comment to reflect the +25% for blessings and removed the math. Good catch. I honestly thought the blessings were a full booster, and now I'm less enthusiastic about them being a decent reward for hitting MR30.
  10. Stacks with boosters (+100%) AND blessings (+25%)! (Please don't demand blessings from MR30s in relay chat. Just use a relay like your orbiter as much as possible. Be patient and grateful.) Edit: Removed the math on how boosters and blessings stack. I assume it's multiplicative, but not even the wiki is super clear or confident on how they all work. Apparently the credit blessing may be both additive and multiplicative, so who knows. They all stack... somehow... so just go get that mech forma grind over with.
  11. I am able to hear the impact sound of someone else hitting a target with their bow regardless of distance to player or target. I've noticed it in several games when someone else is using the Paris Prime specifically. Not sure if it's all bows or just the Paris Prime, but it seems to be 100% reproducible with Paris Prime at least.
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