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  1. Upon using fish bait or luminous dye while standing on Ivara's tripwire (in open worlds) your frame freezes up and is frozen in place
  2. I've had some pretty dumb issues getting into the missions, though once I'm in a mission only had one proper game breaking bug so far. Really enjoying this update so far railjack is amazing!
  3. in the past according to the forum posts for previous switch updates with one exception they've always dropped at 4am/4pm
  4. I'm just wondering if I should stay up til 4am over here in the UK to see if they'll drop it xd
  5. https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-74 (sourced from here) Those yet to see it - UPDATE: For people wondering as a thank you for patience during the wait for empyrean us Nintenno will receive a 7 day credit booster!
  6. DE clearly stated the issue which was with the game size and issues that come about with the switch hardware limitations (as stated here). Warframe i'd go out to say is the most intense game on the console and I'm surprised it can run, issues like this aren't surprising. Remember warframe is a first for nintendo having content updates etc this like stated in streams has been a learning experience for Nintendo and DE, with DE even helping Nintendo make the experience more streamlined etc. Similar cert delays also happened when warframe on the ps4 and xbox were released. It's like me blaming the cancellation of Metroid Prime 4 on "I bet they didn't have much work done and pretended to cancel it to buy more time". Digital Extremes couldn't just lie on an issue like that and its not fair to be calling them out for lying and excuses unless you have any actual evidence.Everything you've said has been from assumptions and guesses of what DE has or has not done you have no evidence for anything your saying. Keeping in mind the cert took even longer thanks to thanksgiving closing nintendo for a week and the awkward process things had been set back by a month and there just wasn't that line up allowing us to get empyrean before Christmas, everything had been pushed back and just wouldn't work out. Keep in mind that the cert would have to be sent in with some time before christmas so they could actually get it approved and ready to go so it makes sense it just wasn't ready. I will agree it's unfair how we've been ignored and left in the dark with sorry's in the form of extra items and alerts. DE should've been more transparent and didn't do a great job at making the switch community feel valued and should do better at communicating between player and devs. They did what they can and I'm hoping we'll see better communication and things get easier as time goes on and we go into this year. the timing of christmas and empyrean coming out on other platforms so suddenly really didn't help and have made a bit of a mess in updates not even just to switch but PS4 and Xbox with the empyrean bug storm and balancing issues etc. Giving criticism is fine and needed to keep a company on track but make it constructive. Switch warframe is playing catch up and hopefully will be back with other consoles soon
  7. We will be receiving version 27.0.5 same as the release versions on ps4 and xbox. (Confirmed in the Nintenno@10 stream this morning). I'd assume all content from empyrean on other platforms will come with this update but don't really know what there is yet to find in the update so couldn't say for certain
  8. Update for people. PS4 stream just started and they've said cert is aimed at coming by the end of this week! A bunch of talks on some updates to what they're doing with empyrean in the stream if you wish to go watch it 😄
  9. DE's been open for a week (including when they were open between new years and christmas time) and promised early January, if you wanted to get technical early January has almost passed and we haven't heard a word since DE reopened, i'm fine waiting. it's been 2 years you can wait a few more weeks. But i wish they'd be more transparent on getting this update to us. edit: I'm not asking for much I get the stress of things but how hard is it to send out a message saying "sorry the update may be delayed" or "we're still on track for early January". Especially after the old blood issue that really wasn't handled well and us constantly getting low blows with each update it'd be nice to know DE cares about the switch community
  10. It's frustrating that a week into the year and i get its been christmas and all but couldn't DE say something? Even if we don't learn much more i just want to know if this updates getting delayed, its still on schedule etc they can't keep us in the dark like this constantly speculating no matter the excuse
  11. DE was open today and officially reopens on the 2nd and 3rd. Realistically I feel we may get empyrean a tiny bit delayed while they release it with the hotfix pc got before the christmas break. At least then they're not putting two updates into cert. I'd like to say we'll get the update be at least the 16th on the very latest, depends what they have planned for xbox and ps4 as well as pc for more hotfixes and bug fixes to throw in with the switch considering they'll probably wanna try sync up the updates between console versions again. At least getting it late it won't come out in the mess PS4 or Xbox got and the hype won't die off slightly by the time the update does drop. The wait is painful but its been 2 years since announcement its not long now to wait out
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