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  1. Personally I want those competitive events to stay. They're one of the only incentives in the game left for coordinated clan play and they created a lot of memorable moments for my people. I also believe that cheaters should be punished, but in a game like Warframe thats growing faster than anyone could test it, that's tricky. Sure the negative damage rivens and the bugged Loki teleports were offenders, but wouldn't it be suffiencent to patch those problems, wipe said exploiters scores and tell them to try again fair and square? Because those people are actually doing DE a favor in putting the new game mode through the acid test... or why else would they release a widely untested game mode in combination with a competitive clan event? Again and again. Suspensions and bans are sending the wrong message here, DE. In their wake you look short-sighted and even unfair to your own playerbase, because where does this end? Are all players who now use Hydroid's puddle tentacles to shackle the Demolyst in place suspended in the next patch? Are dozens of free "play testers" perma-banned in the next leaderboard event, because they exploited this one? Again, I don't want those people to go unchecked. The integrety and credibility of the leaderboard is important for real competition, but surety must also be preserved in the playerbase. In a widely experimential (and spaghetti coded) game like Warframe no one should be banned for "abusing" omissions of the developer, because what's okay and what is not changes from patch to patch. Like the interaction of Mesa's Peacekeepers with Arcane Velocity two months ago. I hope DE reconsiders their handling of those situations in the future, because I want to enjoy this great game without fear of suspensions or bans while exploring various interesting game mechanics and interactions with my clan. (And no... we did not use negative damage Riven or Loki or Hydroid strategies in the final mission of the event, because their gameplay was quite boring.)
  2. For me the obvious problems with Nightwave are things like the survival challenges being too long and potentially bugging out, the huge gap in investment between something like three rounds of ESO being in the same class as 60 minutes of Kuva survival without air support and the fact that dailies build up so slowly and contribute rather small amouts of points to the weeks total, but I think DE will sort those things out over the weeks. As usual. But as an rather casual veteran player Nightwave itself is somehow irking me. Since Warframe released on Steam and I started playing it the most appealing part of it was its timelessness. I could read the patchnotes of every update with glee being happy about the new stuff the game is offering, because I knew it would wait for me. Even tough grind like Equinox or Nidus, Corrupted mods and Focus standing were no big problem, because I could do them in my own pace. With the mobile app even alerts could be sat out. I needed almost a year to get Vauban. So what? The exception being events, but this is okay, because most of the rewards came back as Invasion or Starchart content. Now with seasons Nightwave stuff suddenly got a timer. If you don't do amount X of challenge Y per week you will miss out exclusive content. Again, as a one-time event this is fine, but as a permanent non-rotating system this is daunting. It's especially the functional stuff that's causing me problems. I could live without the Wolf's armor or the goodies for the newbies like slots and potatoes, but having unique mods, Arcanes and something like Umbral Forma locked behind this? For some reason rather then encouraging me to play the game it scares me off. In my spare time I want to play the content that I'm looking forward to and not the content the game wants me to play. This subconsciously creates a feeling of missing out when doing what should be fun. I know Steve said in the most recent Devstream that they are considering a way to implement the exclusive things as an additional reward later on, but them being potential Nightwave prestige rewards would create an even greater problem, because stuff you missed in the first place would be even harder to get when it's back for a limited time, because you are loosing all progress between series. I know Nightwave is here to stay and it sure has a lot of positive potential. Especially for newbies, people short on Nitain and bored veterans, but I really hope DE is figuring something out regarding those functional rewards, because imagine an exclusive weapon being locked behind the end of an series and you miss it because you were on vacation or something only to figure out that said weapon is back next season as an prestige reward which is even harder to get, because you have to start from zero. Well, I think I would rather slowly grind towards a Sigma & Octantis or Sibear in my own pace and do the fun stuff inbetween than playing challenges I mostly don't care about, because the rewards are timegated and I need to do atleast 70% of all the challenges before I can do something else. Every week. Without any downtime. 😕 But maybe I'm just disliking the overall concept of seasons in working life gaming. [EDIT] I'm starting to miss the dynamic alert system. Sure, I know about the problems with time zones and real life obligations firsthand, but often those quick rotating missions motivated me to game on. In contrast to a static checklist telling you what to do they were dynamic rewards for just playing the game. Would it be possible to revive the alert system with a new purpose? I hardly think that I'm the only one who would favor this kind of motivation.
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