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  1. this is a VERY good thing and im happy to see this. i really approve of the changes.
  2. i find conclave fun, but no one plays it so i cant get into a match lol
  3. i'd take that, but it still would cause me to rarely do arbs, most missions dont have what i need, i just want excavation/vodyanoi nerfed or another method that is actually fun to be viable. Disruption giving 20k an hour is "viable" but it's still not very good. with this nerf its going to be at most 12000 an hour, which when you are getting 1200-1350 endo a vodyanoi in 3 minutes, means you can get the same in 30. Serously. can we nerf that crap before saying "oh look at this mode that requires EVERY SINGLE STAR CHART NODE UNLOCKED and a warframe/weapon loadout capable of killing level 500-750 mobs? a stupid mission that requires NOTHING MORE THAN A NEKROS gives more than an arb in rewards by a factor of 2. at this point i'll pay money to get a cohesive answer to justify that insanity from DE. next moves on you, @de - riddle me this and ill buy 100$ in plat.
  4. do all the conduits then don't extract, the timer wont start that way
  5. Honestly i dont care if they put that much effort into it, i just want there to be SOME variety. i've been doing nekros vodyanoi farming for my endo since 2016. its time to #*!%ing change it up. and exca, where the meta is to not even kill things just goes against my tenno murder insticts so its hard for me to have fun in that mode even if im making 50k endo an hour..
  6. DE. whats the logic to the disruption change? if the rewards are "too fast" at 5 minutes per.. then why the hell are you not touching excavations, which can be done in 2.5 minutes. excavation arbs give 50k endo an hour or more, and you're not touching those? but god forbid 5 minutes per disruption arbs be allowed, is it because disruption is fun? and if your goal is to nerf endo gains, why has nekros vodyanoi been a thing? it's just as fast as disruptions are now... post nerf we're lucky to see 10k an hour. So... you nerf a 23k an hour method (5 minute arbs, disruption) when a 30k an hour (which, requires nothing but a nekros and slash weapon) and a 50k an hour method exists and has for over a year with out you touching it. so i again ask, WHY? disruption arbitration are not better than other methods, not even close. i do it because it's actually fun.. but if you make it 8 towers, its so bad i might as well never do it ever again. like i get that you want to balance around gains and make the game more centralized and balanced, but if that's the case, then why do you willingly change things in such a way that you know no one is ever going to ever want to do the content you spent a lot of time and money making? arbitrations are absolutely horrible, except excavations which are so astronomically over-rewarding you can max a primed mod in less than 40 minutes.., and disruption is barely better than vodyanoi nekros arena farming, but halving the rewards, you're making it so bad that it's worse than cetus bounties for it's only meaningful reward. therefore no one will play it.
  7. PMO, i can trade my imprints for them as well, i have a pretty hideous smeeta, though. to clarify, the bottom two - im also open to buying cyan :) Here is my smeeta kavat if anyone is interested in a trade for it, but im more than happy to just buy your imprints for plat
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