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  2. Hello, by this mean I would like to report a bug or some sort of interaction that has been happening to not only me, but apparently other clanmates and people that have been running SS lately. I dont really know what exactly causes this glitch or interaction, but what I do know is that it happens generally when I switch flotillas or something. How this usually goes is, I start up SS ground, I start damaging the condrix with my redeemer, I get crits with my redeemer for around 40k damage on average. So far so good, right? Wrong. I finish the run with a nice total of 4131 Scarlet Credits, I start up another one, I deal damage to the condrix and, out of thin air, the redeemer is doing less, I usually see around the same numbers everytime this bug apears which are around 5k to 7k crits at most. As I said before, I dont really know that much about this exploit but it has been really annoying me and my teammates when we're trying to run Scarlet Spear ground missions. Thanks in advance, any aditional information required you can ask and I'll try to get back ASAP. PS: My build for the redeemer doesn't get touched in the process of switching flotillas or going into another mission, same mods, same spots, same everything. PS(2): Restarting seems to fix the issue temporarily, it may or may not come back spontaneously and its really inconsistent. PS(3): I thought this might (MIGHT) be what is causing it, I am running madurai focus school, and it "increases" physical and elemental damage by a percentage. That MAY be the cause, but I'm not entirely sure. PS(4): Too many PS's but the solution is between the madurai focus school and the host's redeemer or melee not dealing the damage it should be doing. This isn't facts or hasn't been tested yet, its just from my experiences and from what other people have told me.
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