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  1. What are the prime frames un vaulted right now? Or where can I go to check so I don't have to come here again?
  2. Is there a prime frame that isn't way too difficult to get, but is still worth my while? I don't have any prime frames and I'm not too sure where to start.
  3. could I get some help defeating Vay Hek? I'm really having trouble haha
  4. its so dumb that I can't access the relay that the trader is at, i believe hes on pluto?
  5. I just recently joined one earlier today and my key is 30 minutes out. hopefully they do there and I can get it
  6. how do i get the ignis wraith and paraceis? I don't see a blueprint for the ignis in the market
  7. im honestly kind of confused because sometimes ill join a game with god like players not even like attacking and killing everything. i dont need that, i just want to know how to generally be more powerful
  8. how would i buy it from someone else? and how would i wait for the return of akolytes? im just getting back into the game and im pretty confused
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