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  1. Any chance of seeing the syndicate crew members' uniforms as clothing for our operators? I'd love to give mine the Cephalon Suda suit.
  2. I doubt it will ever happen, for multiple reasons, but what I think the game needs is a stat squish. Rework every numerical value in the game - weapons, abilities, mods, enemies, status procs. Lower the ceiling on many of them. Most of all, remove or heavily nerf the various multiplicative factors at play. Nerf things across the board and bring the power level disparity between a beginning player and a high-level one back to within a more reasonable range - at the moment you can go from a weapon that does 200-300 damage per hit unmodded to tens or hundreds of thousands of damage per hit fully kitted out. You can't balance that. We're just too overpowered. No AI change will fix it.
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