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  1. i didnt know cinematic finishers were a thing in the works, but sign me the fork up.
  2. i really like this idea. though maybe instead of a cooldown, have it so that the effects from one disappear after the next few, so each player can have, at most, 2-3 different occurrences of the effects at a time.
  3. i think i might make one of these in some random corner of my dojo now, and just not tell anyone so that they're surprised when they find it.
  4. same. also it feels a bit weird being a 24 year old dude who's character is a 12-14 year old girl. also can we get more voices please DE?
  5. i think theres a good way to do it without making it a throwing shield. we already see some shield bash type attacks from the sword and shield stances, so why not some more of those, maybe some good slams, and the charge attack could be an actual charge, like holding the shield up and running at the guy. i think it would be good. potentially lots of knockdowns or ragdolls.
  6. i like the idea. also the orokin used machines to help with the terraforming, like the servofish in the orb vallis, so maybe the enemies could be something similar, like orokin machines, corrupted and weaponized by the sentients.
  7. oh yeah, they're S#&$. they need better stats. DE cant really remove them because that would be "taking away our hard earned lootz"
  8. i think your old riven was better, for reaper prime specifically. it has higher crit chance than status unmodded, so build to that advantage. also, the one on the right has the same stat basically, in attack speed, damage to corpus, which is faction based and gives it a bit of disadvantage in a catch-all build, a whole lot of damage, but complete reduction on crit chance, which takes away one of reaper primes starting advantages. the one on the left has channeling efficiency, which isnt the greatest stat but with life strike can be quite good, a 1% decrease in attack speed, big crit chance, and reduced status duration which with the reaper primes lower status chance wouldnt make much difference in a crit focused build.
  9. banshee is definitely good past level 30. whoever told you she's bad doesnt know what they're talking about. i've seen banshees absolutely wrecking fools hours into survival missions.
  10. i think corpus proxies are a bit more complex then that, but yeah, they probably dont have the correct hardware to make them controllable through transference.
  11. i think the reason it's impossible is that the sliders in warframe use a different numerical scale than the one used in fortnite. just mess with the settings until the number for 360 distance is the same or very close, and you should be fine. or just mess with the sliders in the actual game until you find something you like.
  12. ugh. dont remind me of those days of yore when part blueprints could fall into a pit and be gone forever. that was literally the worst.
  13. i want alerts back, but having nightwave season two locked behind the heap of garbage that was season one doesnt sound good to me. maybe have a thing where you can pick which season you want to work on, so people can just skip to whichever one they want?
  14. dude if we had to finish season 1 before doing season 2 i would just never get to season 2. i got to rank 3 or something? first one that gets you wolf creds, and then bought 15 nitain, cause i figured i wouldnt be seeing that for a while, and then stopped caring. nightwaves just werent worth the time and effort required to get the good stuff, especially since i get to play for maybe 6 hours a week, if i'm lucky.
  15. unless the limbo player is a massive trolling twit, i'd wager that's cataclysm. it's a big bubble, and if you exit the bubble, you can shoot enemies outside it, or stay inside and shoot the dudes that come in.
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