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  1. i cam here thinking "what changes could you possibly make to rhino?" and then i read it and now i want to bull rush grineer into walls. sounds like fun.
  2. He certainly hits harder, if he ever manages to hit you but you can dodge or avoid every single one of his attacks and then just utterly waste him with your inner angsty teen. the disco ball is his only move that's not easy to dodge, and that gets entirely blocked by a well placed plant pot, or any other form of cover. i would love to see some dramatic flair from stalker. DE, make him actually scary please. i would like the signs of his arrival to illicit more fear than the usual "oh great, not this guy again." maybe have him hang from ledges around the room, watching you for a bit, and then teleporting away? maybe instead of the lights just flickering a bit, they could flicker and then go out entirely, leaving you in the dark during the fight? that would be scary. ^this
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