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  1. on the one hand, it does kinda suck that they've gone and made the goatlord harder to get, because he is an excellent frame, and a huge boon to new players, but on the other hand, you also dont need to slog through all that to get him. last i checked, soon as you get an archwing you can just hop into public railjack missions straight from the nav screen.
  2. honestly the fact that i have to basically solo the objectives is what bugs me. i would quite like for them to at least shoot the radiators.
  3. i'm not having TOO much trouble with saturn proxima and the AI crew. i mean i'm basically having to do everything myself while they barely keep my ship afloat, and it's a pretty decent ship (i havent ventured into the veil yet, because i'm working my way up through the difficulty levels, so at the moment it's all sigma mk3 parts) but i agree that the AI crew is pretty garbage. Overall i think they really need to just be a lot smarter. with actual players, i can assume that they know what they're doing, and i'd like to be able to do the same with the AI crew. For example, when the ship get
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