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  1. 4 hours ago, Gweredith said:

    This excuse has been ruining the game long enough. Get it like the rest of us or find another hobby. 

    so what, you're saying that you enjoy the endless grinding? the horrible hours of fun-sucking tedium, to get a thing you might not even enjoy? and you take pride in the fact that you wasted your time on it? you think that because you worked hard to get it for free, that makes you better than someone like me? you sir, are a sad sad individual. as someone who works 60 hours a week i'd rather just throw money at it and have the fun now, thanks. i don't want to put another 60 hours of work into a game, and me spending my money on it is actually better for the developers anyway, so you can shove off with your attitude 😛

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Gweredith said:

    Them being not tradeable is great because you don't get to cut corners and have to actually make it yourself.

    i get to play this game for a few hours a week. please let me cut corners, DE.

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  3. so there were complaints on the forums about how the grineer can spot you through bushes and tall grass, and can fire, with great accuracy, at a moving target that is over 100 meters away, and also complaints about how the dropship's turrets were awful things that would annihilate you unless you found one of the scant few roofs on the plains, and what does DE do? they make their dropship turrets more accurate and increase the damage. i'm glad i'm not gonna be playing the update for a few days yet. it gives them enough time to hopefully sort out some of the more major problems in this update.

  4. 16 minutes ago, ElectroniJaun said:

    Am I the only one who is able to deal with the sway? I say realism over personal preference. It makes sniping a bit more challenging which means more fun :3

    i actually kinda like the sway. it makes it more challenging, and it means it requires good timing. i dont like in games where you can "hold your breath" and the image in the scope basically freezes. too easy to shoot them then.

  5. i was reading on the first page talking about people making shots at extreme range with bows, and it just made me giggle, imagining some Ivara on a mountain top, looking out at the tiny specks in the distance that are the grineer, pulling out her bow, aiming up into the sky, and loosing a volley of arrows, and then waiting five minutes before a few damage numbers pop up in the distance.

  6. 1 minute ago, TheGodofWiFi said:

    Well there is a possibility that one of our parents could have survived, or maybe it was another family member. It was obviously someone who valued the Tenno very much if they were willing to become empty shells for them to occupy.

    The leaked script from TWW actually showed Ballas and Umbra talking, with the former saying the exact same "All miracles require sacrifice" line. He was talking to Umbra about the Tenno in that scene.

    i think it's more likely to be a sibling or close friend than a parent. im pretty sure all the adults went a little bit nuts. also, maybe ballas was talking about how the tenno would be sacrificing themselves to win the war for the orokin? that sounds plausible. if i remember correctly (i may very well be wrong) but margulis was just trying to save the tenno, and give them a peaceful life, but it was someone else who wanted to turn them into weapons to wage the orokin's war.

  7. 25 minutes ago, TheGodofWiFi said:

    I like how almost wvrryone thinks that we'll have to sacrifice something to get Umbra without even considering the possibility that "The Sacrifice" will actually be telling us how the original Warframes were sentient and made a choice to sacrifice their lives (free will) for us. Giving up their bodies because ours were too unstable at the time. Perhaps they were human, maybe even our Tenno's parents.

    The life support heard in the background is more than likely going to be a flashback scene.

    idk if it would have anything to do with the tenno's parents, cause from the lore as far as i can understand, all our parents went nuts and tried to murder us on the zariman 10-0 while it was trapped in the void.

    one of my theories is that excalibur umbra was a high ranking tenno (the descriptions for some of the syandanas indicate that fancy scarves = respected), and he or she realized that the orokin were gonna get everyone killed in their war with the sentients, so they decided to sacrifice their honor to save their brothers and sisters lives. cause we know that the tenno betrayed the orokin, and presumably destroyed the outer terminus rail that leads to the tau system, so maybe the umbra frames decided to sacrifice themselves, and took the blame for instigating that betrayal? the line in the teaser says that "all miracles require a sacrifice" and it would have taken a miracle to end the war with the sentients.

    or, my other theory, possibly it's talking about margulis, and how she gave up her life to keep the tenno safe. who knows. it's too vague to really be sure.

  8. The animations are nice, but the seem ridiculous given the weapon type. like you said, a rapier is a precise weapon, not a broad, hacking and slashing one. i don't know much about proper fencing, but i do know a fair bit about sparring in general, and if you're going for precision rather than power, the flashy twirling and all that is just silly and actually counter-productive. i would think the movements would be conservative, with minimal expenditure of energy. i was really excited for this, so i bought the finesse pack right away, but the stance disappointed me. as for the weapon, the only thing i have to complain about is the lack of crit chance. 5% seems ridiculously low to me. like you said, it's a weapon made for striking at weak points so, if wielded properly, i doubt it would miss those weak points 19 times out of 20.

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