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  1. TYPE: During Orphix Survival DESCRIPTION: While using the Necramech some time I can not use any abilities any more it just says "ability use prevented" this persists even after your necramech dies. You can not leave the necramech either, alls skills 1-5 are locked. VISUAL: message "ability use prevented" REPRODUCTION: I tried to reproduce it in orb vallis, because it happened there before, but could not do it. I feel like it has something to do with fast swaping between operator or frame and necramech. EXPECTED RESULT: use skills? OBSERVED RESULT: stuck in necr
  2. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [XP on archguns using necramechs is inconssistent] VISUAL: [N\A] REPRODUCTION: [The bug is variable depending on whether or not you have the same archgun equipped on your warframe and necramech. If you are using the same weapon on both necramech and warframe and you kill an enemy with the archgun on you warframe, only xp from kills with warframe will count (kills with necramech will give archguns no xp at all){may be multiplayer exclusive}. If you use a different archgun on both warframe and necramechkthen a more DRAMATIC problem occurs. If the ne
  3. I completed 36 orphyx and got no XP on my archgun. It seems that all xp is lost if your necramech dies.
  4. The flaps on the helm seem to be hitting some sort of invisible hitbox causing it to look weird. The problem occurs when any skin other than the horus skin is applied. 1st picture: What the helm should look like (falling flat and not hitting any weird hitboxes) 2nd picture: Helm on base inaros skin 3rd and 4th picture: Helm on Inaros Prime skin Here is some old forum posts about this issue. There are several other forums containing pretty much same information. Inaros Horus helm bugged ?? - Art & Animation - Warframe Forums Inaros P
  5. Speaking of Tennogen, Please fix the Horus helm on Inaros Prime
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