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  1. Nothing shows up when I use the echo lure. Also sometimes the tracks disappear out of nowhere. The scat by the Cerebrum Magna shows no tracks as well. I hope this gets fixed soon. I need to get to rank 3 fast. Nevermind I found it flying. Got confused when the son said you would find them on walls.
  2. Horus helm is still not fixed (despite update notes saying otherwise).
  3. The update notes said that it fixed the collision models. While it improved the flaps a bit, it is still hitting some invisible barrier and not falling flat. Like this
  4. Please fix the Horus helm on Inaros prime.
  5. The side flaps are hitting some hitbox and aren't falling flat. (like this: )
  6. I got fleeced with the best basmu riven in the game for bramma riven. now it's all worthless. Man this nerf is overkill.
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