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  1. Idk i dont really expect anything,Everytime de has overhyped something they just release it raw and unfinished and completely forget about it,heck remember railjack when it was so hyped yet ended up as a shotty spaceish shooter game with only 3 proximas. So ye my expectation is low with like any kind of weird gimmick they try to get into this game,even tho as a concept is pretty cool.
  2. I did it with a dual keres gas build becuase his greastest weakness is gas... well it has a riven in it but the riven isnt really top notch by any means took about 10 minutes. lephatis gave me the most trouble tho becuase i didnt really bothered to farm nova p or a buffing frame so i was forced to do it with an harrow.
  3. I decided to do 3 nodes a day,more if i join a pub and the guy/s willing to continue clearing and i have time or feel like staying with him/them. Cleared 10 nodes today becuase 2 mr28 guys were with me and i joined them to clear the other nodes,I mean if you got an oppertunity,Seize it. One of the nodes cleared was Alad V they destroyed him lol... Honestly idk if i should replay that one solo when i get to it becuase i hate dealing with zanuka so i might just not bother to even tho i kinda wanted to beat every boss cept eidolons solo on Steel Path by myself.
  4. not really going for completion,im not sure whether yes or not to go for it tho and i must say,i kinda like decorating my orbiter with the trophies even if they are pretty meh
  5. Some of the friends i had on ps4 play that game now... i wish i could buy more game but im saving and my ps4 literally cant hold more than 80 additional gb before i run out of storage (i have 400gb storage... i could extend it but the money ughh) So ye ill dream of playing that game and the 20+ games i also want to own,working at a job that gives you no money sucks 😕
  6. Ill forget about it in a week and maybe even not bothering to do it anymore,I have a tendency to loss interest if i dont do it rn but yeah ive done enough imo and ive had a long ass solo fight with harrow and primary tombfinger against an incredibly tanky lephantis At first i didnt wanted to even try it but "You dont know if you like it or not until you have tried it" is a thing so i did,im gonna be honest i had a lil bit of fun which kinda went away somewhat after clearing ceres and phobos junctions and having actually a decent number of enemies on solo was kinda a feeling of fresh air,since solo enemies number is usually pretty small. I guess ill stop with rushing and testing stuff on steel path for now.
  7. i just use khora aith an aoe wep to take down enemies... tho probably a limbo is the better choice for that or frost
  8. Ive cleared 5 planets so far,well 8 with lua,derelict and kuva fortress and i really dont feel like going at it really anymore,i want to see how the other bosses will be tho... vay hek went down easier than i expected but sargus ruk will probably be a pain and ropalolist will be an annoying insta death bullst sponge lol which i kinda want to see for myself if they are but at the same time i really dont feel like clearing down Star Chart Sortie+ toughness edition nodes I wish the steel essense wasnt such a pain to get and maybe receiving more rewards from this game mode would be a neat thing to happen,it would give me more incentive to go thru it other than experiancing level 100+ beef enemies and getting dumb cheap trophies. Welp probably will never happen,never really had much hope on this in the first place probably will be abandoned for years.
  9. Already? Im only at ceres rn,with the additions of clearing derelict,kuva fortress and lua not sure if to continue or not rn.
  10. idk it kinda sometimes freezes when i do steel path nodes especially with a group and it literally crashed once when i joined a pub defense group lmfao first time i see warframe crash on Ps4,well second actually my first was on Pre-revisted railjack lol
  11. So i gave the stat stick dual keres a try... Need more forma for buzz kill and/or 90 elemental mods other than that spoiled strike and gladiator mod that give u additional cd were an alternative for me. the mods ive used on keres:2 sacrificial mods (cus i dont have primed pressure point mod and dont have the nerve to waste 50k more endo for a lil more damage rn),organ shatter,blood rush,riven (196% melee dmg,107.5% toxin i think keres rivs got nerfed :/),Vicious frost cus need more forma to fit 90 mod,spoiled strike and gladiator might. it didnt really helped much tbh unless a slash occured so i gave up and went for high range khora even tho i didnt wanted to i dont like max range buidls its pretty lazy imo btw i was against grinner.
  12. I did derelict,earth and venus with frames like it my weps are formad but i never bother to put forma on frames really,putting forma on frames and weps make everything be trivillized even on steel path tbh,steel path isnt enough for me to put more than a potato on a frame,only struggled with lephantis and interception so far lol still did lephantis steel path with an harrow and a primary tombfinger lol. Dont have vauban
  13. welp i remembered that after mercury ill have to do mars which has disruption.. oh no ill have to deal with extreme bullet sponges
  14. i dont have rakta dark dagger,will my rivened dual keres work? (riven has Melee damage and toxin,wasnt very lucky with rolls)
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