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  1. Ehh time to unfollow this it went for too long. Just someone lock this thread,12 pages and it has been nothing but a bunch of lashing back and forth theres no conclusion coming out of this and its going for like 12 pages of forum rn. Let all of us just agree to disagree with eachother and let it end at least please.
  2. I will be honest,Combat wise maybe warframe could learn some things from genshin and maybe a lil bit bout open world even tho genshin sorta repeatitive for the most part with the open world design but,its not many. Endgame in genshin is pretty trash and forceful with the damn gear check and dumb artifacts rng,Coop is pretty limited like you can only explore and do domains with people and thats about it you cant join with a mission with them,also i dunno how to turn coop off and its getting pretty annoying ngl. Getting new characters is like pulling off your own teeth,especially the 5
  3. I did Sp with Nidus,Titania,Khora,A lil bit of nekros,Wukong to rush,Wisp somewhat,Umbra Excaliber sometimes to see how he fares in sp and Inaros only for hijack becuase hijack sucks(Well unpotatoed and unformad Inaros but still an inaro lol,only used him becuase i dont have Hildryn). Btw i didnt really min maxed or formaed frames in this second acc so none of these have forma. Defense were mostly the only lentghier missions but nothing much and i really was not in a rush lol
  4. they mightve do the same thing they did with wolf of saturn six,like he was way weaker in the tactical alert than normal or just tweak their stats before release Then again this is me being hopeful,most predictable scenrio would be that they would be a walking pain in the butt bullt sponges,then people will cry about it and de then will nerf them lol
  5. Idk what to say about it tbh,Then again ive quitted warframe and sure if or when ill come back but ill give at least my two cents on the matter. On one side,im glad becuase im really not into long ass endless missions in warframe and being forced to farm for a super low chance material isnt fun On the other,It might be the last nail in the coffin to kill steel path and the miniscule porpuse it had,Like how often the Acolytes will spawn? will they spawn like glass fissures and the wolf of saturn six minions? or stalker? one will be way too god damn annoyingly common and the other wil
  6. Is this like genshin impact white knights vs warframe white knights? I should've brought the popcorn Btw i played genshin recently and,idk i liked it tho now im kinda getting bored and getting stuck in the ar20-ish with nothing to do,it has its flaws tho. Warframe had enough of copying from other games or being like other games tbh,the games is a walking spaghetti boloneze and now all of the sudden they want to add another open world out of nowhere and last year they added an unpolished shooter mode called railjack.
  7. Ehh not really,The game barely explains anything or in some cases doesnt even bother to explain shiet to you and we have a mess 2 million differant systems but none of it is really complicated tbh. The more grasp you have on platforming the easier it is,it doesnt really demand much of the player other than that and everything else is pretty obvious,for new players he can be almost guaranteed hard becuase they might still not gotten used to the movement system,How many new players even care to try him out? lol. If the other players that complained about it being hard and have like hundr
  8. I was in a cover a bit away using rubico becuase the sentients at the final phase were a bit of a pain and didnt helped the clusterfack in the middle with the amlagams and ropy joining the party ,Got him down was about to reach the thing and then he recovered instantly or after like few seconds? Not sure if he is intrented to like stay down for some moments or get up fast at the last phase so idk lmao,i do know theres a glitch(maybe a glitch) where he will get his hp filled up instantly after it get depleted forever but im not sure if in the SP ropylolo case if he is intended to get back up fa
  9. Oh yeah i tried that one solo... almost did it but was too slow to get to the control module on the last phase(he recovers super fast on the last phase literally seconds becuase DE) and he got his hp instantly,and i had no revives left,so i just quited and hoped to get a group,i got an okay group and we did SP ropalolist. I feel bad for not retrying it solo again but... it took forever to take his dumb shields down with the amp i just lost all interest in trying to solo it.
  10. There was clues about the crystals? I focused on the boss fight so i didnt paid attention to these,the one crystal you have to break is way more transperant than the others. Was an okay fight overall if not a bit annoying,didnt die once but fell alot and aiming the glass was a bit annoying becuase of the heavy arc it has,like bruh im throwing glass not bricks and nihil suddenly started teleporting,a bit unnecessary imo. too much of a long ass time waiting just for this is dissapointing but its de,they suck at making proper enjoyable boss fights lol.
  11. Not really,just wanted to finish this stuff without regrets or even lil thoughts about it later on,also there is a lot of free time becuase of the corona so,whats the harm? I wanted to try him out at least and quit anyways,but de took forever to finish develop him and i finished with steel path other than the grind for the ephemera and the operator suit i dont care about becuase i dont like super long survivals and when deimos came i just didnt felt like it,i did the xaku quest tried a bounty on steel path and a vault bounty and went out becuase i dont feel like grinding another hollow op
  12. A lil,But i finally done with this glassmaker stuff so now i can go for like a long time of warframe without feeling even a lil bit bad about it...and i dont really want to do this boss fight later knowing de if this would be available later they will put rng on getting the sword bp so you will get only trash drops,or if they wont add nihil they will just plug the sword in like baro the trash dealer or something.
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