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  1. I dont really play warframe anymore but i still hope the devs finally get their focus together instead of kissing the newbies butts up or releasing half baked content islands and dumb game modes that most of the community will likely not try or abandon in a week,also they should stop making a bigger mess of their weaponry and warframes balance.
  2. While i agree bout the new mods being in Arbs,steel path will make even less people farm it,most people either way dont have access to farm steel path,or either way dont want to go thru star chart:bullet sponge edition,so arbs is more accessible.
  3. Same,for me they are kinda mini open worlds like but idk myself if de wants to conisder them as such or they are free roam areas for them and they use open worlds for advertisement,tho from time to time im conflicted bout calling them such.
  4. Some stuff i should clarify: 1.Ik de wont remove open worlds,this is my opinion. 2.Its nice that people are offering ideas to improve open worlds but i doubt de will take any kind of notice to it even when they see it,heck they might make sentient open world at 2022 or 2023 for all i know. 3.Kinda suprised people even defending open worlds in their current state but u do u,respecting each other opinions is cool even when they think opposite of you. Look,im sorry but i dont see de making these open worlds better my hope in seeing these getting better went out long ago,railjack might become actually more better and fun than the rest of the open worlds at some point,heck might be better rn idk didnt tried new revisited rj after the quest maybe someday.
  5. Ops meant lazy open world system design like every open world has the same bounty system and almost sameish types of missions.Fixed. Only the frames in open world,most of the weps grindable from open world are mr fodder unless u want to build a modular item or somthing,Relics are easier to grind on like fissures than bounties,even if u speedrun bounties fissures are more efficient at that and eso is also better at it anything is way efficient and also in a passive way with like getting relics than bounties. Who does invasions after mid game unless for potatoes forma or bullying phorid if u are really bored? Sorties are just for rivens mostly,and a miniscule chance for legendary core.
  6. I know its kinda not really amazin to hear that from someone who doesnt really play warframe anymore,tho it will be my last thread for now,idk if ill come back to forums/warframe or not. Anyways the topic at hand:Warframe imo has too much fluff that could be either way get looked at or just take out they dont really give me too much issues,but like conclave and open world could be removed and have the main stuff people wants moved easily. Whats my main issues with warframes open worlds? -Shallow and lifeless. -Barely interactivty and not much lines to npcs or not even enough npcs. -Lazy warframe open world system design like bounties in each open world are mostly the same thing. -Unfinished,Like honestly other than the visuals they feel like alpha\pre-alpha version open worlds,Web browser open worlds feel better than warframe´s. -if u dont care bout their main attractions or got the stuff already like kitguns and archgun deployer on fortuna,mechs and helminth on deimos etc you will never visit them again. Lemme know what u think if warframe open worlds are good for you or salvageable or unsalvageable,Ik i could give options to make them better but its kinda late now and even then open world doesnt fit the core gameplay of warframe,WF is fast paced looter shooter while open worlds are slow by design.
  7. Already did lol,Playing mostly Doom Ethernal,Witcher 3 and Genshin these days and soon getting into other games cus i can fibally afford them. I came back to see if i still like wf as much as i used to for at least few days,which is a no kinda but i still like the fast pace of it,just dont like anything else. Ik everyone will judge for not soloing tridolon and profit taker but i dont like these bosses really and tridolons take forever to both learn and get the optimal gear to do them solo.
  8. Cept ive done anything in warframe even with restrictive and less popularized builds and gear the only stuff i havent done is deimos stuff other than the quest and slight grind cus i hate wf open worlds. Didnt do tridolon solo cus it takes forever to do tridolon forever and u need specfic builds different from the main game and they are obnoxiously time gated i never maxed a focus tree cus of how absurdly grindy it is to max one of these,same reasoning for the orbs. And thermia fractures ive did on my 1st account which ive lost and hated it so never done it on this one,never was a fan of opticor vanilla version and vandal version anyways so i dont want to waste 4+ hours of my life standing in place protecting some dumb canister then having to search for the stupid orb for more of these,Even with a team its a super boring sluggish event that can be only get quicker if the peeps ur with know absolutely the best way to do it well which is rare to find on WF playstation. The only stuff left for me to try is the stuuf i mentioned above which i dont feel like doing,FashionFrame and collector stuff which isnt really an amazing way to delude myselft to play Warframe only to try owning every frame and every wep in existense. Corpus railjack also but im not a fan of railjack even with the rework stuff and changes.
  9. Welp i did the railjack quest and leveled some stuff up formad it and actually bothered to finally get all grendels no mods missions done,ye i think im going to uninstall,game still feels fun to play but the environment and the prime grind ive stopped caring bout and lack of content kinda gave me meh feeling,kinda lost the sparkle almost completely but i dont know if i can call it a quit,i rarely fully quit a game xD. The stuff i never done yet are the thermia fractures bs which ive done on my first acc and orbs/tridolon solo cus i didnt felt like it and it takes ages to be able to get to a point where u have the specific build to solo tridolon optimally. I guess its a goodbye ig for now or never idk future will tell. Tl;Dr:i came back to wf did few things and got used to the game again and enjoyed it a lil but the urge to play wf actively or even less active isnt there for me.
  10. Im messy with my tags lol rarely giving muche care for the tags unless spoilers,should i change it to community?
  11. So first day,ngl not feeling it and doom ethernal got me used to pump adrenaline first person shooter so wf feels like baby mode even without using abillities,ill see how i feel like in the next two days,at least ill get to try viritica or whateves the glassmaker sword name is,i really dont feel like grinding anything so ill just buy forma with plat lol. Shame i cant do the new quest cus its connected to RJ and i need a clan to refill my RJ resources and the stuff to get the ship better,i think it disabled my whatever their name was cause i cant use the black hole now,I dont think i want to join a random clan just to complete this quest,who knows tho i might do it well see.
  12. Ehh i decided to try for few days,if im no feeling it ill uninstall wf again,might be a waste of time but trying to see if i can still like wf these days aint so bad,ty guys
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