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  1. you hit the nail on the head. I'm very disappointed that we are now nearly 4 weeks from the hotfixes that you are referencing and it's the exact same line as from 2 weeks ago (we're getting a build to cert as quickly as we can). It's deeply frustrating because it's not like there's any real significant content in the upcoming hotfixes either. I just don't understand how they can leave us behind so much. A delay is understandable, but a friggin' month for HOTFIXES? I am dissapoint.
  2. a studio of digital extreme's size should not be having multi-week delays in getting out bugfixes because a member or two went on vacation. 3 weeks and we don't even have a build in cert. We're two weeks out from 29.1 dropping on PC. How long of a vacation does the console team need? I'll be honest, I only want cross-save so I can migrate my progress to PC because of being so far behind.
  3. This is a lovely idea. We can all mount our arca plasmors and give it the dignity and respect of a proper resting place, not just my arsenal
  4. just checked, so because I built my myxostama trophy, i don't get the captura scene.
  5. Love this change. Great mods that newer players should have access to them. Prices for some of these mods are just silly. and yes, Condition Overload on a tile that's not grineer sealab!
  6. MELEE THEM!! of course!! Much love to the OP!! and here I was trying to use my operator on the damn things. I knew they *had* to be something. You might have just made my whole day
  7. I am agreeing with the OP, DO NOT increase it's drop rate it's fine. I was just pointing out how i'm one of those "unlucky" ones who didn't get any drops throughout. A few endurance runs sounds like my kind of jam to swan song out Steel Path Arcanes... well, I liked it a lot better when it was 10 per, but it's not that bad a farm for a full set. I am all for the grindframe friend. It's what we're here for yes?
  8. Honestly, can we just get some Umbral forma in the market or something? 100 plat each, I don't care. It's pretty clear if the playerbase is so insistent on getting more that the only real solution is to allow more of them into the game. This extractor idea is silly, counter to everything we've done in warframe, and is just another way of saying "I would really like more umbral forma" There's a permanence to what we do in warframe, and I wouldn't want to see that change. I'm 100% ok with working for it. Don't really care where they put it. Make a new game mode for it, put it as a reward in
  9. I just wanted to echo what the OP here is saying. It ain't that bad and it could be problematic because of course they threw kuva as a reward on it. I'm only getting started on my farm for both the operator armor and the ephemera but I don't like that this is already the best kuva farm in game. Also, upon finishing steel path I had that exact theoretical low of 44.
  10. Honestly I'm struggling the most with trying to figure out titania. She's one of my most played frames, so I figured it'd be easy, but the more I think about it, the more difficult all the choices become. I think it's going to be some sort of armor stripping ability. It's the only tool Titania doesn't have. She's got damage like crazy, Excellent CC, and can be incredibly tanky. Great energy economy and even built in healing in her kit. I feel like pillage or fireblast would be ideal as I wouldn't need an augment for either to strip armor. Maybe i'm just thinking about it the wrong w
  11. if we're getting to that level We are playing as teenage space ninjas controlling steel/flesh hybrids with psychic powers and throw hadukens from our hands. Sense went out the window a looooooong time ago. and sure, while players *can* opt for strange setups, lets be real here, it'll be uncommon to see and be a novelty more than a disruption. And the Helminth system makes a ton of sense lore-wise and is thematically appropriate considering what warframes are. From a top-down design approach this is a great system. Might be a nightmare if you're a bottom-up kinda design person but th
  12. Brief Respite + Decaying Dragon key + 2 augur mods I thought was the universal shield gate build. Pillage will be a no for shield gate build. Condemn though... that will probably work well enough.
  13. I think you missed the part where we get Roar from Rhino or Smite from Oberon or Pillage from Hildryn or Defy from Wukong
  14. I think general flair goes out the window when we get to customize pretty much everything about our frames, including their silhouette. I feel like, given what they've presented us, that most of our frames will retain or perhaps bolster their identity because outside of a few cases, most frames aren't tied to their abilities per se, but more the roles and niches they fill in the game for us. Rhino, no matter what you give him or what ability you take away, will always be a tanky support frame. His whole kit and design ensure that. Nidus will always be about getting those mad stacks, Octa
  15. I've accepted a few, and to be honest, they were some of the best times I've had in warframe. I do typically decline them because i'm busy, but when I do, it's always interesting at the least. My first few conclave matches were done this way. I would never have known of the ...wonders? of Lunaro if not for accepting random invites. Also met some very colorful folk along the way. If you have the time, I suggest accepting it. Nearly always an adventure of some kind
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