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  1. I take it they won't give me an unban?
  2. After watching the stream, I found that the channel in Discord was available for writing to all server participants and wrote a message there. After a few hours, I found a ban on this server. How can I remove this ban now?
  3. What is your Internet speed? I have ranges from 600 KB/s to 200...
  4. My friends managed to download it, but I tried everything, unfortunately it doesn't work😕 I want to pass the 5th part of the night wave as soon as possible :((
  5. During the installation of the new hot-fix, the download paused at 249.4 and no longer loads. We tried to turn the installation off and on again, but it didn't help. I also tried to re-log in to steam, but it didn't help either. What should I do? I want to play Warframe, but the download doesn't allow it. If someone has the same problem, how did you solve it?☹️
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