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  1. Mirage can make Gaze kitgun Red crt with her clone now , This should be a feature , Here is proof
  2. So here is how i farm credit . Everytime , DE give us a Double credit weekend , i will buy a credit Booster , take my loadout to solo Orb Mother as for me 4 minutes max an orb with 2 minutes top every now and then it better than just doing team with host and lag . Loadout Chroma , Zenith , Kuva nukor , and my plagued zaw that have innate viral . Chroma for max 320 Str with 1000k armor and adaptation so my dragon can be semi undying with the help of Arcane grace ( this set up most because i am lazy , you can change you dragon to do what ever you need ) Zeniths can snipe
  3. It is worth using through . It has been change to but the most broken CC pull in the game with 360 degree aoe and can be place any where
  4. you see by adding one change and you are already save a meme frame from the bin . Now give Hydroid over there some love
  5. They already said they are cutting all frame with simaris by half
  6. So we just go the list of ability that would come with the new update . You will need to be atleast MR 15 to do the whole transfer things which i love . At least , i can over look this gate keep as this should belong to whom who has at least two active brain cell . But in its state as said in the dev workshop , this system is quite broken . First , you can place the transfer ability any where you want in the warframe skill set of that load out . This mean , i can make a Wukong that keep all three of his first ability while still have War cry from Valkyr on his four slot
  7. Thanks you for this . My brid girl now have two usefull ability outside god mode wing wall . My wukong and his clone now become the god warrior he meant to be . Inaros still inaros . Quick tip through . Instead of replacing every ability slot in the set . How about you change it so that if you want to put Shock a 1 ability on another warframe , it can only replace their one skill . It is far more balance and put more weight on you deceision on which ability you should use than randomly said srcew it let just replace Excalibur one with Mirage ' Esclipe Thanks you f
  8. So got a bug that make everything in dog days has shield and their full HP while keeping everyone water gun and i thinks that just may be a good start for a new conclave powered by Tenshin's Bath Water purchasable with 100 Steel Essence . And can we use the Steel Essence to trade for Conclave standing ? That is still Tenshin stuff right ? just saying Hope you all enjoy bad mic and a guy high as a grinner smoking Ninitan :
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