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  1. I think the biggest problem with Sevagoth is that the claws should scale with the Shadow Strength and not Sevagoth himself. This would allow Sevagoth to focus more Range and Efficiency (easier to build Death Well and a bigger Gloom for the Shadow) without sacrificing his Shadow damage. I do agree on making Consume hit all enemies in range but it comes with the problem that it could potentially make Sevagoth truly invincible outside of Arbitrations.
  2. Valkyr will never get a rework because her rework was already released in two different frames (Passive and first half of Garuda's 1 and Sevagoth's 4).
  3. While I agree most AOE weapons didn't need the buff, I think it would be a better idea to make things like Punch Through easier to add into builds and make new mods with new mechanics that only works on non-explosive weapons like Chain or Fork gems from Path of Exile.
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