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  1. It is impossible to completely tune a Warframe to suit everyone's individual tastes. (Can we all agree on that?) I do not find any glaring problems with this particular frame, (unlike Titania who is completely broken.) and if Volt has a particular issue that irks you, then you've got a pretty good reason to go to the Armory and switch to another frame and embrace what this game is about.
  2. Perhaps the game / your account does not recognize you're questing that item any longer? I hope that is not the case. If you have not made tremendous progress, I'd switch to another color, as a test to see if another easier color... (Moa Green goes pretty fast.) comes through. If it hangs again you might want to write a ticket to support.(I must admit getting Devar Gray, (currently progressing on.) has been a pain in the ass. I empathize.
  3. AGREED: As most Mastery Tests are under time constraints there might be a subconscious effort to be hasty. Slow down. (Granted I did this test well before the change that OP specifies.) I did it with Mirage. Observe the patrol patterns then act.
  4. yeah, but how much generator energy is it going to suck down?
  5. Never had a deliberate pilfering quad before, I can only simply say that Nekros, with the desecrate -health augment, plus a drop booster and smeeta Kavat. is definitely a good option for looting / hauling especially on Uranus > Ophelia. This loadout / situation is what got me "Condition Overload". I had heard that DE removed the looting exploits between: Nekros / Hydroid & Khora.
  6. Melee weapons being decorated is cool, and adds to that very subjective and yet sought after "Fashion Frame" Accessory. I can think of how many times I've applied Ki'teer Sugatra to a weapon, seen it's orientation to the weapon and said, "WTF... Seriously?" Instead of naturally flowing off the handle of a weapon it more often than not comes with an unnatural 90 degree twist that looks highly out of place. Weapon joint orientation? (more than likely.) This really should not be occurring. Have you seen sugatra's applied to an Orvius? Who at DE thought that would be a good idea? I can't help but think this would be a really easy fix. (rotational axis offset parameter within the weapons script.) Perhaps a days work maybe two. for all melee weapons in the Warframe universe.
  7. I'd recommend you take the game slow. Go Solo (Set it under the start / pause menu.) for a while until you feel like you can move and shoot through an environment with confidence. Playing as a new operator it is often frustrating to see people fly past you, only to be berated by immature players telling you to hurry the "F" up. Forget trying to do everything at once. Relax, enjoy the game and go at the pace you feel comfortable with.
  8. By stats I noted that my profile still says Excalibur. However I think this is a bunch of schlock. I really have not used that frame long enough to blow the dust off of it. What do I play with the most? (meaning currently?) Mirage Prime (just got the "Grattler" working on foot, and with "Hall of Mirrors & Eclipse active the daily grind has gotten a lot more interesting.) followed closely by Octavia.
  9. Just remember that your 1st ability will break them, and don't go crazy with them globes. Octavia will thank you.
  10. The world is what you make it. Pay attention to reoccurring patterns. Hopefully it's not dying.
  11. Grind. For leveling up weapons and frames, I highly suggest making Helene on Saturn your mainstay. Tip: if you're specifically looking at leveling weapons take the weapon in question eg. your Primary and do not take a secondary or melee weapon. Thus your weapon will be the only item receiving affinity xp. As such it will level up much, much faster. Provided your teammates don't puss out and leave after the first 5 waves. If your whole team sticks in for 15 waves you should be able to max / master the weapon in two runs on Helene. (Less if you have an affinity booster.) If more than one person leaves the mission, exit with them and find a new group of people that don't suck. 1.) The level is very small, so shared affinity (range) is very good. (leveling frames and weapons.) 2.) It is a good source for Orokin Cells. and Nano Spores. (sounds like a nutritional statement.) 😛
  12. Sort your mods by duplicates. Convert endo from duplicate mods. always leave yourself one mod plus any mods that you've upgraded. (Tip) for mods you frequently use, have about 3 variants of them upgraded at low medium and high levels when your breaking in a new weapon or frame that has limited available upgrade space. Orokin Reactors have a funny habit in coming in waves. (at least for me.)
  13. I'd like to see 3rd ability alter when holding the ability cast to choose what feature the player wants, but leave bonuses in tact. 4th ability, perhaps transmute the Hall of Mirrors into smaller Prisms (if Hall of Mirrors is active.) with a 1/4th the power per the main (currently existing) "Prism" cast. Re-casting 1st ability detonates the Prism cast, blinding nearby enemies. Good thread and ideas.
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