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  1. So I love using Khora, I love that im able to bring 2 companions with me which is just great. I find it odd tho that the synergy between her abilities I.E Whip claw and Venari, her own exalted companion as it were dont really synergize that well. So we have companions, sentinels etc.. and always struggle keeping them alive, then we have Pack Leader which effectively heals our companions (this should really work for ALL types inc sentinels, DE pls fix ASAP) but Khoras Whip claw which is Melee based Damage does NOT proc pack leader, which i think it really should because its melee damage and the mod works of off a certain % melee damage to heal our pets but yet Khora cant even heal her Venari which is just ODD. So id hope that the awesome people over at Digital Extremes can make this slight small adjustment. Another useful idea which i think they could implement and could help with more build diversity, Augment slot. Give us a new mod slot on our warframes and companions allowing us to have more chances to use augments for all frames, because some auments are very important, like Nekros and his desecrate augment, khoras own pilfereing augment and on and on, but yet we have some frames that have some lesser used augments, as we just cudnt really fit them into a solid build as their use would only marginally benefit a build, but if we had a dedicated Augment slot that could then free up some room to make use. and for companions they could use their own Precept mods, or DE could design a whole lot of new "augment" mods for our pets.
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