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  1. I am doing the void storms with my husband (by my side), at the end when the rewards show in the middle of screen, he gets sevagoths parts and I get void traces xD So he already completed his sevagoth and I still need to farm because I am not getting the same rewards as him. We tried changing hosts, he was host first, we thought it was a host problem but when I was host it happened again.... I don't know if this is intended and I think its not
  2. Can't wait to watch, I love Devstreams <3
  3. I don't want to sound rude but some warframes have this effect when certain abilities are being used, idk if you are an experienced player and already know that but I thought I had to say this.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When I use Dojo Navigation to start a mission and I finish it, the loading inside the dojo is insanely slow, everything lags a lot, for like, 5 to 10 seconds VISUAL: I can't record it REPRODUCTION: I got this doing normal missions on the planets, like Oro-Earth, I don't know if it's related to new decorations that were available today EXPECTED RESULT: Before I could load faster OBSERVED RESULT: Extreme lag REPRODUCTION RATE: It happens every time I try to come back from a mission that I started in dojo navigation
  5. I really hope its not 30 wreckages mk3 because it doesn't even make sense to do that
  6. I don't think amount of wreckages would mean anything, some people already suggested other ways of knowing if a player really played this gamemode, like the intrinsics level, mk3 weapons, and others. Meanwhile I already put 30 wreckages to repair to feel safe xD
  7. I remember they said that kuva fortress inspired decorations were coming, sadly not with this update I'm anxious to decorate my kuva lich trade room
  8. Loving these updates <3 If you could fix the extreme lag that happens when using the dojo navigation to do a mission and coming back to the dojo I would appreciate it too, and putting stuff like a room with access to our foundry so people could hang in there and enjoy the decorations while playing as usual, I think it would be a nice addition. You are doing a great work. Thank you.
  9. Is there a way to fix the error? I already logged out of twitch and relinked Warframe account.
  10. Hi! I usually bless clanmates and to do it, I usually invite them to my squad to be sure that they are in the same relay, and it works fine to the 3 people that are in my squad. The problem is my clan has 1000 members, normally 100 online at any given time of the day and if they are not IN my squad, they don't get the blessings, even if I was the one to invite them to the relay and they exit squad so I am able to invite another one, the moment they leave squad they disappear, but they don't leave the relay, its like they automatically go to another session and because of that, they don't rec
  11. Alliance and Clan management really need an update, other games have so many functionalities and its frustrating because its so limited. This needs attention because it impacts directly the community ingame and the people that are working to keep it alive and safe for old and new players. Please let's review this system.
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