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  1. D20

    Can we get redo/undo buttons

    Title modified. Please avoid excessive use of caps lock.
  2. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with your Nyx rework feedback, especially about the "hold 2 to cancel feature" (god I hate this one). The only thing I sort of disagree with is Mind Control needing a damage buff : the issue of mind control isn't exactly that you deal too few damage (though in a way you do), but it's more the fact that your MCed target wastes WAY TOO MUCH time doing something else than actively shooting at stuff. Be it running around, taking cover, being stunned, or just plain shooting at a wall. To make MC good, I think we could do the following changes. MC should become a channelled power (no duration, it goes on as long as you have energy). MC shouldn't stun the target for the first 4 seconds, or at least those 4 seconds shouldn't count in the ability's duration (assuming you're not going to turn MC into a channelled power). The MCed target should focus solely on being agressive. The MCed target should become much more accurate. The MCed target should gain bonus movement speed to keep up with the Tenno's pace, or at least be able to teleport near you. Once this is done, maybe MC will start showing some efficiency. Also MC doesn't especially need a synergy with Psychic Bolts because, in a way, there's already one : the bolts are able to strip all armor from a unit, so your MCed target is going to do much more damage on those guys. But I wouldn't mind if Psychic Bolts had an effect on the MCed target as well.
  3. That's what I've been saying since the very first day of the rework. There's no reason to hold 2 to cancel when you could have just made it so recasting cancels your old cast. Holding 2 is an unecessary step. Even worse : it's not an obvious feature. Players that don't visit the forums will have a hard time fiding out such a feature exists.
  4. D20

    Zephyr is not that bad

    It's not about not being able to nuke the map. It's about being underwhelming. Tail Wind and Turbulence does their job, nothing to argue against that. But Airburst is a very poor CC ability and is extremely clunky to use due to its tendancy to get stuck on the environment too easly, and Tornadoes are just too clunky to use effectively due to how slow they move and how low their pickup range is. I heard Tonadoes could be made useful with funnel clouds, but that's about it. You shouldn't require an augment to make an ability good. Airburst needs a better ragdoll and hitbox. Tornadoes needs a better pick-up range and faster movement.
  5. D20

    Nyx Mind Control enemy AI still stinks

    Fixing MC would start with fixing the AI. The MCed AI should take less time doing something else than shooting and ignore non offensive parts of it's AI (such as running to take cover). Making MCed targets faster would also be welcoming, so they take less time shuffling around. A damage boost won't fix stuff if your MCed target don't attack to begin with.
  6. Your support issues does not concern other users. I'm closing that. I'm still going to bring up your problem to admins if possible though, in hope that you can get some help.
  7. D20

    Toxic players false report players

    People reporting others without a good reason are usually quickly dealt with, you shouldn't worry about that. On the other hand, if you got falsely warned in game, please send a ticket at the player support desk. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Closing.
  8. D20

    Titania being targeted as archwing

    Moved to PC bugs.
  9. D20

    Main weapon help

    Moved to players helping players.
  10. D20

    Sustainable Content (a response to DE Steve)

    Moving to general feedback.
  11. D20

    Toxicity: An Ongoing Problem

    If you have an issue with a particular player, please report them at the player support desk. Closing.
  12. Thread cleaned from a few unconstructive posts.
  13. Reworking the whole market may even be a necessity at that point. There's just so much stuff that isn't right.
  14. I'd recommend you to not try it.
  15. D20

    The point of secondaries

    Secondaries can serve you as a backup weapon when you fall out of ammo, or as a weapon to support your primary weapon. The best you can do with your secondary is using a weapon that completes your current one. For exemple, if you use a primary weapon with limited range, using a long ranged secondary can be very interesting. If your primary is a low status weapon, then you can pick a secondary weapon to spread status. If your primary weapon lacks flexibility because it's a sniper, then using a high fire rate secondary weapon would compensate that flaw nicely. Just a few examples.