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  1. I'd still pick Warframe RNG over X-COM RNG. 😞
  2. D20

    Bug report reward

    Getting an annoying bug fixed is the reward. Closing.
  3. Thread has gone downhill. Closing. To OP : forums can't help with you with your ban issues. Only support does. If the support did not accept unbanning you, I'm afraid we can't help either. Chat bans usually last up to a week, so consider just waiting it out. By the way, if someone says "do something for free plat", it's always too good to be true. In the meantime, consider reporting the troll. Those kind of actions in game are not acceptable.
  4. This is right. I'm afraid we can't do anything on the forums. Contacting support is the only way.
  5. Thread title edited to match better posting quality standards.
  6. This is correct. Please tell your friend to contact support. Closing.
  7. Good luck to OP for their next endeavours. Closing.
  8. D20

    vol de compte warframe

    On peut pas t'aider sur les forums. C'est a ton ami de pourvoir les infos nécessaires pour prouver que ce compte est le sien. J'vais essayer d'en toucher un mot plus haut mais je te garantis rien du tout. EDIT : A priori une déclaration comme ça, ça viens qu'après une longue enquête. La suspension est probablement définitive. Désolé. :/
  9. Thread merged with its accidental duplicate.
  10. Thread cleaned from several flamebaity posts.
  11. Moved to fan concepts.
  12. I'm not against self damage. In fact, my most played weapons are explosive weapons. I do however agree that risking to one hit kill yourself with those can be one hell of a major deterrant, as well as a major source of frustration (though in my case it's mostly a major source of hilarity). I don't really mind it as it is today, but I perfectly understand why some players are upset about it. Simple solution would be just to make self damage more fair. The two most recent explosive weapons implement that feature by imposing an arming time on your projectile so they don't explode at your face if you fire them at close range. It is a feature on Tonkor as well since its small rework. Other weapons like Lenz or Javlok leave a chance to leave the explosion radius for the user. In other cases, simply reducing the amount of self damage to, let's say, a percentage of your health, would be great. Or at least making it so you can't go below 2hp shall you explode yourself.
  13. No frames are better than Nezha for solo play. Actually, no frames are better than Nezha in any setup. Nezha is best frame. 😎 Jokes aside, most warframes are perfectly viable for soloing, though some are defintely a bit better thanks to their self sustain. I do have two Warframes I particularily enjoy for solo play : Garuda - There's no better example at being self sustainable than Garuda in my opinion. Blood Altar restores your health, Bloodletting restores your energy, you have the possibility to deal massive amounts of damage with your Dread Sphere, passive and Seeking Talons, and you're VERY hard to kill if you play well. Her only weakness ? Her lack of CC. But you shouldn't need CC too much when everything dies so fast. Wisp - Curious choice due to how efficient she is as a team buffer perhaps, but she's there for a good reason. Her kit is faily complete, she's quite sturdy with her red mote, she's a great damage dealer and her nuking capabilities are no joke. She lacks energy sustain in her kit, but you should be able to work around that decently. They're far from being the only ones with great solo capabilities of course. They're simply my favourites (with Nezha). Consider also playing Gara or Frost for defense based missions : you'll probably need something to defend the console/cryopod. I don't particularily enjoy that much playing any of those two myself, but if you play solo and want to last long-ish in anything defense related, they are going to be seriously helpful. I heard Limbo can work too, but I don't know anything about Limbo.
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