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  1. Welcome to warframe endgame. If you want to deal with high level content, you will need to build yourself for survivability. Solely modding for clearing maps won't be enough. You may want to consider these (expensive) options : Use Vazarin focus for easy, on demand healing. Get yourself a maxxed arcane guardian. Maybe even two. Add additional survivability mods, or level up those mods if they're not maxxed out already. Use an Umbral build : Saryn should benefit nicely from it. Warframe endgame is pretty much "one hit kill or be one hit killed". You can't expect to go anywhere without absolutely bonkers survivability. It has been an issue since, well, pretty much when Sorties became a thing since it made level 100 enemies a relevant thing to take into account. Adressing that issue won't be simple : it would involve closing the effective hp gap between each warframes, and that game varies INSANELY from a frame to another. I'd argue all of this is due to the awful design of armor. That mechanic should be reworked IMO. Afterwards, the enemy damage scaling will need to be reviewed. Finally, DE will probably have to review DR based powers as well, because if enemies don't deal damage as absurd as before, 90% DR powers and such may not be needed.
  2. That's what I tried to do in the OP. Check the full rework, it should please you. :p
  3. Ok so I said I wanted to work on some stuff during the weekend about that rework, mostly with the sole goal of making Lull less complicated, but I don't have anything truly good. I first wanted to remove the sleep part of Lull and instead give to Baruuk another kind of dagger you can throw in addition of the disarming one that would sleep enemies (hold to use), but there was two big issues with it : Sleep effect is technically better than disarm, especially as an instant targetted CC. This would basically overlap on ivara's sleep arrow since it's a ranged AoE sleep. So I think Lull is gonna stay like that. Sorry for the false alarm. :/
  4. Don't hesitate to reply to your own ticket if you still have no answer. Aside from that, I'm afraid no one can really help you.
  5. I might start changing a few things to the rework during the weekend, taking the old feedback into account and trying to make things more simple. I kinda want to make Lull more simple. And I think I need to consider splitting the sleep part of it.
  6. Of course ! I did it two weeks ago to farm Baruuk. Just go check in the Vox Solaris HQ and launch the Exploiter Orb missions.
  7. If we ever get the Corpus equivalent of Liches, it certainly won't be kuva related. Anyway, I'd love to see a come back of Penta as a Corpus Lich weapon. This and maybe Cestra.
  8. Glad you like most of it. :) About Serene Storm : don't forget that the DR effect of Serene Storm has been amplified as well to provide as much DR as the reworked Lull would do (provided you have enough power strength. With Serene Storm granting you 90% of DR, Lull losing its DR effect while Serene Storm is active shouldn't be noticed on yourself (though allies might notice). Just a precision.
  9. Bringing in more details : I think this is needed. About Desolate Hands : it disarms enemies in an AoE. AoE being the keyword here, you can perfectly assume it won't suck as long as the AoE is big enough. What if the actual AoE disarm radius was 20 meters ? Well okay, it won't be 20m. My point is : whether or not that new desolate hands will suck at its job is all a matter of base stats. By the way, this ability is now supposed to cost 25 energy, so it's perfectly designed to be spammed here and there. Maybe I should have added that in the blue summary. I think the radius should be something like 5m base as well, so it's gonna be a bit bigger than a penta grenade explosion. The DR part has been moved somewhere else by the way. About Lull : you're gonna use it for DR. Perhaps you missed that info in the post ("Grants damage reduction as long as you remain on the sigil.") ? Lull now spawns a sigil below you that grants a huge amount of DR to you and allies. The slow effect can still be very useful to protect a defense target or simply to control a chokepoint IMO. But if you don't use it for actual CC, you're going to need it for survival. Especially if you need to keep your position. Granted, the implementation of the old Lull sleep is far from perfect and it's a point I want to work on for now, but it's the most solid idea I had so far. I also didn't mention its interaction with disarmed enemies in the blue post. It's in the main post of the rework though. No survivability has been truly stripped. The DR brought by Desolate Hands has been moved to Lull so I can convert it into a spammable 1st ability, Serene Storm brings more DR than before ("Serene Storm [...] provides more damage reduction while active"). I even raised Baruuk's base health and armor stats because I was worried about making his DR too static, but I totally forgot to include that information to the blue resume. The blue resume I gave you is, obviously, a very simplified description of what you can expect of that rework suggestion and it's lacking a lot of precisions. I probably even forgot to include some info that you may have wanted to know. Consider looking again to the original rework post for the details. Both posts pretty much work together. All I can say is, if I'm going to utterly remove the "reduced parry angle while attacking" so you have permanently full elude angle, I'll probably have to downgrade something else as a compensation. Elude is already great at keeping you alive despite the weakness to AoE (that you can compensate with Desolate Hands currently, and Lull in the rework), and I while I do think it shouldn't utterly discourage you from being agressive like it does currently, I really don't want to overbuff it, and no drawback at all when attacking would be quite the overbuff in my opinion if I don't add a negative. Another rebalance path that could be considered for Elude though : No more angle reduction when attacking. No more AoE weakness. Base angle reduced from 180° to 90° Capped elude angle to 180° maximum (200% range). It was one of my first ideas, trading evade angle for absolute reliability, but I thought it was way too drastic and a lot of people would dislike it because it breaks numbers a lot.
  10. Gonna answer to a few of those points. First of all, second part of the post was for Space0ddity. Sorry for the confusion, I should have used a @ ping maybe. But if you were already aware of that and wished to reply anyway, ignore that. :p About Elude, its angle and its AoE weakness : AoE damage is relatively rare in WF compared to what you can usually see in most missions (unless you get spammed with Sapping Ospreys, but that's not something that seems to happen a lot anymore as far as I could see). It still allows you to ignore most ranged attacks and melee attacks. Considering the cheap cost of Elude and it's really low energy drain, I think not being 360° innately is perfectly fair. Also, it gives a better point about using Desolate Hands (Lull in the reworked version) so you can at least mitigate that damage when it happens. It's also interesting to note that some explosive projectiles still phase through you by themselves, thus making Elude slightly more interesting against AoE units like Bombards, provided you position yourself correctly. It does negate the use of Rage as well, but Baruuk doesn't lose much from low power duration, so you can still build him for power efficiency and use Zenurik for sustaining yourself with energy. It's what I do personally. About Lull being static, it would indeed mean that it would lose some utility in missions where you have to keep moving. But in most infinite game modes, with the tendency players have to camp at one area, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I wish I could imagine a less static way to provide DR, but so far it's most logical thing I could think of that would respect the principle of Baruuk and shared DR without changing too much the playstyle. :/ About Serene Storm, I gate it like that by design. I don't want players to be able to run it forever, because if you could, I'd have no reason to turn it off (kill is the best CC after all). Consider this : it's an ability you use for free, because it uses your restraint and not your energy. This means that it's unaffected by any energy drain effects. In the rework, it also it replenishes your energy as well, it's more powerful than other exalted weapons (well until they also get buffed if that ever happen ofc) and the ability changes you get from it allow you to deal insane damage. If you deal insane damage, you don't need CC, plus it's a safe bet that your shockwaves will kill anything insanely quick, and with the energy resupply you're not gonna fall out of energy to throw armor-piercing daggers or damage amplifier sigils. This is why I want it gated like that.
  11. It is a percentage. Percentage value can still be tweaked of course. Either way, reduced evade radius while attacking is still better than, well, no evade at all. Reducing by 80 degrees straight wouldn't be a good drawback at all since you would still be able to evade everything appearing on your screen (and a bit more behind) with 200% power range. Attacking must make you more vulnerable, but not utterly vunerable. I can lower the percentage of radius lost from 80% to 70% though. It would probably be fair. 36° does feel quite low with no power range. I'm probably encouraging more to build for range like this : it's intended, though I don't think it would be absolutely mandatory to build like that for a 360° Elude if you can manage your positioning. If anything, it reinforces an interesting dynamic : do you want a safer 200% range build that allows you to dodge more stuff with Elude and cover more ground with Lull at cost of hitting less hard with Serene Storm (overextended), or do you want to play more risky and favor power strength more by not having a 200% power range build ? Being forced out of your 4 if you reach full restraint is normal. It's planned. I want the player to pay attention to their restraint a bit and spare it when needed. It's up to the player to use Serene Storm at the right moment and keep in mind how long they can go before having to reload it (which shouldn't take that long in the right situation). Considering that Serene Storm can be used for no energy cost, I think it's perfectly fine to not be able to sustain it forever and have to make small breaks between two uses. Equiniox's Pacify does not provide DR and sleep, but lowers enemy damage instead. It also seem to create an aura around you instead of generating a static sigil on the ground. Did you mean Rest/Rage perhaps ? Rest is a ranged ability if I follow the wiki : you generate a 5m AoE to up to 50m. Hence, I don't think Lull steps on Equinox's territory at all. Sorry you don't like the suggested redesign. I don't think it would be that complicated in game though. It's just that I went a bit deep into details. Perhaps you would prefer a more summarized and straightforward formulation ? Desolate Hands : throw a dagger that knocks down and disarm enemies and their auras (eximus/ancients) in a small AoE. Erodes restraint per enemy hit, up to a cap. Evade : enemy attacks that aren't AoEs phase through Baruuk in a wide angle. Attacking will however reduce that angle. Erode restraint for each enemy killed while the ability is active. Lull : generates a persistent sigil on the floor that slows down enemies depending of how close from the center they are. Being too close from the center puts enemies to sleep. Grants damage reduction as long as you remain on the sigil. Erodes restraint everytime an enemy is affected. Serene Storm : now gets increased damage and provides more damage reduction while active. Also restores energy while you restore your restraint. Makes your other abilities trade defense for sheer offense. Desolate Hands now strips armor and shields but cannot disarm. Elude had reduced angle but boosts your movement speed drastically. Lull has lowered slow effect and no sleep but improves your damage. This describes what each abiities would do without entering into details. I hope this was convincing : it's not as complicated as it looks, though I'm definitely adding some depth and complexity to Baruuk here, which is something that I think is welcome. As for the disarming prowess and Loki supposedly outshining Baruuk (probably not what you meant to say though), I think several things have to be kept in mind : The ability cost is not the same : Loki might have a massive disarm, the cost of his ability is 4 times superior to what Baruuk's reworked desolate hands would be. Invisibility does not mean invincibility, especially when you're playing with other players. Stray bullets and collateral damage are extremely dangerous for Loki. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time is fatal. This makes Invisibility not as reliable for your survival compared to having a massive amount of DR. Add to this the fact that Loki has to constantly recast his invisibility, while Baruuk will probably have to spend much less energy to avoid damage, both in the reworked and in the current version. I'd take DR over invisibility in high level missions anytime by the way. DR is way too reliable and convenient for me to pass. Even if it means "no stealth damage".
  12. Alright. So today is a big day because I finished polishing my Baruuk rework suggestion. I took most of you guys feedback into account to make this, and tried to make something that could, hopefully, please as much of you guys without screwing up any habit too much, wether or not you are more focusing on a close range playstyle like Teridax, a monk playstyle like Commander or a more mid ranged playstyle like me. The rework suggestion : Stats : Health : 75-225 -> 100-300 Armor : 150 -> 225 In this rework, I wanted to butcher the DR Desolate Hands, so I had to put survivability somewhere else. Increasing Baruuk's EHP is an obvious first step. Passive : Stays the same. I didn't want to take too much risks here. Desolate Hands : Reworked ! Now becomes your first ability. It costs 25 energy Throw a dagger that knocks down and disarm enemies in a small AoE. Also disable eximus and ancient aura effects. Erode 5% of restraint for each enemy hit by the AoE. Capped at 20%. Disarm is permament. Elude : Moved to ability 2. Attacking reduce Elude angle by 80% instead of disabling it momentarily. Removed synergy with desolate hands. Each kills while elude is active erodes 2% of your restraint, but also increase Elude's energy cost over time by 10%. You can still quickly disable and reactivate it to reset the cost of course. Lull : Moved to ability 3. Slightly reworked. Still gets a similar gameplay. Instead of generating a sigil for 5s that puts enemies to sleep for 20s, generates a sigil for 25s. Enemies are slowed down depending of how close they are from the center. The closer they get from the center, the more they will slow down. Enemies too close from the center will be put to sleep. Grants to you and allies 75% of DR if you stay inside of it. Can be increased up to 90% DR with enough power strength. The Sigil remains on the floor as long as you remain inside of it. If you leave the sigil, it will linger for a few seconds and disappear if you don't come back on it after that delay. If you leave the sigil, the DR bonus will also linger on you as long as the the sigil does not disappear. Can be recasted while active. The newer instance will replace the older one. Disarmed enemies will be instantly put to sleep by Lull, no matter how close from the center those enemies are located. Enemies waking up cannot be put to sleep again by the same instance of Lull. Erodes 1.5% restraint for each enemy affected. Cost increased to 75 energy to compensate for the DR buff. Radius reduced from 25m to 15m (at max rank) to compensate for the DR buff. Sentinels does not wake up sleeping enemies. Daggers from Desolate Hands does not wake up already sleeping enemies. Credits to @Teridax68 for the initial Lull sigil idea. Serene Storm : Damage increased from 250 impact to 350 impact. Damage reduction from Serene Storm increased from 25% to 50%. Can be bumped up to 90% with power strength. Stacks multiplicatively with your passive. Each 1% percent of restraint restored by Serene Storm restores your energy by 0.5%. Cannot generate restraint while active. This is compensated by the fact that you should now be able to erode your restraint faster as well as the fact that you earn energy from Serene Storm. Provides changes to your 3 other abilities while active to reflect your much more agressive state, trading defense for sheer offense. Desolate hands now strips armor and shields instead of disarming. Stiil knocks down enemies. Stripping power affected by power strength. Elude's evade angle is permanently reduced by 80%, but your movement speed is vastly increased while active. Lull now provides damage increase to yourself instead of damage reduction. Cannot sleep enemies anymore Still slows enemies, but the slow effect cannot exceed minimal value. Also increase range of the Sigil by 40% while active. Holding Serene Storm triggers an explosion centered on yourself, restoring all your lost restraint while ragdolling and damaging nearby enemies. Restraint restoration still replenish 0.5% of energy per 1% of restraint restored. My main goal was to make every abilities synergizing or completing each other in their own way. Your main method of earning DR requires a rather static gameplay, so Elude should find a much more important role at damage mitigation if you need to be on the move. The rework of Desolate Hands gives you a new tool allowing you to tactically and actively disarm enemies that works decently in all situations. I also wanted to make eroding your restraint overall faster yet more active, while making sure that none of your three ways to lose restraint would impair each other. No matter what you do, using your three abilities together should allow you to maximize your restraint erosion. I also wanted to make Baruuk much more violent once you erode your restraint and use serene storm, to the point where you playstyle changes subtlely. Fuelled by wrath, all your abilities lose most of their defensive properties to become way more offensive. Desolate Hands turns into a debuff, Lull makes you and your team hit harder, Elude allows you to get up close and personal with your fists ready to teach the first enemy coming by how to fly. Meanwhile, shreer wrath still ensures you won't go down too easily thanks to the improved, built in DR of Serene Storm. Amazing ? Amazing. Did I mention that Serene Storm allows you to get your energy back too ? Perfect to fuel your other abilities again and prepare a new one. Now this version is probably far from perfect. My suggested values probably needs tweaks, and there might be some problems I didn't think of. Don't hesitate to give me your opinions about all of that stuff. I keep reading your comments. The discussion is super interesting. Tried to keep the last three comments in mind before posting that rework idea here as well. Also, I'm adding that rework to the OP.
  13. Read all the new comments so far. @Teridax68 I'll try to make a non-conservative rework alongside the conservative changes. Something that worries me about your version of Elude is that it's starting to look like a god-mode, since its looks like nothing would effectively be able to hit Baruuk. I don't think DE would be keen to allow that. I mean, they harshly nerfed Trinity's blessing in the past due to a god-mode issue. I like your idea of making Lull some kind of persistant sigil, though luring enemies into traps is probably not Baruuk's style. I like having deployables like that though. Making lull instant but as a simple sigil on the ground could be interesting gameplay wise, since it would be some kind of sleep that we never had in game. @(PS4)CommanderC2121 I don't really think making Baruuk play as a DnD tank was DE's goal sadly. I think the goal was simply to make a reluctant warrior. Earning some kind of damage bonus from how low your retraint is fits thematically, but now that I think about it, it would also create some anti-synergy by itself in some way since using Serene Storm makes you lose that bonus. It's a bit of a mess. As it is, it only gives you DR, but you don't especially want to hold it low it because if you fill it back up completely you can still get the 90% DR from Desolate Hands. Maybe the effects an eroded restraint should have both a negative and a positive, so there would be moments where you want to hang on the bonus awarded by low restraint, but there would also be moments where you need to release everything with Serene Storm. I don't think copying Mesmer Skin would do that much good to Baruuk's kit as well, but I do agree that DR is getting overused. Though at the same time, there's very rarely a better way to keep your frame alive than having 90% DR, and it can be quite hard to think about something else without relying on very high base stats and insane health regen. @Space0ddity Baruuk does require you to grind both Fortuna and Vox Solaris. I wouldn't really recommend making his loot obtainable from Profit Taker though, because from my own experience profit taker is a difficult fight solo. Not sure if I wasn't using the right kind of equipment, but I was struggling really hard against it. Either way, making it drop directly from Profit Taker won't negate the fact that you will need the blueprints for Marquise Thyst and other refined rare gems, that you can only obtain with a rank 4 at Solaris United (Cove). There would still be a lot of grind to do for a new player. @(XB1)Knight Raime To be honest, non-engaging survival abilities are sadly what works the best. Most players, me included, will take a frame with a simple "I don't die" button because it's just incredibly convenient. I kinda wish it wasn't the case, but I'm afraid low effort survivability will always remain preferable as long as nothing is made to solve the whole scaling issue that has been plaguing WF since the last four years. It's part of why I main Nezha to begin with. Warding Halo is just insanely convenient. I just tap 3 and I can think about something else. It has no duration so I don't have the pain of making sure to sustain it every 30 seconds as well. I just have to recast it when it breaks. It even allows me to ignore some mods I couldn't afford to ignore on another warframe. It's insanely good. Way too good. Yet way too needed. :/ More active survival ways mostly work if the warframe has beefy stats to begin with, or some loop you can exploit. Wukong and Garuda are good examples of that. Garuda will mostly try to stay alive thanks to her already high armor and her high benefit from using Quick Thinking, as well as her insane self sustain. Wukong has an easy health regen ability as well as a way to generate armor on top of good stats. Now that I think about it, Baruuk's 300 base energy at rank 30 could make him a prime contender for Flux + QT, thus making him far more tanky and thus making him slightly less reliant on DR, but it's hard to sustain QT when your frame don't have an effective way to generate energy for itself. Maybe Serene Storm should generate energy ? I mean, it could create some interesting dynamic : Your first three ability fuels Serene Storm, and Serene Storm fuels your 3 other abilities as well.
  14. Thanks for the support. There's a lot of stuff going against each other in Baruuk's kit that I actually didn't speak about in the OP. Actually I don't think those would be easy to solve with simple tweaks. I will need to throw some rework suggestions in there. One of those that comes to my mind is how much Elude doesn't synergize well with any kind of CC when used as a restraint generator. When Elude is up and you want to generate restraint, you don't want lull to be active nor you want to disarm enemies. The fact that Elude is technically your best way to lose retraint as well doesn't help. About surviving not being engaging gameplay, I have to say that "surviving" became an absolutely mandatory requirement for anything "endgame" related (or at least it's how I feel about it). As of today, a reliable and powerful DR based power feels like an extreme necessity, and it's hard to justify the use of a warframe that doesn't have that IMO. I don't remember having mentionned lower duration on lull allowing you to cast it more often in the OP. It's a true fact though. I wouldn't say spamming is encouraged for Baruuk, but low duration high range lull is definitely the second best way to erode restraint you can get. I also agree with the lack of interaction with Desolate Hands daggers being very disappointing. I want to rework it meaningfully so you actually have to actively throw daggers around at key targets, but fiding a way to keep those mandatory 90% DR without breaking something will be hard IMO. I do think Serene Storm could use some kind of Buff. The concept isn't bad, and it's still one of the best ragdoll generator in the game IMO which is something I absolutely love. But if you're going to gate a weapon like that, you need to make it worth it indeed.
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