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  1. I'd love a Kuva Javlok. The same thing with more crit chances and better clip size.
  2. Cleaned the thread from several rude posts. You guys are free to disagree with other players, but don't be rude. This is basic human decency, really.
  3. If you guys want difficulty that doesn't essentially translate into enemies close from impossible to kill that one hit kill you, then you will have to seriously consider the most inconsiderable, sinful and criminal action to do in your lovely space ninja game. Something so abject, people here are afraid to talk about it and strongly believe they will get arrested for it. It's like the Voldemort of the warframe forum ! What am I talking about ? I'm talking about nerfs. Ooooh ! Spoooky ! Most of the issues we have with the game's current balance are, in my opinion, and indirect consequence to the effective hp gap between frames. Super tanky frames like Nezha or Baruuk can reach an insane amount of effective hp thank to damage reduction powers. Some frames don't have anything DR related but can compensate very effectively through other reliable means. Either by very high base stats (Inaros), very effective regeneration (Oberon, Wisp, Wukong, and Inaros again) or special mechanics that can effectively make them invincible (Limbo, Revenant, Rhino). These frames pretty much shaped the endgame we have today, and had an even stronger impact than our "beloved" nukers, to the point where anything you fight at sortie level can down most squishies like Banshee or Nyx in very few hits (or a single one) in the most unfair ways. Because high survivability became a must have, this pushed players more and more towards high health and armor frames, or frames who can cheese the whole thing effortlessly (Limbo is very well known for that kind of stuff). As a side effect, shields progressively became useless. We asked for more difficult content. DE delivered through content such as Sorties and Arbitrations. But we chose to cheese that difficulty with tanks in return. As a result, the game is getting more and more balanced around frames with insane survivability, to the point where everything gets reworked to be tankier. If you don't believe me, just consider the fact that Ember got her Overheat power back in some way. This is why it gets very urgent to balance the effective hp between warframes so we can then balance the game's content better and make actual "endgame" missions that wouldn't translate into squishies getting perpetually trashed while tanks can pretty much shrug off everything. This effectively means nerfing a lot of survivability based stuff, but also nerfing heavily the enemy damage curve, along with buffing low survivability frames. The biggest offender when it comes about boosting effective hp is, of course, damage reduction. Consider this : 90% DR is the equivalent of increasing your maximum hp by 10 ! When I put my warding halo on my Nezha, I'm effectively increasing my health by 10 until the halo breaks (and most of us Nezha mains know how durable that halo is). Now take armor reduction into account, add an umbral build and two arcane guardians, and you will get a frame that can reach above the 40k hp treshold, which is absolutely mental yet very needed for the current difficulty curve. This is why I'm in favor of hardcapping DR to 75% instead, which represents a much more reasonable x4 effective hp increase. Heal based mechanics and Iron Skin might also need turning after that, but that's nothing simple value tweaks cannot fix. What would be harder to balance however is the more special kind of survivability powers. Powers such as Mesmer Skin for example (I heard it can get really crazy), or Limbo's rift mechanic. These powers may need to be adressed individually. Just nerfing survivability wouldn't fix those who struggle to stay alive to begin with. This is why I think base stats of all warframes should be looked at. In the current metagame, low armor is usually a hard flaw to get around with, so I think all armor values should be buffed to at least 150 as a minimum armor value. That represents 33.33% damage reduction on health : not much in the end to be honest but with an enemy damage nerf it can go a long way. Shields also need to remain viable, and we all know how much shields lost popularity since the introduction of sorties. I think raising the shield base stat for all warframes could do wonders, as well as releasing some specific mod to helps shield tank. Adaptation is supposed to be the one thing you pair with shields (like health pairs with armor), but it doesn't work as nicely as everyone think it does to begin with due to its buildup mechanics. We probably need something else. Of couse these suggestions wouldn't be meaningful without a drastic nerf to enemy damage output ! A very needed thing when you consider that some level 100 units can one hit kill Banshee Prime through a full vitality and redirection (yes, it gets really crazy). It's basically all about making the hp gap between frames narrower so we can balance the enemy damage output much, much more effectively and in the end get the same horde game you guys appreciate, but without anyone getting one hit killed unfairly. After all, squishy frame players kinda want to enjoy endgame game too, and they shouldn't have to do fancy building shenanigans just to make their warframe 's survivability work. Also, since we nerf the damage output of enemies a lot, then it would just mean that 90% DR or really busted survivability isn't as much of a requirement anymore, thus justifying the hardcap of DR and several more changes. After all of that, I think It would be much easier to make a well balanced endgame missions that allows all warframes to be useable. It's maybe still not enough tho. The warframe endgame balancing is one hell of a problem that was ignored for way too long and it all stems from survivability powers first. Anyway, changes are needed, and not just nice buffs. We can't just keep buffing stuff. Repetitive buffing is what brought us in that situation to begin with. It's time to bring out the nerf hammer... And it shouldn't be that bad if it's done well, I promise.
  4. I'd keep electric. It's more versatile to combine : you can turn it into radiation which is a nice proc overall, corrosive for armor deletion and high damage against heavy infested units, or magnetic for anything with shields. Though let's face it, you're probably playing Brakk for that sweet corrosive stacking. Switching to heat would reduce your corrosive damage output and increase your heat damage output. Like corrosive, heat is an overall powerful element. The new hit damage stacking system makes heat stacking quite powerful, though most of the cases you're just okay applying it once for the -50% armor. I'd say it's up to you in the end. You definitely wanna go corrosive + heat no matter what anyway (unless you're facing really, really high level corpus units that only exist after a long time in survival), and having heat as base can be worked around. Use the details tab on warframe builder so you can get the small nuances in DPS between each faction and health/armor/shield types. That's how you will be able to decide yourself. I guess you want to go for the weapon that will destroy ferrite and alloy armor the best. For this, a higher corrosive treshold seems to bring a slight advantage.
  5. Why are you running Vitality on Garuda ? Simple question. Just trying to get details on some subtleties your build may have. In my case I don't run it because I try to exploit the passive as much as possible. I tend to stay at 2hp a lot. I run pain treshold as well so staggers from QT are less problematic. I'm also surprised you don't run handspring in exilus, but I guess that's because you were farming resources at that moment.
  6. Les transferts de compte ça se fait qu'a des périodes spécifiques si j'ai bonne mémoire. Pour le moment y'a rien de prévu. Si le support t'as dit non, c'est que c'est non. Va falloir prendre ton mal en patience. De toutes façon, y'a aucune annone qui a été faite de la part de DE a propos de la sortie de WF sur PS5. On est même pas certain de la date de sortie de la console. Laisse déjà le temps à la console de sortir et à DE d'aviser. T'inquiète pas, tu vas pas paumer ton compte si éventuellement WF passe sur la PS5. T'as quelques années devant toi avant cet événement. Et puis déjà faudrait être certain que y'aura bien release de WF sur PS5, or y'a aucune info là dessus.
  7. I'm really, really missing ragdoll on slam, and I hope I'm not the only one. I was really disappointed when Melee 3.0 came in and wiped almost all ragdoll on slam off warframe, just leaving us with a very limited amount of weapons with that feature, which is not a lot to mess around with. I'm especially missing the ragdoll on slam you could get from Obex or Gram Prime. Could it be possible to reintroduce ragdoll on slam through a mod ? There's this mod, Seismic Wave, that could be perfect for that : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Seismic_Wave This would allow us to get ragdoll on slam back but as a purely optional feature. Just equip the mod, have fun, unequip it you feel like you have to chase enemies too much. As simple as that. Also because it would also boost slam attack damage, it wouldn't utterly waste a mod slot. Of course it could also come as a brand new mod. What do you guys think ? EDIT : While I am at it, can Kestrel get back its big ragdoll on throw ? It used to be massive and hillarious but it utterly lost that feature. 😞
  8. Welcome to warframe endgame. If you want to deal with high level content, you will need to build yourself for survivability. Solely modding for clearing maps won't be enough. You may want to consider these (expensive) options : Use Vazarin focus for easy, on demand healing. Get yourself a maxxed arcane guardian. Maybe even two. Add additional survivability mods, or level up those mods if they're not maxxed out already. Use an Umbral build : Saryn should benefit nicely from it. Warframe endgame is pretty much "one hit kill or be one hit killed". You can't expect to go anywhere without absolutely bonkers survivability. It has been an issue since, well, pretty much when Sorties became a thing since it made level 100 enemies a relevant thing to take into account. Adressing that issue won't be simple : it would involve closing the effective hp gap between each warframes, and that game varies INSANELY from a frame to another. I'd argue all of this is due to the awful design of armor. That mechanic should be reworked IMO. Afterwards, the enemy damage scaling will need to be reviewed. Finally, DE will probably have to review DR based powers as well, because if enemies don't deal damage as absurd as before, 90% DR powers and such may not be needed.
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