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  1. Guns do not need any kind of combo counter. That kind of mechanic doesn't even fit most guns and needlessly complexify something that doesn't need more complexity. Top tiers guns can already carry you through Steel Path very easily if you play any warframe fit for a gunplay role. If some primaries need a buff that badly, then just buff their base stats.
  2. It's pretty obvious that Loki is suffering from the severe power creep that went on an on over the years. However, I don't think a total rework is required. Just a few touch ups here and there. Loki's design is meant to be simple yet synergistic by nature, and that simplicity must be preserved. Decoy should lose its health bar for sure, so it can actual act like a potent decoy at any level of play. This should be enough to make it interesting, especially if it generates high threat. Invisibility doesn't need a touch up : invisibility powers are broken in WF and always were. As of t
  3. These claws are far from useless. They feature the highest base damage, highest status chance and highest range of all claws style weapons. They're well worth the use and can easily tear down steel path level enemies
  4. Garuda is not a melee frame. The whole point of Garuda is nuking hordes of enemies by comboing Seeking Talons with Dread Mirror's bomb. The claws are just a little "fun" addition that doesn't affect what her effective playstyle should look like. Focusing on melee play with Garuda is a beginner mistake. She might have two powers to get in melee range, but that doesn't mean you should remain at melee range to begin with, unless you have good positioning and know what you're doing. Mod her for as much range as possible, keep her strength at 135%, use her 4 and use the Dread Heart, then watch
  5. Awesome news. Let's hope for a fast fix.
  6. Very valuable piece of feedback here ! Thank you a lot for that. It's perfectly true that a lot of people will shy from actually throwing their daggers since the DR bonus of Desolate Hands is related to the amount of daggers orbiting Baruuk, however, I don't think reworking Baruuk's 3 in order to scale from power duration is a good idea. The reason behind that is how Lull works. Innately, Lull has an insane base range of 25m and an incredible duration over 20s, but turns out it has also a very long windup. However, that windup decreases when you decrease your power duration. Consider
  7. It's Lutesque who brought this up. I just want to focus on my suggestion in the OP and toss some disarming daggers manually.
  8. Zephyr has a passive allowing her to gain 150% crit rate as long as she's mid air, so you probably shouldn't sleep on Tail Wind. Using Tail Wind's hover mode (hold your ability button) should be very recommended. Also, consider the fact that you have three mods available to reduce damage taken mid air (Aviator, Aerodynamic, Agility Drift). Pack all these three and you should be able to tank a lot of stuff as long as you remain mid-air. Add to this the fact that Tornado increases crit damage by 200%, and you get the ability to deal tremendous damage with your weaponry. There's also a way t
  9. If there's a desire to rework Baruuk and how the restraint mechanic works among the community (which is not an opinion I share, and not something I'm aware about), it probably deserves its own thread. I would like to focus on the suggestion in the OP.
  10. No need. What I'm suggesting is just a fun little addition and nothing more. Could also be an augment.
  11. With Desolate Hands you won't be able to disarm everything anyway because there's a cooldown between each dagger thrown, which also allows you to not suddenly lose all of your DR if you get surrounded. Disarming literally everything isn't the point of manual throwing anyway, because you just can't mass disarm with Baruuk by design (if you need a mass disable Lull is there for that, assuming you didn't mod Baruuk for minimal duration). The point is precisely disarming a specific target and bypass your range limit. You need to erode your restraint first before starting to nuke stuff
  12. I've been playing tons of Baruuk lately, having kind of a blast actually. Desert Wind has to be the funniest yeet button in the game, and as your local ragdoll enthusiast any grineer sent in the stratosphere with it deserves a blue ribbon. But since I've been playing him, I kept having the same idea popping out over and over again everytime I would cast Desolate Hands : "gee, I wish I could manually and tactically toss these pretty disarming daggers". Of course it would be a bit gimmicky, but it would be a very welcome addition that could reward a more active playstyle. There's alrea
  13. I don't think it will be bad but there might be something more simple out there. If you use funnel clouds and trigger feedback loops with gas or electric, you can pretty much nuke anything without mark of death, so I think it could be better focus on power range and get yourself something to control enemy position (larva would be ideal).
  14. Okay I have something a bit awkward to share : I actually would like to remove everything I said about the new Airburst. It's actually not good. In fact, it's pretty bad, and you have Helminth option that can give you much more value. Here's the story behind my sudden change of opinion : Today, I simply decided to change my current 265% range build for a 235% range build, because I was desperate to slot in a specific mod. But turns out I witnessed that my airburst felt very... Disappointing to say the least. The pull force felt rather anemic, and the lingering AoE just made enemies f
  15. The goal of Airburst isn't hard CC to begin with. It's main role is to bunch up stuff so you can kill them all at once. It does that job a bit better than Ensnare and doesn't require a precise target, but suffers from lower base range. The point of Ensnare being hard CC is actually a very good point to bring up, because it points even more the reason why Ensnare just feels so much better than Airburst for most players. After all, why using a soft CC ability with 20% less range when you can just use the hard CC ability that does a good enough job at packing up enemies in your tornadoes any
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