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  1. There's a couple of problems...

    1. Healing Return is useless now

    I am aware it was weak for a very long time. I still loved it though, because it was energy free, compared to Life Strike.

    With removal of channeling, LS is energy free too, which kills HR completely.

    I think HR finally needs a buff it deserved for years.

    2. Orvius

    In patch notes it says "Block+Alt Fire to throw glaive that will Suspend enemies".

    So I tested it and it is very inconsistent. One time it explodes, another time it doesn't.

    I also cannot throw my glaive (when equipped fully/alone) while mid-air. It does not matter where I aim, it always does this heavy slam.

    Throwing while dual-wielding is still bearable and it is possible to throw mid-air. (no explosions tho - it used to explode before the update).

    I really enjoyed doing trickshoots with my Orvius, but this update broke it.

    3. ' X ' to stealth attack

    Why? Just WHY


    Thank you for reading.

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