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  1. yeah new arcanes! reading them... so no one is going to use them... just spin balling here why don't you, I don't know put another slot for augments and arcanes that have "technical" usage (such as them) so that people maybe tempted to use them? more diversity in gameplay right?
  2. @[DE]Rebecca Since "plague star" is now "nights of naberus" is there any other way to acquire the primary weapon "Snipertron"?
  3. Dear DE, The coloring on the Gauss Agito skin seems to be broken. Or is it supposed to look that way? Please advise. Wrath
  4. Dear developers, The Profit-Taker phase 1 has a bug where you fish for clues. Nothing appears, no dyes work, nothing. So you cant finish the mission. P.S Also when you fish anywhere in fortuna and miss the spear gets stuck and doesn't return in your hands. P.S (2) I also noticed when you enter or exit the back room where little duck is, you cant use the esc button. Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks Wrath.
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