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  1. Maybe some have already seen it, but just to say that the problem has been solved, at least for me, the oxylus is working on all open maps, so I love DE
  2. Unfortunately Oxylus is not a sentry known to many people and we will probably stay with this problem for a long time until it is really noticed, but it is good to know that I am not the only one who likes the little fisherman ^^
  3. Really, as @CernunianStag said, in Cambion Drift it works normally, but in Fortuna and PoE the error persists
  4. This problem has occurred since I inserted the Botanist mod, I got to remove it but it didn't work again, I don't think the problem is the new mod
  5. Since the last hotfix, my Oxylus does not use the luminous pigment in fish, coincidentally it was around the same time that the new botany mod was included in the build, plus anyone with the same problem?
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