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  1. My question is this. Why do we have slide attacks and heavy attacks for our melee but not YET for our ABILITIES!😍 Ground slam with some nidus spores. i say YES MOMMY to THAT!! Would love to be able to kick with my infested path of spores for example, or groundslamming fromout the air like a Hulk would slam a car with some spores emerging from the ground like Hydroid spawns a single tentacle that way. Imagine being able to kick your infested ball towards the crowd of enemies Man what a monstrosity that would be 😂 See it as the 4 of Baruuk. He can move a bit more freely too with tbat ability and I really love the way he is being played. Search for more freedom in the movement. Capabilities are endless as long as we make em endless that way🥰 I believe we can! Imagine ember being able to her fire rain forward towards the enemies instead of only fromout the air. That creates the possibility to become more strategic of the way you can play
  2. Where are the horns! Really would love to see some horns available for purchase on the Warframe head. As the trailer says: "Summon ~ Your ~ DEVIL"
  3. How do we ever become able to create gods. I mean you do for sure have a decent point here. But at some point for the players that are really investing into the game, it would be kinda nice to have that tiny bit of extra blitz to them available. And also. This can kinda encourage others to gift more frequently since it really starts adding up to the overall vibe of the newer players. Gave a prime dual bundle to someone that played like 4 years already but had to stsrt a new acc on pc. So i saw the effect of it. As well as the colourpacks I've been giving away recently. I'm searching for extra validation for what I'm encouraging others to do too. The community is dope. Just idea's I'm really grateful that you are looking into possibilities. Thank you ElecDeathBlade
  4. Could we get the option to use multiple Empheara's? Have asked around and everyone REALLY and TRUELY loved the idea of being able to do that. Since it actually makes you look like a god/devil at some point! Much Love TENNO! let's GOOO 🥰👍 😈🙏😇
  5. Can DE make it possible that when we use "Wolf Howl" with our warframe that our pet starts growling or with us?😍
  6. Could DE make additional mission node possibilities to grant players Free Roaming troughout every mission? So you can take your time on scanning resources etc and actually stand still and admire certain objects and places inside the mission? Dieing on 25 minutes is kinda sad sometimes😆. Also some environments are pretty chill to play Shawzin on so. Just saying, would be a nice additional.
  7. Pretty happy about these fixes. Sevagoth's colouring was a bit of a struggle but tbh every beauty aspect kinda made up pretty quick on it already💯💞😩 so nice
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