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  1. Pretty happy about these fixes. Sevagoth's colouring was a bit of a struggle but tbh every beauty aspect kinda made up pretty quick on it already💯💞😩 so nice
  2. And up we go! Only a way forward✊😊💖✨ Lesgo Warframe gang
  3. Maybe this sounds a bit weird. But i do enjoy it a lot to use the Warframe Application. But it would be great to be able to see how many days are left until the Baro Relay will arrive as well. Extra functional option could be an automated calculator that calculates how much your minimum ducat farm requirement should be to reach the "set amount of ducats by the player" like when having put 10k ducats as goal. The planner will count each realtime moment how many ducats you still have to farm on the other days. So if 20 days are left 500 ducats each day. If reached 1.5k ducats then i
  4. What about adding tiny additional affinity farming possibilities? Like 2k affinity for destroying certain tiny apparatus in corpus missoons. Like radom datadrones. Or some electrical mechanisms that are needed to keep the corpus "funtional" Just some extfa fun for some mission where you had to just exterminate them. Or only had to do the Disruption etc.
  5. But yeh tbh, already spent more than 1.8k hours on playing the game so. It's not that I do not play enough. I was just excited about the concept they brought and instantly went with it towards the forum with a misunderstanding. Appreciate my desire to get the game better. Have nice day
  6. Would ove to be able to keep crewmembers. At least to have the possibility to keep them. I dunno 60p to buy the crewmember, might be a reasonable price? So my customization won't be forfeited as well. I mean. I want to spent time at playing with my crewmember to get their lvls up and to let them look dope as hell. I'm great at colouring and customizing. But if they leave after one mission already. I think I'll just stop spending time on it again. It's lowkey sad you cannot have the time to sent time on for example red veil to see how their loyalty changes overtime
  7. Would be pretty if we could attach certain skins you get with an particular amount of kills. Like fluctuating space black with silver oil skin by 8000 headshots for example. Or if you revived your teammates 4000 times you get some sparkly white skin to multi patch it with the already existing colour you added. So you get a bit more shine. (If you want to make it even more competitive. You could make the tasks available for additional skin unlock in each weapon, but as individual unlockable) Just some extra spice idea, so people will notice when they come acr
  8. Would be nice if you don't have to leave the squad if you could stay inside your dojo to make things too. Come together in a circle of foundries and make your stuff.😍 Seeing the homies crafting and working hard on their beloved craftings. While standing next to them working on your own. P.S. Automatic crafting stance applied during a crafting procedure would be cool too🤗
  9. Wouldn't it be cool if you could place your own captura's in your orbiter. Would LOVE to see picture's of me and my Kubrow and other pets inside the orbiter!🥰🥲Sweet Kubrow babies
  10. Yeah true though, but for newcomers it might be a nice intro to show off their skills towards each other or/and place bets etc😂❤
  11. Wouldn't it be cool if our tenno could spent credits on meals to get like 10% speedboost for 30 mins etc. (There is already a pretty sweet tiny bar inside Cetus) That's a nice way to get it spent well ingame. See a lot of people in the higher MR ranks that are having overshot on their credits. Would be a kind boost for those that grinded hard!✌🥰
  12. I got you man. Indeed true. Still might be a nice switch up
  13. People can rank up in a seperate battle rank. Can request duels with random players inside the room atm. Ranking goes global. Might be pretty ez to make this. Use for example a grineer texture platform (you already have) to make an arena from it. People can freely watch from the side (which makes it even more epic) It's just a scratch idea of what my bro and I had. But it would be pretty dope if it could work out!🥰🤩😋
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