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  1. Can the archgun bug be fixed please? Currently on Nintendo Switch Heavy Weapons and Necramech Archgun are not customizable. Only the first coloration slot on the archgun shows for both. ‘Customize’ button also missing from Heavy Weapon and Necramech archgun loadout slots. Has been broken since Heart of Deimos first released on Switch. Fortuna people (Eudico and company) have been glitched since the launch of The Deadlock Protocol on Switch. In Orb Vallis and other missions with said characters on comms, shows closed ‘stomach-plates’ instead of usual faces if Old Mate rank has been reached.
  2. I can’t get the Operator cosmetic to show up in my inventory no matter what I do. I have: unlinked Twitch from Warframe and relinked unlinked Warframe from Twitch and relinked It says that it is ‘Claimed’ but I do not have it......anyone know what to do? Or know a dev I can send a message?
  3. I play on Nintendo Switch, and I can’t get it in my inventory at all. I tried unlinking and relinking my twitch, and reloging.....still no operatpr cosmetics even though it says ‘Claimed’
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