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  1. Nice one ^-^ 14 prizes left.
  2. Oh my, that first round, that's no good. Nicely done on the other two tho ^-^ I'll be online for the next few hours, so we can trade the plat then.
  3. Basicly yes Rejuvenation was a big help for me. Thank you for the advice for Hollow Knight ^-^ I'll get your prize to you soon. Nicely done, and cool looking Ivara.
  4. For fun ^-^ Well this challenge was inspired by the RE2 remake. Nicely done. I'll get your prize to you soon. Nice one. I'll get your prize to you soon.
  5. Here we are with another challenge. Mission: Eris, Naeglar. Weapons: Lato (Prime, Vandal) Lex (Prime) Vasto (Prime) Magnus No abilities No companions All Dragon Keys equipted Prize: 100 plat. Only 25 prizes available. Take screenshots using "F6" on the mission results screen and item wheel while in mission, then post them to ether the forum or Reddit posts. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ddphkx/challenge_dragon_hive/
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