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  1. Bug triggered pre-Plaguestar at least a couple times, but is readily apparent in Plaguestar missions. Occurs in any mission one can spawn Necramechs it appears. This bug locks the user in the Necramech after a quick swap. (From Warframe>Operator>Necramech in this case) Game will prompt: "Skill in Use" when trying to utilize any skills or attempting to switch back to Operator/Warframe. Game will prevent tool menu from activating. Has occurred on Railjack (Orphix missions a couple times) and a Volatile mission. Most commonly happens in Open Worlds. User may not open menus. User cannot use chat box. Damage appears to be nullified or not displayed when this bug occurs. Aiming reticule will sometimes end up slightly off center from where shots are firing, but shortly after damage will resume displaying. Helios was actively scanning through mission, but appeared to take no damage while this bug occurred, attaching to my Necramech's position in some cases. Nekros had Desecrate active when at all possible. I had died once standing on the Boil prior to getting stuck. In Plaguestar mission, prevented other users from leaving as extraction pulled me in my necramech to the exit, but did not allow entry into the hallway. (With a mini teleport backwards.) Shortly after running into the entryhall a few times while spamming switch button, I was able to switch to operator, but not back into Nekros. This finally allowed extraction.
  2. Fluctus for target-hitting objectives (Like Railjack exterior vents) due to the infinite punchthrough. It's the best for this reason alone. Just aim and shoot and doesn't matter, you'll hit it through walls and doors. Allows for some heavy abuse in many missions. That said Mausolon and Arquebex are great or the reasons everyone said. Damage-wise good. The rest of archwing weapons are situational DPS. (Dunno about Kuva Grattler.) Larkspur is notable as undesirable, but is okay. Consider it in context to Hildryn's kit and it makes a lot more sense as a tileset archgun. (With the launcher and gravmag installed.) Most Archwing stuff is unfortunately just MR fodder anyways though, even with Railjack.
  3. Definitely true. However other guns you switch mods to change your element and build. Knowing ahead of time helps prevent the need for the gun tuner, however the variety of builds begs for different elements, sometimes on the fly. To the person making their own builds instead of looking up "optimal" ones, the need for a tuner rather than the grind to find the right gun again. If the concern is using this as a bypass to Progenitors, then the simple solution is limiting it's purchase to maybe once a week. Not a necessary item by any means, but definitely a convenience and one that would ease some pressures. Technically speaking Yes. Hybrid elements tend to be better due to their nature of usually needing 2 mods otherwise. I think the favored one is usually toxin from my experience because it makes it easier to get to Viral and Corrosive with a singular mod.
  4. With the diversity of weapons and the specifics of the way weapons build, a user may want to change elements of an established weapon. The grind through all of the weapon variants is already present and potentially the Warframe used to achieve those weapons may end with an undesirable element on your weapon. The versatility of a weapon build tends to urge users to diversify their output with different builds. Different enemies call for different weapon optimization in best case. (Despite the urge to have a singular all-powerful build.) So, what I'm proposing is an item that allows you to tune your weapon's element via Valance Fusion. This item can be sold through Steel Path, Arbitrations, etc... The grind doesn't have to be non-present. (Holo-keys are butt to get, but it would be an equivalent exchange option.) The item itself would merely operate as a one-time element tuner when fused. I would like an item like this simply to allow users the versatility other weapons might have when experimenting with build outputs.
  5. The issue was present. After restarting the game the issue appears to have been fixed. Though I now have 0/30 Eximus kills for the 4500 point task and 77/100 Exiums kills for the 7000 point task. So thanks whoever is on top of this.
  6. There's a serious problem with this logic. There's always a way to make something better. The information was given on the news console to the right of the mission console. It was posted in the forums, mentioned in the streams and a couple other places. That said, it was still lacking in many regards on the communication element. If I wasn't in the habit of checking those things on occasion, I wouldn't know and neither would a lot of people I know who play regularly. It can definitely be improved when this information is put out. Every player has a different experience and while it's not about catering to a singular player, the greater audience can be engaged with that better communication. Nitain also could definitely be improved outside of Nightwave. It's supposed to be a means of funneling players into certain activities as well as a barrier that a player must overcome, however it's outdated and could use some updating in many regards. Specifically, the odds. If something doesn't work, you fix it or ditch it. Just because it was hard for "Back-in-the-day" doesn't mean it's okay now. That's detractive from the overall picture. I'm sure people can draw parallels to RL things that were okay "back-in-the-day", but definitely aren't now. In parallel to the grind "today", the Ambassador. At decent odds, you have to spend 14-16 hours in Railjack Survival (This only counts the Survival portion of those missions.) At worse odds, it could take upwards of 4-5 times that. The Ambassador parts have better odds than Nitain does. (4x better approximately.) The problem begins with a simple issue of time investment. I could spend an entire day and still not get it. That's the issue here. It always boils down to the simple fact that while we should still grind something out, the time invested should feel like an accomplishment at the end of the day, not a job and certainly not something that will burn players out. It's even more important when engaging new players because as old players may choose to leave, the game either has to replenish it's playerbase or it dies. It's the basics of it. Nitain is only one step of the process of acquiring a built item, which is the ultimate reward, it's far from easy outside of Nightwave, but it shouldn't make someone want to quit the game.
  7. I've only seen one mention of it in here, but reminder, you can obtain Nitain from: Ghoul Bounties: Low level 15-25, final stage at a 5.95% chance (5 stages) Ghoul Bounties: High level, 4th stage at a 4.12% chance, final stage at a 5.95% chance (5 stages) Low-level Sabotage 3rd cache: 0.67% chance (Ishtar/Venus, Terminus/Mercury, Gradivus/Mars) Mid-level Sabotage 3rd cache: 1% chance (Ker/Ceres, Thon/Ceres, Adrastea/Jupiter, Calypso/Saturn) High-level Sabotage 3rd cache: 2% chance (Rusalka/Sedna, Cypress/Pluto) Stribog in the Void, the 3rd cache has a 2% chance Marduk in the void the 3rd cache has a 1.01% chance Carpo/Jupiter's 3rd cache has a 1% chance Plato/Lua's 3rd cache has a 1.29% chance Dakata/Kuva Fortress's 3rd cache has a 2% chance Zealoid Prelate drops it at a 2.58% chance While it's going to be a pain to farm, reminder, it's not incompletable without Nightwave. Hopefully RNG favors anyone who needs it, the grind is going to be terrible and it probably should be improved rate-wise, but it does exist. It's used in a lot of things, but also not integral for gameplay beyond those things. (Building warframes and weapons being a critical element.) Without Nightwave, the best odds are going to be first Ghoul Bounties, then Zealoid Prelate if you can reliably kill him (it's a resource drop, can be boosted). After that in terms of odds you need to focus on 2% locations, avoid Lua and the Void for cache hunting as they tend to delay it in my experience (larger tilesets and more hiding spots). My suggestion would be Cypress on Pluto as most caches really aren't hidden on the newer Corpus tileset. Caches can be found easily with Loot radar and a large AoE box-breaking frame (Limbo is a favorite here, just pop his 4 with max range on and off again, anything that doesn't move is a cache, a Ayatan Sculpture or other item of note.) Caches glow and are out-of-place in many locations, however they also make a distinct humming noise that can be heard within a certain radius. Hopefully this helps.
  8. In general, the Galvanized Mods have been decent, but not great IMO. They do the thing, but they don't do it well. They hinge on everything else being good and then amplify what's there already, but not in maybe the best way they could. Galvanized Mods by design make you compete for kills with allies. In order to keep your stacks up and going, you need to fulfill it's conditional. This usually means kills. If you don't kill, your damage falls off. Your allies also have to fulfill this conditional. I'm not sure a better application, but this has been my biggest issue with them; that their core design is counter-intuitive to the gameplay. Conditionals are arbitrary and add a false sense of power. Headshots when users don't know where heads of many units are. The Headshot conditionals add a layer of difficulty to casual gameplay which is not healthy. Everyone knows aiming is overrated, it's why AoE weapons often are meta. It simply does not work to take your time when faced with a large quantity of enemies and also then put that on a timer. Galvanized Headshot/Scope add too many steps to your basic combat reward pattern in the fast-paced combat scenario. "On Headshot", "when aiming", "On headshot kill", "for 12s". That's 4 conditionals to make a mod work. That's too many. In theory, it's strong. In practice, it's a false sense of power. The numbers look good, but aren't good with this many conditionals. Same goes for the Arcanes. It's only good when it's good and only okay when it's not. We'll nerf the one thing to make the other thing compete This is a redundant design pattern and what the changes translated to for many users. Melee gives users that direct approach to combat. Ultimately, weapons need to deal damage. These changes did not feel like they were well thought out. While the game should not be made too easy, the problem is in the core gameplay instead of the weapons here. The Melee nerfs perhaps tackled a larger issue where melee might have excelled beyond expectations, but the sweeping changes don't feel great. If you tweaked one element of the formula down, it hits all of them. So to see all the elements simultaneously hit is not great from the outward. That said, I didn't have a great build myself, so I literally saw it go from "this is marginally working" to not completing the objective of killing enemies in quantities. I feel like this is part user-based issue, but also shines a light on the necessity of specific build patterns for some gameplay. Which ultimately detracts from any build diversity. All these mods and most of them are bad. Basic combat design is the problem To compete in harder difficulties, users try new combat patterns. They find a singular pattern that works and often times will not diversify. Much of the game's flow is based on killing many enemies at a time and/or rapidly. So anything that slows that pace is a bad pattern. This is just how basic combat works. In Steel Path and harder modes like it, the enemies gain multiple levels of difficulty all at once. Namely, they become more durable and show up in a larger quantity. In example, I've been using Corinth Prime. My damage is not an issue. It kills enemies quite easily. The problem is quantity. I cannot kill them fast enough in many mission types. It doesn't matter what I do, this shotgun does bare minimum in comparison to the objective. The worst part, when I'm looking at the post-mission statistics and seeing that I was the most successful team member. (Highest damage, kill count, etc) It's not to say "redesign the core gameplay" though, but double-down on gameplay intent. No light-footing it. If that's the game, then go hard with that by making that the gameplay that players feel rewarded by engaging with. Players need that engagement that says "you're doing this right", but all too often get hit with "huh, that's not quite right, try 30 more times". It's a lot of back and forth, something will always be "meta" and that's just how design works unfortunately. So it's not easy to say there's a solution, there may very well not be, however there is a problem with intent of the gameplay not following through. I don't feel like I engage well with the content Personal observation of my own experience. When I'm playing, I don't feel like I'm on par for the content I try to participate in. When entering Steel Path, I lack durability or damage. I went through the entire starchart and am now MR 25... I did this all with minimal usage of Forma. I didn't build them. (Except that spree to build all the weapons, which I'm still not done with.) Now I have to use several... not to "make" a gun work, but simply to test if that pattern works. It often doesn't. I often lack the basic resources to make the tools I have work in a way that feels appropriate to the gameplay. I didn't and still haven't invested a lot of time into Rivens. For me, Rivens are just very unlikable. It's guesswork if you got a good one and testwork to see if you can make it work better. Ultimately, what is fun is not good and what is good is not fun. I lack a lot of specific mods that make whatever the meta is, actually work. I'm finding myself trying to backtrack into levels and then hoping RNG gives me the thing I'm missing, but the table setups mean spending excessive hours just to get a mod that "might" help. Not sure what guns Galvanized Acceleration helps I'm sure it's great for something. Probably.
  9. Railjack Corpus Survival for Ambassador. Always on Rotation C rewards. (Survival gives rotation rewards based on an AABCAABC model, 4 rotations per cycle, pulling from table A, then A, then B, then C and repeat.) 8.33% chance for each part (Venus/Neptune/Pluto) means 12-13 expected runs each. (3 parts) 16.67% chance for blueprint (Veil) means 5-6 expected runs. Specifically, this means 20 minutes for a chance, and compounded with expected runs totals to almost 14-16 hours of Railjack Survivals. (This only counts the time spent actually in the Survival. It doesn't count loading, side-objectives, breaks for bathroom, etc.) This is the "expected" average, meaning RNG can make it take as long as it wants, upwards of almost 4x this. Same for many tables in-game. The composite issue with rewards is exactly this. Time invested is not rewarding based on raw numbers. I can do the Ambassador farm for 16 hours and not be rewarded by my effort with my target. Railjack is already pushing the time you spend in a mission upwards with extra steps. Each extra step while more diversified and interesting is not more rewarding. These tables are heavily muddied by Endo inclusion. On Venus Railjack Survival for example is a 33.33% chance for 150 End of or Rotation C. Also on this table are Railjack parts, which convert into 75 Endo (Mk I). This is an additional 37.5% chance approximately for a total of 70.8% chance on rotation C of Venus for Endo-based rewards since more often you're scrapping them. This tracks poorly. TL;DR: Survivals RNG says it's about a 70.8% chance of an Endo reward for Rot C and it takes an average of 14-16 hours of trying to get the Ambassador.
  10. When on railjack in a voidstorm, player cannot claim reward after first one while in Necramech. Players inside Mechs are dropped from the reward pool and reward picker, they retain all 10 void traces.
  11. Some levels find Grendel unable to use Feast to devour anything for a period or permanently through the mission, even through deaths. May be tied to state-changes like Operator mode where skillsets change or compounded by that. Spontaneously will occur, sometimes at mission start, but also sometimes partway in-mission. Sometimes Grendel's Feast also creates a stopping threshold close to him, only devouring enemies in melee range. Others times he simply can't devour anything. Hard to pinpoint any conditionals at this time as it happens quite sporadically. (I noticed it during this patch due to getting an Invigorate on Grendel for +200% crit and +2 energy rate.) Though enemies of higher level and notably corrupted enemies seem to be the most common I've noticed being unable to devour, it does happen against other factions.
  12. The biggest issues with Defection: Survivor AI Survivor survivability and scaling per round. (Enemies hit harder, survivors take less punches.) Duration. If you have all groups moving at the same pace, it's sorta bearable, but maintaining batteries and survivor health and... it's a lot of extra steps. If the first 2 issues (Survivors can repath if they get stuck and scale better per round), it would be bearable. It is literally an escort mission and that's the biggest note. Nobody likes Escort missions in games because the AI is tricky and can't defend itself properly when necessary. It IS outdated and while I agree with this: I also think tweaks could be done. Double-down on the intent of the mission, fix the major flaws/bugs and reduce the RNG problems. Unfortunately, the biggest sour note to come from Tennocon is Pablo's comment about it being better to do newer things than fix older things. This shines in Defection and many game modes. I think we need them to revisit these bad things and either tweak them better or erase them from the game. Many of these changes I think would be simple changes, like tweaking the unit survivability of the Grineer defectors themselves. These should be built-in, but imagine if you tweaked their base stats better by a bit. Simple, but effective. AI would be a lot harder to fix I think though. This mission mode also forces very specific warframes. This isn't anyone's game and that's a very unappealing factor. Side Note: The Plot surrounding it is actually kinda important for Steel Meridian and Red Veil, but lacks a lot of context. So that's a thing.
  13. I have a feeling that the Holokeys are not quite in a good place when balanced against the other drops, players are struggling to get what they want specifically. Not sure what the sweet spot is, but having it compete against things like Sevagoth parts and whatnot feels slightly off since you need 160 of them for all weapons and can earn up to 6 per mission on RNG. Maybe extra holokeys in specific side-objective pools to augment rate of accrual? So occasionally you'll get a semi-rare side objective that identifies Holokeys. I feel like adding it to other side pools might compound a potential issue with getting the rewards in those pools, so hard to say how best to do this. This is also compounding some serious issues I had with Void Storms on railjack itself by making me do those missions. I play on Playstation, so this may not be quite the same experience across the board. The voidstorm itself, you're anchored to tilesets for safety. The storm melts players who want to do things in it. I feel like maybe this is intended, but locks out side-objectives heavily. If your pilot doesn't want to, then you simply cannot. Objectives become this heavily barred thing based on the ships movement and not based on individual player movement. It feels like trash to play that way. (This is also potentially just an archwing issue since they don't generally work well in the the space for survivability more often than not.) The void spots that appear on tilesets in a voidstorm have serious issues. Frequency is excessive, to the point that I've seen other players and myself go down simply from the void spots stacking and melting them in rapid succession. The flashing that occurs when hit during this is excessive (though it's been tuned down), and I don't have photosensitivity issues, but it's giving me serious migraines at the rate and brightness of the flashes.
  14. I'm noticing it a lot with the sister dialogue at the end of missions, however all NPC dialogue is getting cut short for any in-mission broadcast/chatter. Especially notable on longer dialogues, but even short ones are cut short in some cases. Seems to only be relevant to new dialogue, not old dialogue in most instances. (Particularly any dialogue introduced in Sisters of Parvos, though I seem to recall seeing some audio issue during Sevagoth's mission as well.) Sister line I'm getting: "I will always have enough." line in post-mission, the line cuts out at the second half during the "also" in: "I also..." (and reads on-screen as "will have enough because I'm taking your credits" or something). (In case it's a duration thing. I assume it might have to do with another audio cancelling it early since the end-mission audio starts about then.) Cutscenes on PS4 like the release of Sisters of Parvos, entire dialogue has no audio. Parvos was speaking, but no audio other than the music was played. I assumed it may have had something to do with my settings. (Many are often off due to streaming and mic reading issues. That may be user-error with understanding what audio affects what. Please clarify which settings are tied to what, because I can assume, but I appear to be wrong in many of those assumptions.) These may be separate issues or problems with settings I have.
  15. Yareli first thoughts, I want to like her skills, but I don't. Briefly put, she feels like she wants to be a fast frame, but mechanically has to take her time. Sea Snares - Her first skill is an AoE CC with a fantastic DoT. That said, it doesn't measure up after a certain point against enemies. Something is off. The tracking and range feels fantastic, but more often I'm just killing those enemies with my gun before the bubbles hit. Not sure how to fix this problem, it's happening with basic guns even on low enemies, so there is something there, but I can't put my finger on what. The animations are smooth, but I worry that they're a lost element when enemies die too quick. I tenatively would say maybe a spread mechanic where bubbles propagate more bubbles as they pop from enemy collision? (Smaller and smaller bubbles until they can't?) Aquablades - Her third ability. This ability is fantastic and outwardly amazing. And yet I don't want to use it. The way this ability works is it creates a ring around Yareli. She then to apply it, has to go close and remain close. Again, the guns thing. I don't feel a drive to close to enemies with Yareli. This encourages it, but it doesn't reward it more than staying away from them does. It's probably great with her passive's crit and the slashing proc, but I'm not sure the best way to use it. BIG NOTE: When I'm on Merulina, I'm moving too fast to stay in range for this to be an option. Riptide - Again, an ability that feels like it should be better. It's hard to tell what's going on, it locks Yareli in place to cast it and thereby breaks the "flow" and motion of her kit. When on Merulina, you don't have that stop-to-cast thing going on. Something about that interaction feels good, getting a small benefit from being on Merulina. However, I would say allowing Yareli to just remain in motion during her casts would be a big improvement. About the ability itself, it feels strong, but weak. I can't help but compare this to Vauban's Vortex while also comparing her Sea Snares to his Bastille. The damage is good, the range is weird. The biggest hiccup I find however is where it casts. I point my reticule where I want it to go and it casts somewhere else. And now the big one. Merulina. There's gonna be dislike because it's a Kdrive. In regards to that alone, Kdrives are still not a complete system, they need serious work to work well in the flow of gameplay. It clashes heavily with the pacing and intent of many levels and open worlds. That said, I brought Yareli to Earth's Interception and HOLY CRAP that was ALMOST fun. Looking at the level as a set of grinding rails. All of the vines and stuff. The wires. (You can't grind wires unfortunately though) So many things I could trick off of in that level that worked. (It's the Iron Wake area FYI if anyone is not aware.) I think whoever is working on this should seriously play Yareli in that level specifically to get a feel for what I mean. Same thing for the Grineer defense on Ceres, with lots of interesting board applications (You can grind the electric rail free of charge.) Then there's the biggest problem with Merulina. There's no way to channel tricks into dps. I can do something fancy and it's pointless and pointless. There is no reward scenario here. I don't get anything from using Merulina other than a difficult time controlling where I'm going. Nothing about being on Merulina speaks to "I'm less vulnerable". I'm very confused about how this looks and feels as an ability. I still watch Yareli's health go down far quicker than Merulina's, but I can't help but feel like without the shield and damage reduction that Merulina is, Yareli finds it all too easy to get nuked. Nezha's ring shield for example is a more practical application than this. This lends nothing to her gameplay and synergizes only with her passive, which is usable without the kdrive, but almost practical for it. The biggest catch in her kit, is that she doesn't synergize. Nothing feels good in tandem. As a surfing water frame, nothing works together. If you read her Tips, I appreciate the ideas there, but most of these literally are telling me that "This kit doesn't help itself." and "Line up enemies to melee kill." Personal opinion: I think she needs her kit to lean INTO Merulina. If I was approaching this from a design standpoint, I would add perks to using her abilities while being on Merulina. Aquablades is a big one, since you're moving fast on Merulina, increasing the damage rate while on Merulina for more applications to keep Yareli moving more. Sea Snares, have Merulina "pop" the bubbles when colliding with held enemies. I'm not sure what I'd do about Riptide, right now because I can't cast it where I want it to go, I think I'm having a harder time figuring out what else might not work with it? Maybe have it move a short distance so it can pick up enemies along the way before spreading out where it lands? That said, I would also like to see Merulina moving on it's own or being left on the field where you dismounted and then used as a catalyst for the casts to synergize with. Maybe Aquablades and Riptide get a copy where Merulina is. I think my biggest thing I want from Yareli, is literally: Make her kit FLOW. (For pun, practical, and lore reasons.) Stylistically, I want her to feel like she's water, not ice. Her kit is very stiff. It's difficult to enjoy when her passive and Merulina say "move, move, move" and all her abilities say "stay right there".
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