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  1. I'm afraid that DE's recent actions seem to disagree with your statement: Primed Chamber was added to Baro's shop Eidolon arcanes (including Energize, Grace, Barrier) were made easily accessible to everyone through Scarlet Spear Acolyte mods were added to Deimos bounty rotations (and Condition Overload to regular mob drops). All three of these actions have crashed relevant segments of the in-game market. If anything, DE seems to be saying that they do NOT want to have essential mods/items sold on the market for ridiculous/inaccessible prices. This even applies to Riv
  2. Advice for any non-so-new player (Limbo or not): If you see a new-ish player misusing any part of a warframe's kit - try talking to them instead of just aborting the mission. Not everyone will listen to you, some will be rude (welcome to the Internet, get used to it!). But some people are quite receptive to that. And if they are just doing annoying stuff because they don't understand some game mechanics - they might be receptive to constructive feedback (emphasis on "constructive"). People using Limbo' Cataclysm (or Frost's snowglobe, or Gara's wall, or Wisp's shock mote...) on Hydro
  3. For fissures, I avoid survivals like the plague! There's always either some guy who breaks up the spawns or a Saryn who nukes all the enemies before they have a chance to turn! For fissures my choice is Capture -> Rescue -> Sabotage -> Exterminate -> "go do something else until there's a better fissure around". Sometimes Excavation or Defense if it's a premade group and there's nothing better around. I was talking normal survival missions - either for resource farming or Arbitrations.
  4. I have very different tolerances for different mission types. And I only really do some of them if I need something really specific that I can't get elsewhere. I find Exterminates generally quite tedious - especially if the spawns are bad and the waypoints misbehave. Hijacks are OK to do...occasionally. Defections... are Defections. I think Survival is one of the more fun mission types - which is why I really don't get people going for the "stand in one place, press one button ... for the next THREE HOURS" approach to doing it. But the threshold in this thread (as far as I see from o
  5. Which mission type are you talking about? Exterminate? You have to chase after enemies anyway, makes it easier if they don't run away Mob.Def./Excavation/Interception/Rescue/Hijack/Defection: if they are not moving, they are not doing anything. clear the immediate target area and let the other ones just stand there. Disruption: the bubble only lasts until the first demolisher, since they all have nullifying auras. Survival: never understood the "stand in one place and keep pressing one button" style of doing survival missions. While you can last for a long time doing that,
  6. well, Warframe is fundamentally a game about running around (possibly, "like idiots") and killing enemies. If you expect to finish missions by simply standing in one place - one could argue that your playstyle is the problem, not Limbo's.
  7. And what warframe will you want to auto-kick next? Frost (snowglobe)? Gara (wall)? Nova (wormhole, slowa's 4)? Vauban/Protea (too much flashing flak flying around)? Saryn/Mesa (not fun, kills stuff too quickly)? Any others? Your reasons for auto-kicking Limbo can be applied to most frames to a certain extent. If you are doing public missions, don't expect to be able to control how your teammates play the game. If you don't like something - ask them nicely. And don't forget to say "please". If they ignore you - that's their right. Same as it is your right to abort mission and start with a
  8. Free rewards are not charity - they are advertising. But DE does need to make some money: devs want to eat too. But financial necessity should not be used as an excuse for bad game design. Obviously, we don't have the player stats that DE have and can't truly know what a real "average player" looks like. But I strongly suspect that they look more like my middle-ground model than the two extreme cases you outlined. As I mentioned above, I'm fine with progression walls. They simply shouldn't feel as artificial as this particular one does.
  9. NW seasons have 2 "times to completion": "time to complete main segment" (first 30 ranks: all unique rewards + a few items from the shop) and "time to prestige completion" (first 30 ranks + all prestige ranks). All I am saying is that NW should have time to complete main segment < season length < time to prestige completion + (2-3 weeks) a.k.a. "prestige ranks should not run out until the series is about to end"
  10. But you DO already have a much more natural limit on how much NW cred you can get: every week you only get 43.5K standing (~4.5 ranks) - worth of tasks. I guess you could also farm glass mobs, but, with the pitiful amount of standing they give you, very (VERY) few people would do that to any great extent. I don't think people here are arguing in favour of removing this (NATURAL) limit (and I'm not even sure how you'd do it). People are suggesting that the ADDITIONAL limit is unnatural, irrational and should not be there. At least, that's what I've been talking about. All in all, this
  11. Absolutely. But both of these groups of people are outliers. When talking about the playerbase at large you want to be thinking about the abstract "average player". And they are much closer to the "a potato a week" model I described.
  12. "we want more of your money so we won't let you give us your money". If that were truly the logic, just remove the potatoes from the shop. If you want new players to still be getting potatoes from NW - give one every 10 ranks instead of the NW cred (alternating blue/gold). It looks to me like you're trying too hard to justify something that is simply a game design flaw. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that Warframe has issues. Talking about them is how they eventually get fixed (or so I hope).
  13. NItain, Nitain and more Nitain! Nitain is required to build frames, weapons, cosmetics and aura forma. Since it is also not available on a reliable basis, you also need to make sure you have a stockpile in case a new weapon/frame comes out between seasons. Umbral mods already ARE in the meta. The only thing making umbral forma inaccessible achieves is that to fit two Umbral mods on a frame/weapon you need to forma the other 6 or 7 mod slots, ultimately reducing build diversity. I would much rather put 1 Umbral forma on the same weapon, leaving more slots unpolarized and allowing me to
  14. The "DE needs to make their money too" argument is actually valid. While 1 player buying 1 potato per week isn't much, multiplying this by the number of players Warframe has makes it a good stable income that does help keep the lights on. Same with Forma. Where his argument fails is including the items that cannot be bought for plat in the same category of rewards.
  15. I have very little sympathy for people who dumped all their NW creds on potatoes and now can't afford anything else because of it. As far as I'm concerned, they can remove potatoes from the NW shop completely. The problem, however, is that the NW shop contains other items that cannot be obtained in any other way. Namely, aura mods and Nitain (pretty sure some weapon skins are also exclusive). I would have much less of a problem with it if I could buy these items for plat - but currently, they are NW exclusive. And don't even get me started on Umbra forma! I don't know what "people
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