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  1. Hi My Lich has a broken OP Kuva Ayanga, it insta-kills any frame I attempt to use vs him. This includes a Hildryn who never even procs the shield-gate passive, just 1 shot instant death. The gun has a toxin bonus but this never seems to proc, if it does then it's instantly doing a 600+ dmg tick with no warning or chance to clear it before being dying. This is making it impossible to kill this guy, the gun is a god tier cannon with AOE damage.
  2. Unless they patched it very recently that's wrong, I tested it..selecting a specifically "non Lich" version of the node still resulted in the loot being stolen. I counted the actual loot added to my existing inventory quantity, the summary said Stolen and the numbers reflected that. Run the Lich mission, loot stolen but node cleared...rerun the "cleared" node, loot still stolen.
  3. The Lich is just annoying, the mechanic of wasting my time via. stealing the loot I've worked towards is the threat (negating the reason I spent the time doing activity X). Consider that lots of us will never actually clear that Lich due to forced Kuva missions, forced RNG+RNG+RNG removal system and such...what's the incentive to play the game?..fun - gone, rewards - RNG can say "that loot is not yours now, gratz on wasting an hour".
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