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  1. I'm not afraid to make questions to other players, im just tired of ps4 chat board (try to use only a controller and not ur keyboard and tell me XD) Is way faster to take my phone and search in the wiki, YouTube, forums, etc...
  2. I made all RJ in solo to avoid problems and go on my own, the only time i get in pubs was during SS, always as host, so is little experience, but i can say that mostly everyone was really good, only one wasted all flux and ammo, don't know why, really Talk to each other during missions and recruiting is SS relay was key for me Try to be host, and only have at the start minimum flux and ammo, so in case u found some as@#@#( u can just ignore them
  3. This is my personal opinion They're DElaying this update on purpose, why? The most obvious is the datamine of handcannon they're giving in tennocon, mainly his description that could bring some hints And the optimistic hype from me is that heart of deimos is deploying right after tennocon, and some of that will come in this update, and again they dont want it datamined I know, im in the hype train and can't control myself
  4. Why not end arbitrations? And put all rewards in teshin shop, we can use steel essence and buy directly what we want Best part of the recent event SS was to choose whatever arcanes we want (Sorry for my english)
  5. 3 hours of grind is insane? That's what it takes to me in solo with aimbot Mesa prime
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