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  1. Will there be vulkan support in the future?
  2. That's another topic to be discussed with DE. Still, AFKing is against the rules, right?
  3. In the new event DOG DAYS, I've seen several people go AFK in the match. And in one match, I got 2 of them, refusing to have fun with their soaktrons. One even admitted that they win the match anyway even after doing nothing. Sent ticket with screenshots detailing what they did to avoid having fun in the event. Does sending tickets with regards to these kinds of tenno do anything?
  4. Thanks for the hard work, DE!
  5. Welp. Glowing border bug still there.
  6. Wow. The old max framerate cap in game always bothered me because it was giving me a max-2 result so i was using rivatuner to cap the framerate instead. I'm going to check this out later on.
  7. Thanks for the hard work, DE!
  8. Thanks for the hard work, DE!
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