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  1. That ephemera sure looks good, like the ink art on Street Fighter 4. I'd farm that.
  2. How about blueprints you get inside bases/galleons? Do tenno desperately trying to keep the railjack afloat in space receive them too?
  3. Why are you trying to kill the "discussion" outright? People love to whine about things that might not even happen. Saryn nerf isn't even confirmed yet.
  4. I'll be at the hospital by the time the game awards goes live, and there's no way i'll be able to watch there. Good thing it's only a glaxion vandal drop.
  5. Had this happen to me months before on a melee riven alert. Us clients were already on extraction point, and host decided to disconnect. After host migration, we are immediately extracted out of the mission. Bad thing about this is that the system thinks we already finished the alert, but we didn't get the rewards. I sent a ticket about this, but support said that i didn't have enough proof that it happened. So, herp derp I just let it go.
  6. It's my 4th Lich and i just traded my 3rd one. What's weird is that my 4th one isn't a traded lich but he's not spreading influence. He's down to two nodes. EDIT: influence spread after i completed the last 2 nodes.
  7. Dang, my third lich had the same weapon as my second one, so i probably wont be touching anything lich related anytime soon.
  8. Better have the update delayed than it releasing very broken. Keep up the good work, DE, and take your time.
  9. Thanks! I'm so very hyped for this incoming update.
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