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  1. the fact that I don't have an operator or that I have an mr 12 doesn't make any connection to this.I'm a world of tanks player, and I saw this.world of tanks is replacing some tanks, with new tanks, and the old tanks remain in their owners such as the Warframe founders pack this old tanks can't be taken or buy,but these old tanks are removed from the game mechanics.they can only be played in random battle and can't be played in other episodes.But founders items can affect the game and be in the game
  2. if the goal of Warframe is to honor the players in the organization,it should not be to hide the items in the game from others because they can still be used in the game and are available in the game mechanics,if you cannot give the items you provide to someone to the other user in the same game it is called inequality,simple.if these players were given a special appearance I would really think it was to honour them and I wouldn't have heard the need to bring up a subject like that.But what's in this package is the game's playable paraphernalia that is part of the game's mechanics
  3. Strange, I just want to say that if they bring this package back, some of you won't be missing.only me and those who think like me will have the right to take it again.short, I don't want your excalibur Prime or your skana Prime or your lato prime. I want people who think that way to have the right to buy it again.I know peoples want because in my region spread a false news someones say darvo sell Excalibur prime and everyone go darvo
  4. I said "I don't think"it is clear that this is my view,not cutting information
  5. Maybe you can buy or not replyers,but Warframe have much users now,now users who are not aware of the existence of this package, even at that time was able to get this package, or from users who didn't get it but saw there's a lot more I'm sure.If we compare the numbers now, if that's more right of the majority,I think those who don't get it are more right about being able to get it
  6. İt's been 6 years,cmon I don't think this first founders pack buyers stand still in game,warframe is so much changed and we collectioners still want this,I want support this topic.We deserve equality and justice, it's not our fault we weren't there when the game came out and didn't get that package
  7. Even atterax or something this is so ridiculous and wastes time.Why?I come here to enjoy not to make stupid tests that won't work for me.If I want to be undetected I use have stealth skill warframe
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