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  1. What enemies have 'Auras'? I thought that Ancients and Eximus had AoE of Stat boosts, not party wide, Tenno-style Auras.
  2. I think this would be a good basis for a Grimm Deluxe skin:
  3. The Grattler is close...but it is definitely more of a flak cannon. The Imperator is functionally a 50 cal. chaingun. A true multibarrel gattling gun would be awesome, but it would need to be a unique weapon, with a truely insane firing rate. As a space magic weapon, it would make the most sense as a puncture/slash weapon that shoots flechettes with 10 m of punch-through. It should also be a necramech weapon initially.
  4. I think feeding Helminth Warframes would be a waste of energy. The player manufacturing the warframe probably does not actually use foundry modules, but rather gives requests to Helmith to produce the frame from blueprints, and maybe living and non-living raw materials. If we could feed Helminth Harrow Chassises though, I am sure everyone would.
  5. I believe I have taken this joke too far. ----------------- Name: Bairdi In the cold depths of Earth' oceans, a guardian has patolled for centuries to prevent the invaders from outside of the system from making a foot hold under the Orokin's noses. Now Bairdi has resurfaced to help the tenno face the threat of the New War. Being designed for extend solo assignments in remote locations, without resupply, Bairdi is ferociously protective of resources and incredibly efficient with them. Stats: Health: 125/150/175/200 Ar
  6. I guess you beat me to this cycles Angel Frame post. Good show. I have chosen to work on its concept art, since that is why I started doing the project in the first place. Anyways...I think the themes in the design are a little too overt. Harrow is a Nortic Christian Priest that flagellates himself, but his design has other motifs that..muddle that major motif, for the better. Serph it seems like Serph is a support/tank that converts to a DPS build almost at will. Additionally, more instances of support you give the more Damage you are rewarded when you convert to DPS. Not a bad
  7. Skull1338, I am sure it is an issue on DE's server side. If you bring it up in the bug form or in a customer servove ticket to DE directly, I am sure you will be able to get a dirrect answer. I had an issue with my Arch-Wing launchers not workimg and they were very quick to respond. As for refunding forma, I do not think DE owes us that, though it is not unpredicted. I have recieved forma several times when the launch a rework for a frame, but this is as compensation for them changing something on us without our permission. The Helmith system is different for two reasons: 1. I
  8. I know opinions are mixed on Operator Arcanes, so I will just drop my ideas: Magus Duress - Active :Transference Out - Enemies within 3 m/6 m/ 9 m / 12 m/ 15 m become Terrified and Slowed for 1 s/ 1s/2 s 2s/ 3s. Intended to temporarily distrupt enemy line of sight and behavior. Magus Hoax - Active: Exit Void Mode - Once every 45s/ 40s/ 35s/ 30s/ 25s, Exiting Void mode create Void Dopplegangers of the play, that move out from the player at walking speed for 1s/2s/3s/4s/5s. Dopplegangers are targetable by enemies and any living target the contact becomes confused.
  9. I have started to play around with operator cosmetics and have noticed that the clan sigils don't display our clan logo when they are applied to my operator. I have tested both the Guilded and Glyphed Clan Sigils on several of my warframes and the seem to display our clan emblem as intended. However, when I went to apply the sigil to my operator, it only displayed the placeholder image for the clan emblem.
  10. I mostly just want to blast the Thomas the tank engine theme when I run my Best Defence Rhino build. All charge, all the time.
  11. I still want Clem Cosmetics. But yes...ut would also be for the lols, so it is not a big deal.
  12. I think Iron Wake is the closest to this idea out of what is already in game. I remember hearing something before Fortuna dropped about [DE] wanting to make lots of civilian map setting on the star chart. I think the goal was to make players feel like not everything in this universe needed you condemnation. It would be cool if you could visit the people from the Ghast Gambit...see how they are doing after the decisions you made.
  13. I like it. I would make sense for Similaris to make an attempt to replace you as the main hunter for the sanctuary. I am just curious why he would need the play in the first place then.
  14. I feel like this is a difficulty of perception thing. If you stick till the pure probably of a drop, you will be able to safely bet that you will get at least one rare drop you are looking for, from a single relic, after 50 cracks of that relic. It always is less than that right now, because most players run with other people cracking the same thing, because of popularity. It is just catching the drop when it happens that is the infuriating part, that currently, players have to pay attention to. This may be to discourage people going AFK...but I don't think it it does a lot to prevent that. I
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