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  1. Yes. Please. Give the mobile app more value that building forma.
  2. This would make the most sence as a weapon augment for the Lato weapons. If you wanted it to be really special, have the augment mod also be an exilus mod, then no one would be able to complain about sacrificing damage potential for functionality.
  3. If the goal is to punish people for going AFK...and discourage people from wanting to fight Misery to get loot, just give Misery no drop table, and a countdown soft warning, where an idle player will "feel their presence" so if the return to the mission and move out of some range, they will get attacked....or even abducted from the mission like with Zanuka attacks. Honestly though, AFK is only a problem in endless missions when you are running with randos. If you are running with your friends, and they need to go to the bathroom or something, penilzing the team for covering them would be counterproductive. Moreover...if the AFK time frame is like 2 minutes, it would already be past the time that a player could be replaced if it happened at the beginning og the match...well unless it were a sabotage mission, cause I think those are check point based. I would likely be one of those players that would intentionally try to summon Misery, but I would do that in solo missions if I wanted to fight them that badly.
  4. What is the Railjack had a spectre/companion system, that let you adjust modify your avionics load out the same way the sentinals do for warframe mods, were also destructable, so you needed to consume railjack resources to replace them. They could balance it by having a drone hanger. That lets yhe player stovk up on them when they have the resources.
  5. [Warframe Concept - Calamity] The Broken Warframe design is Visually constructed from the parts of three separate warframes, threaded together by void tendrils, that look not unlike those that void structures or are running along the walls of the transference chamber. This overall design suggests to me that each frame that was cobbled together for this warframe, is really being manipulated by the void tendrils to operate as though they were part of a male body plan. With that idea in mind, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine seeing the frame sometimes having difficulty controlling how it directs its energy when using abilities and managing a consistent way to organize all of its parts. The play style of the frame then should seem a little rigid, there is only so much that a player can control when using its abilities. Infrequently, energy used to cast may run along a different path and accidentally charge one of the other warframe parts attached to the tendrils, charging it and partially activating a latent ability of the warframe the part once belonged to. The void tendrils could also have another issue, leaking power into the environment, and subsequently causing havoc everywhere it went. The tendrils could even model its behavior of the environment, emulating torrents of confusion and feeling dread that the frame’s pieces carry. The frame feels like a disaster, and thus acts like one. Passive - Void Incandescence 1st Ability - Plume of Splinters Type: Single Press Cast Duration: 2 Sec 2nd Ability - Scalding Typhoon Type: Single Press Cast Duration: 15 Sec 3rd Ability - Putrid Surge Type: Single Press Cast Casting Time: 4 sec Duration: 6 Sec 4th Ability - Seismic Step Type: Channeling I hope someone enjoys this. Thank you and listening and good luck.
  6. Lukarith


    The Emperor would not approve of your wind up triggers, brother.
  7. Lukarith


    The first time you should find it should be within the a shrine for the First Clem, Clem Prime....
  8. I would love to see the corpus from the Ghast Gambit in a hive/ defection mission, where you need to destroy tumor nodes to create escape route for the ex corpus civilians. They would path to the life support towers as normal, but the tumor nodes block shorter routes and increase the speed of surrounding infested. One node regrows every 3 minutes, requiring players to maintain the optimum paths through the area. Maybe the corpus would personally shields and nullifer shields to protect them. Turn Hildryn into the carrier frame for the mission rather than Trinity.
  9. I feel these fit the role of augment mods more directly, as the complete change the way people will use their weapons. Typically, augments are limited to particular weapons in order to encourage the play based to use that weapon, as it has been left behind by power creep. I for one, would rarely have a need to run a sniper rifle, if suddenly all rifles had that same damage profile, plus whatever other mods they had. The loss of the sniper combo counts would be offset easily by the ability to stack really high multishot levels onto the weapon. More over, weapons with unique secondary fires would either be excluded from these mods or have their abilities over written when equipped. The abilites seem neat to me, and from the current layout of the game, I think all the concepts should be forged into independant weapons. Now, if the game had a customizable weapon system like The Division or Modern Warfare II, then these "mods" would fit in much better. I think they would work well in the place of modular weapon arcanes as well, since those the way used my zaw totally changed once I started using Exodia Epidemic.
  10. Literally all of the infested are made of nanomachines.
  11. I sure hope someone submitted a frame design from this thread to the Warframe Theme design contest:
  12. Theme Summary: High Mobility Plasma Shielded Angel Knight – Arel [For those that love 80's anime names] Lore: Description: Images: Here are some example images of the theme concept I have drawn, though I am sure the execution would have to be different: Thank you for reviewing the submission.
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